What is Real Nappy Week?

Real Nappy Week is a week in April dedicated to cloth nappies. It’s a chance for reusable nappy advocates, manufacturers and retailers to come together and celebrate the wonderful benefits of using cloth nappies.  Reusable nappies are brought to the mainstream, with support for those just starting out, advice, and the much anticipated Real Nappy Week offers and giveaways. 

Babipur Real Nappy Week 

Babipur Real Nappy Week 2020 will run from the 27th April. This cloth nappy extravaganza is a highlight in our calendar – a fun packed week that explores all aspects of using cloth nappies. Are you wanting to use reusable nappies, but don’t know where to start? Then this is the perfect opportunity to find out more!

Real nappy week baby in reusable cloth nappy
Image credit: Hannah Allen. Baba & Boo reusable nappy ‘Wildflowers

We have cloth nappy advice from our experienced Team, and real life stories from Babipurians. Join us on our Facebook Hangout group for live videos explaining the different types of reusable nappy and how to get the best from them. Babipur TV YouTube channel is great for Cloth nappy reviews. The information you need to get started with cloth, getting a great fit and troubleshooting guides, can all be found on the blog. There will be in-depth demos on all your favourite brands, including Close Pop-ins, Tots Bots, Milovia, Baba & Boo and many more.

Real Nappy Week Offers and Giveaways

We don’t want to give too much away just yet – but you can guarantee some exciting offers and giveaways throughout Real Nappy Week. If you are just starting your reusable nappy journey then this is a perfect time to build your stash, try some new brands, or add some favourites to your collection.


Real nappy week reusable cloth nappy collection in wooden house
Image credit: Kristina Amalie. Baba & Boo collection

Reusable Nappy FAQ’s

The information you need to get started using cloth nappies is available on our blog, Babipur TV and Facebook Hangout. We want to share with you that using cloth nappies shouldn’t be difficult, this is essential for them to become mainstream. Here are some things you might want to ask during Real Nappy Week (or any other time!)

How many nappies do I need?

How do I wash reusable nappies?

What else do I need to get started using cloth nappies?

What do I do with the poo?

Do I need to change cloth nappies more often?

Can I use cloth nappies at my childcare setting?

Are cloth nappies better for my baby?

Are cloth nappies better for the environment?

Why are my cloth nappies leaking?

We will be bringing you the answers to all these questions and many more over Real Nappy Week. In the meantime you can always get help and support from our customer service superstars

baby watching cloth nappies in the washing machine real nappy week
Image credit: Hannah Allen. Watching the cloth nappy wash

Join in the Real Nappy Week 2019 fun!

We want to spread the love for cloth nappies far and wide – and we’ll need you help to do it! We can’t wait to see you photos of fluffy bums, stash shots, nappies on the line. Get snapping and share you favourite cloth nappy pics! 

If you use Instagram, don’t forget to tag us @babipur and @reusablenappies and use the hashtags #lovebabipur #babipurgram and #realnappyweek2020 . There will be lots of opportunities to win vouchers and goodies. Make sure you’re following us for more details coming soon.

If you place an order over Real Nappy Week don’t forget to #postyourpost over on our Facebook Hangout page to be in with another chance of winning a £10 voucher at Babipur. 

Giving friendly help and advice to those around you- both on social media and in your locality, is really important. Parents are more likely to start using cloth nappies themselves if they see them being used by people around them. Help us to make reusable nappies the new normal. 

Real nappy week 2019 coming soon reusable nappy cloth nappies

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