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The People Behind Triclimb

History of the Pikler Triangle Emmi Pikler was an inspirational woman, originally from Vienna. She invested much of her working life to understanding the natural and organic development needs of children, including her own....

What is a Nin 0

Grapat Nins – What is a Nin?

Grapat Nins® Wooden Peg Dolls Welcome to the world of the Grapat Nins®.  A beautiful collection of Waldorf style wooden peg dolls that children adore.  The Nins® come in a range of colours, styles...

These are a Few of our Favourite (toy) Things 0

These are a Few of our Favourite (toy) Things

Toy Favourites at Babipur A customer of ours asked a very good question in our Facebook group the other day. “So… Babipur team, what’s the most underrated toy that you sell? The one that...