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Nappy guide: washing cloth nappies

Forget the days of nappies soaking in a bucket, followed by fearfully boiling them. Thanks to modern detergents and efficient washing machines, washing cloth nappies these days is wonderfully straightforward: cold rinse, hot wash, line...

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Cloth nappies – where to start?!

You’ve decided to try cloth nappies, that’s brilliant! Now what?! Whether it’s because you want to reduce your waste, your disposable options have let you down too many times, or you simply can’t resist a...

Cloth Nappies – FAQ’s 3

Cloth Nappies – FAQ’s

Welcome to the Cloth Nappy FAQ, Sit comfortably & enjoy the read…. If you have a question that we don’t have the answer for, please post it in the comments, email us or give...