Category: Guest Blogs

At Babipur we are so lucky to have an amazing network of parents and friends that are ready and waiting to share their experiences and top tips with you all. This section is for all of our lovely Babipurian guest posts.


Toy Rotation

The first rule of toy rotation is that there are no rules. As every child is different, so are the things that captivate them.  I could pretend that there was a philosophy and meaning...


What is Babipur?

“Where did you get that from?” “Babipur.” “Babi what?” This is a typical conversation in my house when someone visits and sees our Wobbel board and Tri Climb in the lounge for the first...


Rainy Day Activities

I love winter, I love it when we have crisp cold mornings and snow and frost; but where I live all I’m getting at the moment is rain. During school hours I’m often stuck...