Babipur STEM: Making Learning Fun with Babipur


Here at Babipur we sell an amazing range of open ended toys. Our toys are perfect for creative play, imaginative play, learning through play…well to be honest they’re perfect for any kind of play!

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The whole concept behind the idea of STEM is that we want to help you make learning fun with your little ones.

STEM activities encourage children to think about things creatively, helps increase their observational skills, which in turn helps develop those fundamental life skills needed for future innovators, designers and engineers.

Children are the future and all that!

Why is STEM so important?

Science and Technological developments have shaped our world and we must continue to think creatively in order to evolve. Problem solving and engineering goes hand in hand. Maths is a life skill and forms the basis for physics and astronomy – the basic building blocks of our understanding of the planet. Simply put; the more we understand, the more we can learn.

What is the #babipurSTEM Challenge?

Every fortnight we’ll set a themed STEM challenge for you to explore with your little ones. They’ll always be suitable for any age and you can enter as many times as you like. Each fortnight there will be a themed prize for the best entry.

The theme will be open enough for you to be able to enter it lots of different ways. This will make it ideal to do with groups of children or siblings.

STEM activities are great for mixed age ranges because they’ll hopefully all take something from it and offer some invaluable perspective.

How do you enter?

All you have to do to enter is take a picture or a video that shows an example of you having fun with the #babipurSTEM challenge theme. Post your picture in the Facebook Babipur Hangout Group or on your own public Instagram account with the #babipurSTEM tag.

By using the tag on your posts we’ll be able to find your entry. Don’t forget to tag @Babipur on Instagram too.

Where do you start? 

Throughout the fortnight we’ll post ideas for you to have a go at recreating or to inspire you to do your own activities. Indoor and outdoor play is encouraged.

We want you to get your kids asking questions and we want to show you how fabulous the open ended toys we stock can really be.

A rough guide to applying STEM to an activity is;

• Imagine – your theme/activity

• Plan – involve your children in the set up

• Create – get stuck right in

• Improve – tweak it or mix it up

• Ask – ALL the questions!

These activities can be completely child led when they’re of a certain age and can be applied indoors or outdoors or a mix of both.

Where can you find ideas?

#babipurSTEM now has its own home right here on the Babipur Blog. We are going to do a short STEMspiration post weekly featuring a few Babipur goodies. We’ll aim to show you some new ways to play with them and how you can introduce and encourage the STEM style of thinking within your children while they play.

We hope all of that makes sense and we’re sure you will have lots of fun exploring and learning with #babipurSTEM

Make learning fun with Babipur 💚

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