Category: Babipur STEM

The Babipur STEM challenge is a fun way to embraces learning through play to learn skills in an a way that resembles real life. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Babipur STEM: Magnets

#babipurSTEM New Challenge This fortnight’s challenge is Magnets and there is lots to explore. As usual you can use a mix of Babipur goodies, natural treasures or even raid your recycling bin! We love...


STEM Inspiration: Gravity

#babipurSTEM gravity STEMspiration We’re over a week into this fortnights STEM challenge now and the theme for this one is Gravity! You can find all the details on our previous post >here< We’ve got some...


Babipur STEM Challenge: Gravity

#babipurSTEM This fortnights challenge is ‘Gravity’, we’re sure you can all have lots of fun with this theme. Feel free to use a mix of Babipur goodies, natural stuff or even raid your junk...