Amy’s Eco Buys For All The Family

We have made lots of eco changes as a family this year and for Christmas this year, I will be taking the opportunity to share those with my family.

Babipur have such a wide range of products that it has made it easy to find something for everyone in one place.

I though I would share some of the gifts I am buying for my family this year.

My Dad is really awkward to buy for. I am at a loss every year but this year after making the switch to a safety razor for myself, I am going to buy him one. There’s quite a large range, priced from around £30 – £50.

Along with a shaving soap bar makes for the perfect zero waste gift, that I know will be used for many years to come.

For my sisters, I will be buying them a Lamazuna shampoo bar and a bottle of Olew hair oil.

These are my absolute hair care favourites. They are really pretty and make a wonderful little gift. Hopefully it will introduce them to zero waste hair care and they will love it (rather than hearing me rave about it all the time!).

I will also be buying them a plastic free deodorant. The Earth Conscious deodorant is one of my favourites and is under £10 too.

For my parents and In-Laws I will be buying some Eco Coconut scourers and brushes. That maybe doesn’t sound to exciting, but I absolutely love them! I know they will too. The will replace the disposable scourers that they both use.

I will be pairing these with some candles I have made, using reused jars.

I am also going to add in an Ecoffee cup each. I know these gifts will be a hit and also be beneficial to the planet.

Another great gift, especially for family members who eat on the go, are Klean Kanteen bottles and lunch boxes. They are lovely gift, available in colours to suit different tastes, and will last a very long time.

As for the kids, a present that is always top of the list, is Grapat.

They always come so beautifully packaged, perfect just as they are to be placed under the tree. There is a large variety too, covering all price ranges, so you will be able to chose something appropriate for the children in the family.

We have also made our own wrapping paper this year, so I’m looking forward to wrapping them all up too!

Huge thanks to Amy for sharing her Christmas top eco buys with us all xx

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