Zero Waste Bathroom: Beauty Kubes

Zero Waste Bathroom

We are really excited to now be stocking Beauty Kubes at Babipur. These little cubes of beautifully scented shampoo & body wash are handmade in Cornwall from organic ingredients. They are the perfect addition to any zero waste bathroom, and ideal for travel and holidays.

This is a solid shampoo bar blended with natural ingredients, essentials oils, and vitamins. They are guaranteed to keep your lovely locks looking amazing, and your body feeling clean and fresh.

Beauty Kubes bars are organic, sulphate-free, naturally cleansing, and vegan too. All packaging is innovative, free from plastic and biodegradable.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

Something for everyone

Beauty Kubes come in four different varieties:

  • Organic shampoo for normal / dry hair
  • Organic shampoo for oily hair
  • Organic 2-in-1 shampoo & body wash for men
  • Organic 2-in-1 shampoo & body wash for normal hair

We think they make lovely gifts, and your friend or loved one will be impressed by the gorgeous smell before they even open the wrapping!

If you ever struggle for gift ideas for the men in your life, this could be a perfect solution.

Image credit: Emma Turp

How to use

Packaged in card, each pack contains 27 Kubes of solid shampoo – just crumble one in your hand, add water to make a paste, smooth over your hair, lather up with more water, and massage into your head. So simple; just use one cube per wash. Due to the nourishing essential oils, you may find that you don’t need to use conditioner after using Beauty Kubes shampoo.

It really does make a lovely lather too, unlike some solid shampoo bars.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

Image credit: Hannah Allen

Isn’t it just amazing to think that all you need for a shower is just one of these tiny little cubes?! Ditch all those toiletry bottles, and go plastic free with Beauty Kubes at Babipur.

You can buy Beauty Kubes from Babipur >here<

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