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Here at BabiPur we stock a range of sun lotions by Green People. They are natural, organic, and provide a high UVA and UVB sun protection. Another lesser known benefit is that it is a 100% reef safe sun lotion. Marine life and coral reefs in particular are vulnerable to damage by the ingredients in chemical suncream.

Green People Reef Safe sun lotion
Green People family sun care bundle

Reef Ecosystems

The coral reef habitat is under extreme pressure from rising sea temperatures due to climate change. Pollution and destructive fishing practices are adding to the threats faced by this vulnerable habitat. Thought of as the ‘rainforests of the sea’ they contain an estimated 25% of marine species, and are responsible for producing oxygen that is essential for life. It is estimated that one fifth of the worlds coral reef ecosystems have died since 2015. By 2050 it is predicted that we will have lost a staggering 90% of the worlds reefs. 

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What has this got to do with suncream? 

Chemical sun lotions contain the chemical oxybenzone. It is a chemical UV filter that, although safe for humans, can cause bleaching in corals, and disruption of their lifecycles. This puts them at even greater risk of disease and death.

There are additional concerns over the disruptive hormonal affect of chemical suncream on marine life. Certain chemicals found commonly in chemical suncream mimic the effect of oestrogen, causing some fish species to become hermaphrodites. 

Reports have estimated that up to 14,000 tons of sun lotion are released into the ocean every year. It is thought that 25% of the chemicals within suncream are washes off into the water by bathers within 20 minutes of being in the water. 

Organic Children sun lotion
Organic Children Sun lotion by Green People

Why is Green People Sun lotion different? 

Green People work closely with the Marine Conservation Society to insure that none of the ingredients in its suncare range harm marine life. Green People donate 30p from the sale of every Adult Scent Free SPF30 and Children’s Scent Free SPF30 Sun Lotion to MCS. To date they have donated over £60,000 to their work. The whole range is reef safe and all ingredients are biodegradable, apart from the mineral  UV filter (Titanium dioxide). This is a safe and naturally occurring mineral made from rock, that doesn’t harm marine life.

Several popular holiday destinations have now banned the use of chemical suncream to protect their vulnerable marine ecosystems. Hawaii was the first to ban suncream containing oxybenzone in 2018. Marine parks in Florida, Mexico and the Virgin Islands are strongly discouraging the use of chemical suncream. If you are planning a holiday to a marine conservation area, then Green People sun lotion will give you the UV protection you need, and protect ocean inhabitants. 

Image credit: Amy Hymer

Green People sun lotion lifespan 

The shelf life of Green People sun lotion is 30 months from its manufacture date (you will find this on the tube). Their freshness and effectiveness of the sun protection reduces by 5-10% with age depending on how it’s been stored. We recommend storing it somewhere cool and in low light conditions. In these optimal conditions Green People have tested their product and found no loss of effectiveness in 3 years. 

It’s recommend that you replace your sun lotion after 6 months of opening if it has be stored in warm conditions or left lying for long periods on hot sand. There can be some variations in colour and consistency, as it’s a product containing natural ingredients, but if you follow the storagage guidelines you can be confident in its effectiveness.

Green People sun lotion is 100% Reef safe

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