My First Frugi at Babipur


If you are new to the beautiful world of Frugi, they are an ethical children’s clothing company based here in the UK, in Cornwall. Originally named ‘cut4cloth’, they were pioneers in designing clothing for babies and toddlers that gave extra room for cloth nappies. People quickly fell in love with the quality of their clothes and the ethics of the company. In 2008, they expanded to children’s clothing and a breastfeeding range for mums, and rebranded as ‘Frugi’, meaning ‘fruits of the earth’.

Organic Cotton

At Frugi, they passionately believe in supporting the organic farming industry, sustainability, and reducing the overall impact that the fashion industry has on our planet and its people. As with all Frugi clothing, the My First Frugi range are 100% GOTS organic cotton. If you want to know more about the benefits of supporting organic clothing, check out our blogpost here.

Babipur & Frugi

We have been working with Frugi since the very beginnings of Babipur, and have built a great relationship with them over the past ten years. Their clothing is fun, colourful, and comfy; allowing kids to be kids, and to have the freedom to run, climb, jump, and be as wild and free as they wish to be.

My First Frugi

We were excited to start stocking ‘My First Frugi’ at the end of 2017 and it is proving to be very popular!  The range is designed for baby’s first year, starting with ‘tiny baby’ which fits from 5lb, up to the bigger size fitting 12 months. The entire range has been thoughtfully designed, with features to make dressing and changing time easier.

Soft & Subtle

Beautifully soft and snuggly outfits, made from sustainable organic cotton with subtle colourings. Perfect for the little squish in your lives. The My First Frugi is a softer palette for younger babies. If you are looking for something more funky in bolder colours, there is plenty of options in Frugi’s other styles too. Something for everyone!

Huge thanks to Sarah Callaghan, for lending us her beautiful daughter Viola as our model for the new Frugi range. I think we can all agree she looks completely adorable!

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120 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    These pics are beautiful! The first frugi range will make perfect gifts for newborns too – any excuse for me to buy some now I’m done with babies! ?

  2. Chezz says:

    I adore this range so much ?

  3. rosalind westwood says:

    they are beautiful .just need grandchildren to but for now

  4. Sam Brown says:

    We don’t have any Frugi (yet).
    Great to hear it is only organic cotton, my little girl has eczema, now she is on the move she needs super soft clothing so it doesn’t rub and make things worse.

  5. Ruth says:

    Loving the first frugi range. Can’t wait to buy some for my baby due very soon!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Cute range, maybe for our next little one!

  7. Verity says:

    Seeing the First Frugi has made me look at the original range – so many tempting things!

  8. Louise says:

    Beautiful range, even more tempted to have a third baby now ❤️

  9. Maria Rasmussen says:

    Awww amazing – always think of FRUGI for toddlers so lovely to see a baby range – love that they use organic cotton, so it’s lovely for the skin as well as looking lovely on the skin! X

  10. Ashli Ross says:

    I’m yet to buy frugi, I have some max and kite but no frugi yet. Think I may have to invest!

  11. Nico says:

    I didn’t know that Frugi meant fruits of the earth! I first came across Frugi when looking for breastfeeding-friendly clothes, so I hope Babipur will start stocking those too soon. Only now on my third child am I starting to purchase the children’s clothes and love them! This First Frugi range is very cute – I love pastel colours, as well as brights.

  12. Hannah says:

    Really looking forward to trying My First Frugi – love the more subtle colours in this range, and keen to see what the sizing is like as Frugi can often come up quite big!

  13. Rebecca says:

    Well if I wasn’t broody already, I definitely am now!

  14. Joanne says:

    I love the pics! And I never knew Frugi used to be called what they were. They’re definitely one of my favourite brands

  15. Amanda says:

    I’m loving them a lot more than I thought I would with the muted colours! <3

  16. Rebecca says:

    How cute!! I love Frugi and this new range is just adorable!

  17. Emma says:

    I really hope frugi continue this range

  18. Hannah Chan says:

    This range is beautiful, Shame my boy is too grown up now but they’ll be perfect for gifts 🙂 x

  19. Beverley Wright says:

    Such a lovely range of clothes. Wish I had a reason to buy some!

  20. Donna says:

    All so beautiful

  21. Noeleen Wiseman says:

    I really wish frugi and others made clothes for bigger kids too. My eldest is nearly 9 and wears at least size 9-10yrs, and she’s the one I’d consider buying new clothes for most, as my younger two have her hand-me-downs so seems wasteful buying yet more for them when we have plenty. Would love babipur to stock clothes for kids up to age 13 at least; she would still like the designs as she’s only 8 now and I would like to think her childhood and therefore play-friendly clothes will last a bit longer!

  22. Fran Mae says:

    Love the Frugi range so bright and bold and love the ethics behind the company. Beautiful photos 🙂

  23. Carla says:

    Haven’t bought from Frugi before but will take a look now I know a little more about them 🙂

  24. Sophie Austwick says:

    Sure to be adding some of this to my wishlist!!

  25. Mel Keable says:

    I love this range! Best dressed Newborns <3

  26. Ruru Samaita says:

    Very beautiful and we are knew to frugi, but managed to purchase a very warm water proof.

  27. Sheila O’Reilly says:

    I’ve only discovered Frugi in the past few months and now have a wardrobe full of it for my girls!! Love the softness of their tops and the gorgeous colours! I didn’t know Frugi meant ‘Fruits of the Earth’ …you learn something new every day?

  28. Charlotte nutley says:

    We love frugi already in this house! Now looking for an excuse to buy more littelest frugi ?

  29. Kathrin Felber says:

    I love the look of this range! Cite baby presents!

  30. Kim grantham says:

    Love the muted colours

  31. Josefine says:

    My 12,5 year old wore Cut4cloth! Need some Frugi for his 14 month old brother now! ???

  32. Beki says:

    I love frugi and was confused by the my first frugi at first because I know they already did small sizes but now I’ve seen them I think they are a great addition to the range

  33. Kirsty Stuart-Reid says:

    Oh I love Frugi! This range is just beautiful for new babies, would be such a lovely gift!

  34. Beth Mort says:

    Love the whale romper so much. Making me broody for another tiny!

  35. Amy Francis says:

    Beautiful pictures! Such pretty prints too!

  36. Alice says:

    I love Frugi – it is great quality and has lovely designs. I’m normally a fan of bright colours but this new range is tempting me towards pastels!

  37. Gemma Ward says:

    I adore Frugi.. I now really want the rainbow nappy cover even though my son is about to start potty training!

  38. Hannah Horsewell says:

    If only I had a little one small enough for these beautiful clothes!

  39. Hannahlou says:

    Beautiful photos. I’ve recently bought frugi clothing and love the quality!

  40. lisa says:

    Love Love frugi, so soft, fun and practical! no new baby for first frugi though 🙁 ps Viola makes a beautiful model!

  41. Zoe says:

    This almost makes me want to have another little squish so I can buy the Newborn frugi! Only almost though!

  42. Lauren says:

    I need another baby now just for these ?. Wish they went to a bigger size though. The gentle colours are gorgeous!

  43. Kristy says:

    love the colours of these – if only my littlest was a little more little!

  44. Shelley says:

    Lovely range ?

  45. Nimrita says:

    Love frugi clothing. These make me want another baby ?!

  46. Lois says:

    I love that the clothes have extra space for cloth nappies. I often struggle to find clothes which fit over a big cloth bottom without being huge and baggy all over!

  47. Claire says:

    She’s so adorable! Love Frugi, I didn’t realise it meant fruits of the earth – very appropriate.

  48. Helen says:

    I really want some my first frugi for our impending arrival! Gorgeous soft colours and what a stunning model ?

  49. Sharon says:

    I won’t forget when we first moved to Cornwall and discovered Frugi. Our seven year old lept around Paris in a dress of theirs and we have school friends connected to the company – so we can’t help but see them as a part of our transformation to a more eco friendly life while living here in England. (We are an American family here temporarily!)

  50. Hayley says:

    I can’t wait to order some My First Frugi for my second baby due in September?

  51. Rosemary Homer says:

    Gorgeous range, I’ll have to have another so I can buy some ?

  52. Catherine says:

    Oh I wish these had been about when I had my son! Next time round 😉 they’re so lovely and we’re a big fan of frugi clothes. Can’t wait for the next drop 😉

  53. Alison says:

    I wish this range had been around when Katie was tiny, we love Frugi!

  54. Claire Underwood says:

    Adorable pictures and the first I’d heard of the newborn range of frugi! ?

  55. Rachael says:

    I love the bright organic clothes sold at babipur, but I think it’s lovely that Frugi have thought to release a pastel colour range too – always good to draw in new organic clothing lovers!

  56. Lauren says:

    I love this range. It looks so soft and comfortable and I prefer the colours to bright rainbow like toddler frugi has.

  57. Sasha shelley says:

    I’m not sure about this range just because I absolutely love the bright bold colours of frugi

  58. Isla Elrick says:

    Love this, Frugi have so many gorgeous things. Even my MIL has commented about some of the first frugi’s being nice and she’s very traditional when it comes to babies (must be powder blues and baby pinks)

  59. May says:

    Cute and ethical straight from the beginning.

  60. Jo says:

    New to frugi so nice to know the background. Lovely colours and quality

  61. Umalini Kathirgamanathan says:

    Very cute! I do like bold colours more on my baby this time round x

  62. Katie jones says:

    Beautiful. I wish I had seen these with my daughter. Though I do love bright colours on her so maybe they could add a few brights 🙂

  63. Vikki says:

    Oh my goodness! How cute are the elephants. I’m not normally a fan of pastel colours but these are beautiful

  64. Stacey says:

    Such a beautiful range ? the muslin dungarees are adorable! I love that they’ve been designed with ease of changing in mind, that was something I never really considered when choosing clothes before my son was born. You live and learn ?
    I also had no idea Frugi made breastfeed ing clothing, I had assumed it was just for children.

  65. Fiona says:

    I adore frugi and all these pastel colours are beautiful ?

  66. Zoie says:

    I love the Frugi range!! Some of the best baby clothing I’ve seen!. Fingers crossed later in the year I’ll have another rainbow on the way to try them out!. X

  67. emma says:

    Hello Frugi a Frugi fan who loves minutes from head quarters ??

  68. Anita says:

    Big fan of frugi. Brights probably more my thing, but these are cute.

  69. SC says:

    My children are too old for this range now, and sadly coming up to the age where barely any ethical clothing companies will cater to them, I wish Frugi made and Babipur stocked, clothes for children over 9ish and up into the teens…

  70. Nicole says:


    Guess I’m going to have to have another one now!

  71. Maria says:

    I wish they expanded into the adult range now! I’d buy an applique top for myself!

  72. Katie Gulliver says:

    I love the My first Frugi range. I’ve just bought a beautiful babygrow for my friend who is expecting her first baby in April. I hope it will be a good introduction to Frugi for her! And I’ll recommend Babipur if she wants more.

  73. Olive LS says:

    Whales are seriously splendid creatures, include them on your clothes and you’re on to a winner!!

  74. Grace says:

    I’m not sure how much longer I can resist the newborn range!!!

  75. Lisa says:

    Beautiful. Cut for cloth clothes was not something I thought about until I decided to cloth nappy and someone mentioned it to me. These all looking amazing and being added to my wishlist!

  76. Deb Payton says:

    Ahhh gorgeous clothes and gorgeous pics ?

  77. Lucy Reeder says:

    Love Frugi stuff! This range is so cute!

  78. Nicola Farrel says:

    Gorgeous clothes having been eyeing them up for my little girl!

  79. Natalie Louise says:

    Love these, so much!

  80. Lucy says:

    I have always bought Frugi for newborn gifts as love the organic cotton on newborn skin. Sadly we received none when my son was born and I hadn’t got any as we didn’t find out the gender but ever since I’ve been fully stashing every sale and my son who just turned 1 is fully equipped right up until 3 years old!

  81. Donna says:

    Lovely read and the frigid range is just fabulous

  82. Donna says:

    Lovely read and the Frugi range is just beautiful

  83. Sarah says:

    We don’t have any Frugi yet, but I am sorely tempted by the First Frugi range! I just want to know how it sizes up as I know Frugi on the whole tends to be generous and my girl is a dot.

  84. Donna adamson says:

    Th clothing range is cute, no longer in nappies now with either of mine 2 but used cloth for both so cut for cloth is great

  85. Elena says:

    Wish we discovered Frugi earlier, or have another baby ?

  86. Jo says:

    I adore the My First Frugi range! If smallest wasn’t almost 1, I’d be buying so much. I think sometimes the brightness of Frugi is a little bit too much for newborns, but these softer shades work stunningly ❤️

  87. Jessica says:

    I *love* Frugi! So soft, the patterns are so cute, and such great quality, too–my daughter is wearing lots of stuff that I bought for my son several years ago, plus they were worn by my friend’s daughter in between!

  88. Sarah says:

    Excited to try My first frugi for squish due in a few weeks!

  89. Fiona says:

    I bought a bf friendly dress from them last year (before I found BP) and loved it, but had no idea about their ethics etc. until I saw them on the BP website. My son’s first Frugi clothes (sheep and dinos, both so bright and pretty!) arrived last week, can’t wait until he fits them, they’re so soft and he’s going to look even lovelier than he normally does :^)

  90. Clare W says:

    I love this range….it’s making me very broody!

  91. Joanne rea says:

    I love the feel and design of frugi/ not so much the unpredictable sizing and major fading

  92. Becca says:

    It’s all so pretty! I love that they are a Cornish company too x

  93. Hannah says:

    Love this. Excited to see some new pieces

  94. Victoria loughlin says:

    I love the feel of organic cotton and knowing that it has been sourced from a place that treats workers and producers fairly means alot. An informative post about the reasons we choose organic

  95. Hannah says:

    What a beautiful range! Great to start little one off on the right path x

  96. Judith Ross says:

    I love this range. My 11m would have looked so gorg coming home from hospital in one of the sleepsuits. Making me think I could buy the outfit in preparation for my next??Coming home from hospital!! Tho defo going to be bought for some newborn baby gifts in the meantime!!

  97. Irene Wilcock says:

    Lovely post! Will be looking at the my first Frugi range for my 6 month old x

  98. Helen Weeks says:

    Love these designs. Subtle and delicate ?.

  99. Jessica oshea says:

    I love how soft Frugi is and some of the colours and prints are just so fun and fab!!

  100. Ellie Richards says:

    We love Frugi here too. I first came across this Brand when searching for clothes that fit my clothed bum baby. Majority of other baby clothing brands don’t cater for clothed bums so we were so happy to find Frugi. This morning, i was dressing my LD up in a snuggle fleece and my husband kept complimenting how soft and warm the fleece was. Sadly there was no next size left otherwise i would have have bought some more 🙂

  101. Lara says:

    Love frugi clothing but this range is really gorgeous

  102. Michaela Owens says:

    This range is beautiful, I especially like the elephant and rainbow design, I will be buying this for my new little niece due in April as she’s a rainbow baby after a lot of heartache x

  103. Valentina says:

    I love this range, especially the elephants! Although it is a shame its so gendered,I could see it as a ‘stepping stone’into main frugi designs for new parents who havent discovered the joys of frugis general fabness! I just wish I’d found frugi when my elddst was tiny- making the most of it now though!

  104. Sarah B says:

    Lovely new range! I’ll have to buy for friends who are expecting.

  105. Anna Moore says:

    I love that romper ?

  106. Georgina says:

    Ohh my goodness what a beautiful blog about frugi clothing ? it’s lovely to read into where and how the brand originated and how far it has come through the years with babipur! Beautiful clothing as well as beautiful wooden toys! I will definitely be buying some of the lovely clothes in the new range x

  107. Emma Baker says:

    Gorgeous! Want another baby now!

  108. Hannah says:

    Love those pastel whales!

  109. Louise says:

    A beautiful range of clothes. I love how soft their clothes are and will be buying more

  110. Louise mac says:

    A beautiful range of clothes. I love how soft their clothes are and will be buying more. My little boy will look so cute x

  111. Sam says:

    Absolutely beautiful clothes, and it’s great to know where they come me from.

  112. Stacey Thurston-woods says:

    Love frugi, we’ve just got our 3 month old her first frugi and can’t wait to get more! The colours are so much more daring and gender neutral than other brands, so addictive ?

  113. Kerry L says:

    Love frugi and how soft and will be investing in my first frugi for #2 due in June ❤️ It’s amazing how soft it is on gentle skin I still love it on my 18 month old girl.

  114. Jessica L says:

    Beautiful, soft colours!

  115. Roz says:

    Soooo cute – fear for my wallet!

  116. Jane says:

    Loving the new soft colours for babies I love frugi but have found I don’t use them till baby is older as the box colours make me feel baby is older than they are. Can’t wait to get some of the sister colours for this bubs

  117. Mary Steele says:

    They really are such beautiful, high quality clothes!

  118. Camilla says:

    Almost makes me want a third having only discovered Frugi with no.2!

  119. Sandra says:

    This is making want another wee one, to buy my first Frigi for ?

  1. November 21, 2018

    […] We were excited to start stocking ‘My First Frugi’ at the end of 2017 and it is proven to be very popular throughout this year. This range is designed for baby’s first year, starting with ‘tiny baby’ which fits from 5lb, up to the bigger size fitting 12 months. These beautiful baby clothes have been thoughtfully designed, with features to make dressing and changing time easier. You can read more about the range >here< […]

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