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A guest blog by Ruth Carson

So baby is on the way, and you’re wondering what you need to bring to the hospital when the time comes to meet your bundle of joy.  I’ve put together a list of everything you need, and what’s more, it’s all available from one place – Babi Pur of course! This first part is all about Baby and their needs.

Changing Bag

A ready-packed baby bag can help with those first changes after baby is born. The Fresk nursery bag is an eco-friendly baby change bag made from recycled plastic bottles. It has multiple pockets and includes a matching change mat. It has insulated bottle pockets, a long shoulder strap and attachments to secure it to your travel system. Not to mention it comes in such beautiful colours and patterns!

Fresk Oat Nappy Bag


Nappies (obviously) are vital! I can’t recommend cloth nappies highly enough. My preference is pocket nappies for during the day and 2 part nappies for night time. Although with all the night feeds in those early days, it’s likely you’ll be changing nappies more frequently and so pocket nappies could be adequate if you’d prefer to stick to one type/brand at the start.

Baba & Boo pocket nappies are roomy and so soft, although there are so many other fantastic brands too. For two part nappies, I love Tots Bots Bamboozles with a Peenut wrap. Cloth nappies really are about personal preference and if you can try some through a local nappy library, you’ll be able to see which brands work best for you.

If this is something very new to you, there is so much support on the Babi Pur Hangout Facebook page, and blog posts to help answer any questions or alleviate fears.  

Baba & Boo and Tots Bots cloth nappies. Image credit: Ruth Carson

Reusable Wipes

I’m excited to pack these this time around as I didn’t really know they existed when I was pregnant the first time! There are a few choices on the website, but my favourites are the Pop-in Reusable Bamboo Wipes. They come in their own handy pouch which makes them easy to access in a changing bag.

Pop-in Reusable Bamboo Wipes (Pastels) with Wet Bag. Image credit: Ruth Carson

Wet Bags

You’ll be surprised at the amount of dirty laundry you accumulate while in hospital, especially if you end up having to stay for a few days. Wet bags are a great way of storing laundry and holding in any not-so-pleasant smells.

I can highly recommend the Baba and Boo medium cloth nappy bag. I love that it is both a wet and dry bag. For use after the hospital, it is great for going out and about. Clean nappies and wipes can go in one pocket, and then pop them in the other pocket when they are used.

Baba and Boo Medium Wet Bag – Citrus. Image credit: Ruth Carson

Nappy Cream

Babi Pur offers so many nappy barrier creams, all of which are compatible with cloth nappy use. My cream of choice is Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream and it’s what I’ll be popping in my change bag for the arrival of baby number 2. It’s full of natural products with no nasties and is vegetarian-friendly.  It’s been dermatologically tested and is perfect for delicate newborn skin.  

Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream. Image credit: Ruth Carson

Hand Sanitiser

This is definitely something to make sure you have with you from here on out! While sinks may be readily available in the hospital, they won’t always be when you are out and about. This handy little bottle of hand sanitiser will put your mind at ease, but it’s also kind to your hands too.

Violet’s 100% Natural Anti-Viral Hand Sanitiser


One thing I learnt with my firstborn is that baby grows are your best friend in the early days. They are comfortable for baby, and they are the easiest when it comes to nappy changes.

Frugi, Little Green Radicals, Piccalily, JNY, Maxomorra, Duns, Raspberry Republic and Quack Quack Moo are all Fairtrade companies using organic cotton and they make the most beautiful baby grows. From bright and bold patterns to something more muted; pink, blue or neutral, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Your baby will be comfortable, cosy and beautiful, and you can feel good about making responsible, ethical purchases.

My First Frugi Squishy Squids Kai Kimono Babygrow


These were invaluable for me in the hospital and beyond! Great for spills, spews, runny noses, swaddling…babies make mess and these are great for cleaning said mess up without the need for chemicals or wet wipes! These Frugi sets are super-soft, absorbent and made with GOTS organic cotton.

Frugi Jazzy Jellies Lovely Muslins

Baby Bottle

If you decided not to breastfeed from the outset, or are planning to pump, you’ll need bottles. Formula will be provided for you in the hospital, so this isn’t essential from day one, but if you are keen to reduce plastic waste, this is something you may want to consider. Klean Kanteen make stainless steel baby bottles which are a stylish and eco alternative to a plastic bottle. They are dishwasher-safe and available in two sizes, 5oz/148ml and 9oz/266ml. There’s also a choice of three different nipples to suit your baby at each stage of their development. 

Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle 5oz/9oz

Pacifier and Dummy Clip

If breastfeeding, it isn’t advised to give a pacifier until feeding is well established, but if you are considering using one,  Hevea make theirs with 100% natural latex which is completely chemical free.  They are sustainably produced and don’t use plastics, so are a fantastic eco choice. Make sure you think about their handy dummy holder too so as not to lose your pacifier!

Hevea Pacifier and Dummy Clip

So that’s my dream baby bag from Babi Pur, with some additional options to try to cover all bases. Let me know if there’s anything else you think I need to add before baby comes. Be sure to check out what I’d like to pack for myself for when baby comes in part 2!

Huge thanks to Ruth for sharing some of her baby hospital bag essentials with us! Xx

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