Hape Gourmet Toy Kitchen “Saver Sets”

hape gourmet kitchen white saver pack

Everything you need for a fantastic play kitchen at a great price.  This pack includes

  • Hape gourmet play kitchen in White or Green
  • Hape Chef’s choice – chopping board, knife and lots of food to chop
  • Hape gourmet starter set – pans, plates cutlery and utensils
  • Hape Pop-up toaster – toaster with butter, honey and toast
  • Hape Garden salad – lots of salad with a bowl, salad dressings and utensils

Hape Toy kitchen Saver Pack

Due to popular demand, the Babi Pur team have been busy busy putting together these fantastic Hape Gourmet toy kitchen, food and accessories sets.  We’ve tried to include everything your little one will need to create their own pretend meal, wash up and put away when they’ve finished – just like mum and dad!   There’s vegetables to cut on the chopping board, before popping them into the wooden pan which then goes on the cooker hob… there’s a fried egg, pop it in the wooden frying pan first and then serve it in a wooden sandwich or on a little plate.  Promote healthy eating by tossing the pretend salad in a bowl, add some oil and vinegar.  The wooden toy kitchen has a handy shelf, a plate rack and a cupboard so that everything can be put away neatly after each meal.  There is even a wooden toy pop-up toaster with sliced bread, butter and honey too yum yum.. don’t you just wish you were a child again!  The Hape Gourmet kitchen saver sets are available with a white or a green kitchen (see below)

Hape Gourmet toy kitchen

Babi Pur stock a huge range of wonderful ethically sourced and sustainable wooden toy kitchens and playfood!


Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

Hape Toys are a German toy manufacturer who not only pride themselves on the design and quality of their toys, but also on their eco and sustainable ethos.

Hape Toys’s founder, Peter Handstein believes firmly in the power of learning through play. He combined this with his love of nature, along with his beliefs in social responsibility, ecology and innovation, to start Hape Toys in 1986. The company has now grown to be one of the largest suppliers of sustainable wooden and bamboo toys in the world.

Hape toys.fw

Here at Babi Pur, we think Hape Toys are just brilliant. They are bold, bright, colourful, tough, inventive and educational – all the things we look for in sustainable toys for kids. And some of our favourite Hape Toys items are the fantastic Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens and play food. Role play and make-believe are great to fire little imaginations, and your budding chefs can learn about healthy eating and good food at the same time!

We currently stock three different Hape Play Kitchens; the Hape Cook’n’Serve, with it’s two hobs, oven, utensil hooks above the hob, handy pull-out counter and a chalk board on the reverse side for chef’s notes and daily specials.

coock n serve.fw

coock n serve 2.fw

And to add a splash of colour to your make-believe wooden toy kitchen, then how about the Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen? There are loads of things for children to get up to with this Hape Play Kitchen, from boiling an egg, baking a cake, adding a splash of sauce and finishing by washing and tidying up. This play kitchen feels strong and sturdy and there are loads of added extras that give real attention to detail – like a hanging rail for a tea towel on one side and blue and red coloured taps for hot and cold! The Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen is available in green or white.

 gourmet kitchen.fw

gourmet kitchen 2.fw

And to go with your Hape Play Kitchen, your budding little chefs will need some food and accessories to go along with it. Hape Toys have thought of everything, from a gorgeous home-made pizza to an adorable sushi set and a healthy green salad bowl, so children really will get a flavour of international food!

home made pizza t

hape sushi set t

salad_play_food t

And once your little chefs have cooked up a storm, they’ll need to work out the bill, so children will love this Hape Play Till, complete with buttons, a scanner, a card machine, colourful abacus and wooden coins and notes. This Play Till is gorgeous, and is a perfect addition to any make-believe restaurant kitchen.

till checkout.fw

Now all you have to do is decide what to choose from the menu. Yum!


One for you, one for me – Why children like role play

Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen White

Our children absolutely love to role play, and here at Babi Pur, we do all we can to encourage them. Children love to step in and out of different worlds and situations, and role play lets them do just that. As well as inspiring their creativity and imagination, it helps with social development and teaches them loads of new skills that they learn without thinking about it.

One of our favourite types of role play toys for kids are kitchen and food toys.  Play kitchens are great role play toys because children love to mimic and recreate the adult worlds around them.  They can adopt different characters and personalities which allow them to try out new behaviours and social situations, and they’ll begin to gain an understanding of who their parents are, what they do and the world that they inhabit. 

Role play with play kitchens also teaches basic maths and numeracy skills and as they use the different food, utensils and gadgets, they’ll even learn new words, shapes and colours; and play kitchens and food toys are great tools to start young children thinking about healthy eating and nutrition.  And it’s something that the whole family can enjoy together!   Babi Pur’s range of play kitchens and play food has just arrived, in plenty of time for Christmas wish-lists, and we think they’re stunning.

We stock everything from full wooden play kitchens to small play food and utensil accessories and there’s also a gorgeous range of food themed rattles and knitted toys for babies to get them started on their role play adventure!  Our wooden toys are all beautifully crafted, of high quality and very durable. They’re painted in fabulous bright colours with non-toxic paint and glue and most are made from sustainable wood sources.

Here are some of our favourites:

Solid Alder Play Kitchen

Alder Wood Play Kitchen Set

This stunning wooden play kitchen is handcrafted for us in Germany, and we think it’ll be top of Santa’s list! It’s made from a beautifully coloured solid wood from local Alder trees and the quality of this play kitchen is evident in the careful finish and quirky design. It’s a special toy that will be handed down and loved for generations to come.  We’re now offering the vegetable basket with vegetables by HABA free when you buy the Alder kitchen.   Buy online now!

Gourmet Chef Cookware Set

Hape Gourmet Chef Cookware Set

Children will adore this delightful set of play cooking utensils and plates, and they make a great addition to any play kitchen set. It is beautifully made from maple wood, and finished with a bright orange colour for the handles. All the paints and glues are non-toxic.  Buy online now!

HAPE wooden cash register/till

Hape Wooden Till

Kids will love to play with this till as they pretend to work in a shop or cafe.  This lovely till by HAPE is made from wood and water based non toxic paints.  It has little buttons, a scanner, a card reader, cash cards, notes and coins.  A very popular toy and one of our favourites!

HABA play food – Fried egg

Haba Fried Egg

We stock quite a few bits ‘n’ bobs by Haba.  We absolutely love the range of fun playfoods such as the real peeling banana or the Roast Chicken with it’s removable legs and wings! But most of all we love this eggscellent fried egg which comes in it’s own little egg shaped shell – Buy online now!

Whip it up Mixer

Hape Whip it up Mixer

Any budding Delias or Jamies will love this kitsch kitchen gadget. They’ll soon be mixing, stirring and beating their magic ingredients and they’ll be stretching their imaginations to think of new concoctions. It’s beautifully designed and made with high quality wood and non-toxic paints and glues. Buy online now!

Hape wooden Gourmet play Kitchen

Young chefs who like to copy their Mum and Dad in the kitchen will love this fantastic kitchen by HAPE which is also available in white (see above)  Buy online now!

You can find our complete range of beautiful play kitchens and play food HERE and we’re constantly adding to our range!