Cloth nappies – where to start?!

starting cloth nappies

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You’ve decided to try cloth nappies, that’s brilliant! Now what?!

Whether it’s because you want to reduce your waste, your disposable options have let you down too many times, or you simply can’t resist a big, fluffy baby bum, it can feel a little daunting getting started, but don’t worry! Here’s our starter cloth nappy guide to get you up to speed.

Firstly, we recommend trying a few different cloth nappies, as each have their own benefits which suit your little one as well as your own laundry routine.

For a full day in cloth, you will need:

  • Approx 6-10 nappies (6 for a toddler, 10 for a newborn)
  • a wet bag or nappy bucket for wet and dirty nappies
  • liners are optional but they’re handy for catching poo
  • a cute baby (supplied by you)

To switch to cloth full time you will need 15-24 nappies (24 allows you to wash 2 days’ worth of nappies, and still have 2 days’ worth clean and dry), although this depends on how often your baby likes to wee and poo!

We recommend giving all nappies a prewash. Nappies with bamboo or hemp, such as the Tots Bots bamboozle, will need up to 5 washes to reach their maximum absorbency. You can wash and immediately rewash, or simply choose to change your baby more frequently while the nappy gets to maximum absorbency.

Simply place your chosen liner inside the cloth nappy, making sure all the liner is tucked in, then fasten the nappy onto your baby. Cloth nappies fit slightly differently to disposables: you need to start with the nappy much lower down at the back, just covering their wee bottoms, and higher up at the front.

How often do I change a cloth bum baby?

Cloth nappies generally need changing every 3 hours or so during the day.  This varies depending on your child’s wee capacity and the nappy you are using.  There are super absorbent nappies that will last all through the night.

What about poo?!

Oh yes, babies love to poo! Both breastfed and formula fed babies will still have very soft poo, which you can rinse off in the toilet, though usually it’s fine to go straight in the washing machine. Once babies start doing ‘proper’ poos, you can flick the poo off the paper or fleece liner into a toilet. Nappy buckets can be handy for a quick swill of those delightful teething nappies.

Where do the nappies go?

There is no need to soak your nappies, once you have removed any excess poo, simply put them in your wet bag or nappy bucket – just make sure you remove any paper liners and fold back any aplix laundry tabs. It’s best not to leave used nappies any longer than 3 days. Then you can wash them: rinse, hot wash, line or tumble dry, fold/stuff, and start again! Wet bags can be washed with the nappies, too.

Wet bags full of cloth nappies, ready to wash

Cloth nappies on the go

Using cloth nappies when you’re out and about is just as easy. All you need extra is a small/medium wet bag for the used nappies, and a cloth wipe bag if you’ve decided to use cloth wipes, too. Just make sure you have enough cloth nappies to last during the time you are out, then, when baby needs changing, just put the used nappies in the wet bag (minus poo if you can find a toilet), and add to your changing bag. So much easier than trying to find a bin for the used nappy! You can literally change baby anywhere (car boots, the beach, at the office when you’ve brought baby into work and, yup, they’ve filled their nappy!)

The important thing is just to give it a go, you’ll be surprised how quickly you fall into a routine. Even doing cloth part time, perhaps just at home while you get used to them, would save over 2700 nappies going to landfill (based on using 3 cloth nappies a day for 2.5 years). The cloth nappy community is ready and eager to help you find the right type and right routine, and we’re happy to have any excuse to chat about cloth nappies with you, so just ask us via our usual customer service contact options, or there are plenty of fellow cloth nappy fans on our wonderful Facebook hangout page.

Starting cloth nappies at birth to potty time

You can start at any time from birth… to potty!

Reusable Newborn Nappies

We often hear people say they’re going to use disposables for the first few weeks and then switch to reusables.  Well we say “cloth from day 1”!  Get some super cute newborn nappies in your birth bag and enjoy changing a tiny fluffy bum.

Where one size nappies are great for babies from birth to potty, they can sometimes be a little big for newborn babies so here’s a quick introduction to the small and cute reusable newborn nappies. Newborn nappies are a great size for babies from around 5lbs to about 12lbs.

 GroVia Newbron Cloth Nappy

GroVia Newboorn AIO Cloth Nappy Prints

These nappies are the latest addition to our newborn cloth nappy range. They come in a selection of 5 different colours and 4 different prints. The stay dry liner is made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton and is topped with 100% micro-fleece. These nappies are really easy to use, just pop them on and off you go.

 Totsbots Teenyfit Elements Cloth Nappies

Teenyfit Elements Nappies

These teenyfit nappies are deigned with the cute characters from the Totsbots Storytime range. There’s Fox n Spots, Night Owl and Blue Moo. Each nappy comes with a booster so you can use them at night time and have a microterry core that dries super fast.

 bumGenius Newborn All In One

bumGenius Newborn Nappies

These nappies also come in a selections of colours and prints and fit just below the navel to keep the umbilical cord clean and dry. They have a super absorbent inner core that also keeps baby’s bottom feeling dry.

 Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack

Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack

This pack is a perfect affordable choice with 10 inserts and 6 covers. The outer wrap can be wiped clean while absorbent insert is double sided allowing you to choose between natural soya fabric or stay dry suede fleece

 Milova Newborn Covers and Inserts

Milovia Newborn Tiny Pirates Cover

These Milovia covers are super cute! Made with a soft and stretchy waterproof PUL layer, you can use these about 2-3 times before washing by changing the soiled inserts. Choose between folk, lovely owls, tiny pirates, toadstool or happy animals. We recommend buying 3 small stay dry inserts with each over.


Win one of TWO limited edition Royal Flush Totsbots Easyfit nappies

These gorgeous nappies sold out in 6 minutes when we put them on our website and we had hundreds of customers with them in their basket. If only we’d been able to get our hands on some more…. Well, we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of TWO Royal Flush nappies, Yipeee!   So Two lucky winners will each receive one nappy, we have one with Velcro and one with poppers.   Entry is easy peasy just see below

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Tots Bots ‘Elements’ printed Easyfit & Teenyfit nappies

We know you LOVE the TotsBots Easyfit V3 and the Teenyfit nappies as much as we do,  so we were very excited to get these lovely new prints in.  The new ‘Elements’ prints are already proving very popular and it’s easy to see why!  Each print features a character from the popular ‘Storytime Prints’  collection a cow, an owl and a fox. The Elements prints are fresh, funky and lots of fun!  Our favourite design here at Babi Towers is the Fox n Spots… which is yours?

1. Blue Moo

blue moo nappy 1


2. Night Owl

easyfit night owl nappy


3. Fox n Spots

fox n spots print 1

Tots Bots easyfit and teenyfit nappies are also available in fabulous bright bots colours & stunning fairytale prints.  They don’t just look good, they perform brilliantly too.

Easyfit V3

  • One size nappy fits from 8-35lbs, size is adjusted with poppers in the front
  • TotsBots Easyfits are an All-in-one nappy with a fold out core for fast drying
  • Absorbent minky core dries very very fast and is very absorbent, it stays super soft too
  • Deeper waist elastic and re-designed back panel gives a better more comfortable fit
  • Colour matched minky, velcro and poppers!  Keeps nappies looking great
  • Choose from Velcro or poppers


The Teenyfit  nappy is ultra cute,  and just the right size for newborn babies.  All the fab features of the Tots Bots Easyfit V3 scaled down to offer the perfect fit for your little one designed to fit until your baby’s around 14lb.  A booster is included with each nappy so you can use them at night.

  • One piece all in one design
  • Fold out microterry core is absorbent and fast drying
  • Gentle elasticated waist and back to contain mess and give a great fit
  • Easy peasy velcro fastening
  • Funky colours

Focus On – Tots Bots Easyfit v3

(Video shows previous version of the Tots Bots Easy fit but the style of the nappy is still the same)

Vital Statistics

Nappy Type: All in One
Fabrics: Pul and Minkee
Size Range: One size Fits most approx. 8-35lbs
In the pack: Complete nappy
Colours or Prints: Bright Colours and Limited Edition Prints
RRP: £16.99 for Prints £15.99 Colours

The Nappy

The TotsBots Easyfit is an All-in-one nappy, which means all the necessary parts are attached, the absorbent part of the nappy consists of a flip out tongue style insert which tucks inside a pocket, the reasoning behind the internal pocket is that it allows for faster drying and also additional boosting if needed.

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Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch & Flexiwrap Real Mum Review!


I started using cloth nappies for the first time just over 8 months ago. (I’d failed with my first child as we moved to a small flat without a washing machine, so gave away all my initial stash)

When my little boy was born in 2012 I decided I’d attempt it again. I got my real nappy voucher and set off to the local baby shop. They were very helpful and after lots of advice (though admittedly they had a limited selection compared to somewhere like Babi Pur) I came away with a taster of nappies. I tried hard for the first few months. Oh my! Leaks lots of leaks! Lots of washing, constantly wet baby and not a happy mummy. I decided I was just not cut out for cloth nappies and that those mums who used them were ultimately hard core eco-superheroes! I sheepishly went back to disposables.

After skimming the Babi Pur Facebook page I noticed some nappy offers and decided to make a last vain attempt at doing my bit for cloth. I didn’t hit gold straight away and tried a couple of different nappies. They were ultimately better than what I was previously using but not as good as a disposable. On posing the question to the good mums and Dads of the Babi Pur Facebook community, I was overwhelmed with the amazing response and had some clear repeated recommendations. These were close parent pop-ins and Tots Bots Bamboozle. Continue reading