Nappy guide: washing cloth nappies

washing cloth nappies

Forget the days of nappies soaking in a bucket, followed by fearfully boiling them. Thanks to modern detergents and efficient washing machines, washing cloth nappies these days is wonderfully straightforward: cold rinse, hot wash, line dry, done!

One rule to remember is: no fabric softener! This reduces the absorbency of the nappies, not so good for something used for a absorbing wee and poo. (if this ever happens thanks to a well-intentioned helper, just rinse, rinse, rinse!!!!)

Washing cloth nappies – starter guide

The most effective routine for washing cloth nappies is a cold rinse, with no detergent, followed by a long, 40-60 degree wash with a good dose of detergent. The cold rinse will lightly wash off wee and poo from the nappies, ready to let the hot wash do its work. Most washing machines come with an allergy or baby setting – a cycle of 2 hours is about right: perfect for putting a wash on before doing the school run, over lunch or the kids’ bathtime, or overnight if your machine has a timer.

A scoop of Violets mineral bleach will add some pizzazz to help remove stains (this hero of the laundry world can also rescue school uniform, CSP, towels – anything that needs a stain sorting.) Or, you can try some magic in your wash, with Tots Bots Potion: a chemical-free and enzyme-free detergent that is anti-bacterial, allowing you to wash cloth nappies as low as 30 degrees! They also come in a yummy choice of bubblegum or mint humbug, or you can stick to unscented if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Tots Bot Potion Powder

Magical potion for your nappies: Tots Bots Potion

Once the wash has finished, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful sight of freshly washed nappies on your washing line. Fresh air and sunshine are best to keep stains at bay, but don’t worry if you don’t have the space or weather, air drying on a clothes horse is grand, too. A multi-peg sock hanger is fab for your wipes, liners and boosters.

Washed nappies drying on a sunny day

A perfect nappy washing day!

Drying cloth nappies

Generally, it’s best to steer clear of the tumble drier (think of the electricity you’ll save!), but in a time-saving emergency, anything without PUL can be tumbled on a low/cool heat (boosters, prefolds, fitted nappies, wipes).

Drying times differ according to each nappy: bamboo and hemp take the longest, microfibre and milovia inserts are super quick, and terry towelling and prefolds are somewhere in the middle. In the winter, nappies shouldn’t be placed directly onto a radiator, as this will affect the PUL and parch your nappies. We find putting your clothes airer right next to a radiator can make a huge difference in speeding up the drying time.

Before you know it, you’ll have the timing of washing cloth nappies sorted, and believe us when we say the delight in seeing those wee nappies drying on the line is so compelling, you’ll soon be sharing  photos on our Facebook hangout page. There is also something highly satisfying and therapeutic in folding them, too…!

Nappies washed and dried, ready to sort

A satisfying nappy sorting session

2015 Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For One-Year-Olds

Christmas is a fun time of year when you’re one.  Lots of twinkling lights, baubles to pull on, parties to look cute at and presents to unwrap.  At Babi Pur, we have everything you need to make Christmas extra special for the little toddler in your life.  From festive cloth nappies, organic clothing and pram shoes to cute wooden toys and adorable dolls, it’s all here at Babi Pur.  Here are our top ten gifts for one-year-olds at Christmas:

1) Tots Bots Easyfit v4 Festive Fling Nappy

easyfit-festive-fling Continue reading

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide: Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, and even more so when there’s a new member of the family to celebrate with.  At Babi Pur, we have everything you need to make baby’s first Christmas extra special.  From festive cloth nappies, organic clothing and pram shoes to cute rattles and teethers, it’s all covered – even the stocking to squeeze it all into. Here are our top ten buys for baby’s first Christmas:

1) Frugi Easyfit v4 Penguin Nappy

Featured Baby Outfit – Rainbows!

Unisex organic baby outfit

We think you’ll love our featured baby outfit for the weekend.. it’s bright, fun and unisex too!

Check out our huge range of fun organic cotton baby and kids clothes online at Babi Pur!


Win 2 Easyfit nappies in limited edition (Brit Bots) prints!

Throughout the week TotsBots have been announcing their fabulous new prints which are available from early March.  We were lucky enough to see these in a trade show back in January and we were so impressed we placed our order there and then! There will be 5 new “story teller” prints which will be available in the Teenyfits, Easyfits and wraps – the range is called “every nappy tells a story” and the prints are – Hansel and Gretel,  Jack and The Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip, Chicken Licken and  The Three Little Pigs.  The Easyfits have also been upgraded and now contain a new fast drying minki core which is more absorbent.. the minki core colour coordinated too!


But, what we’re most excited about this weekend are the two limited edition “Brit Bots” prints which are to celebrate London Fashion Week and “all things British”   These fantastically funky prints are called “London” and “Jubilee” and we have one of each to give away!

How to enter:

To be in with a chance of winning both of the funky ‘Brit Bots’ Easyfit prints, all you need to do is finish off this sentence “I like to buy my nappies from because…………..” in the comment section below

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Winning comment is No 102 Elizabeth Williams

New Rainbow Tots from Tots Bots & Golden Ticket Promo

Rainbow tots ticket promotion

New Tots Bots rainbow colours are now available in Easyfits and Teenyfits.  Lovely bright rainbow colours which include Mucky pup (brown), Sweetpea (Green), Poppet (red), Cherub (blue), Sugar plum (purple) and Pumpkin (orange).  To celebrate the launch of these fab colours we’re giving away a Tots Bots Golden ticket scratch card with each rainbow tots nappy transaction.  There’s one golden ticket which wins over £500 worth of goodies and another 500 runner up tickets which will win either nappy liners or a rainbow coloured easyfit.

  • The Golden ticket prize
  • A complete set of rainbow tots nappies and accessories worth over £400
  • A family day ticket for 4 to Cadbury world
  • A bumper box of rainbow drops sweets
  • Things we love about Tots Bots Easyfits
  • A book and DVD in the rainbow magic series
Another 250 tickets will win a rainbow easyfit nappy and another 250 tickets will win a roll of nappy liners (always useful).  To get your scratch card all you have to do is purchase 1 or more rainbow coloured Tots Bots nappies.  There are a limited number of tickets and they are strictly first come first server basis.  Terms and conditions apply.
Things we like about Tots bots Easyfits and Teenyfits
  • The new rainbow colours of course 😉
  • One piece design is simple and practical
  • Great fit because of all the magic stretchy bamboo fabric
  • Made in Britain
  • Natural bamboo fabric next to baby’s bottom
  • Super absorbent
  • Great quality
  • Birth to potty
  • Teenyfits are very very cute