3.. 2.. 1.. Blast off!

Save 15% on Wooden toys this Christmas with Babi Pur

Wooden Rocket 3D puzzles and toys for children this Christmas. Save 15% with code EARLY at checkout

3.. 2.. 1.. Blast off!  Check out our beautiful wooden rockets and UFO toys here at Babi Pur.  The whole range is made using sustainable wood and non toxic dyes and paints that are better for your children and the environment too.

1. DiscoveroO Magnetic Rocket Stacker

Discoveroo rocket toy

The DiscoveroO Magnetic Rocket Stacking toy is a beautiful wooden toy .  The wooden pieces can be stacked together and the set comes with three little passengers who’s little faces are visible through the round windows.  Great for developing ‘hand eye coordination’ skills.

Suitable for children aged 18m +

2. Le Toy Van painted rocket

Rocket Le toy van

Available in three designs, this chunky painted rocket will fire your children’s imaginations into space!

Suitable for children aged 3y +

3. Janod Magnetic Rocket

Janod Magnetic Rocket

A sure favourite with Babi Pur customers, this bright red rocket and astronaut toy comes with  6 magnetic pieces that are stacked together to form this awesome rocket ship.

Suitable for children aged 2y +

4. Janod Magnetic UFO toy

Janod UFO kit

Like the rocket, this sweet UFO toy doubles up as a 3D puzzle that’s great for developing your little one’s ‘hand eye coordination’ skills.




Haba Toys

The German toy manufacturer Haba are one of our favourite brands here at Babi Pur. Haba Toys were established as a small manufacturer in 1938 that has since grown to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of wooden toys for babies and children.


Haba toys are particularly renowned for their building blocks; many of our customers grew up with Haba blocks in their toy box and so a Haba toy for their children is like a trip down memory lane!

Haba pride themselves on the quality of their toys; all of their wooden toys are still designed and made in Germany, supporting local families, businesses and economies, and working to strict environmental standards too – using wood from only sustainable German forests.

Here at Babi Pur we’ve got a great range of Haba toys. Check our earlier blog post about their fabulous wooden clutch toys for babies, but we also stock loads of different toys for older children.  These beautiful beechwood building blocks to create a marble run are ever popular, and how about this musical twist on an old favourite – a set of building blocks that play musical notes as the marbles pass over them!

haba_ball_track_marble_run t

haba_sounds_set_marbles t

And to start your budding builder on their fun building blocks journey, how about this adorable Master Builder Set for younger children? They’ll love the bright colours, different shapes and cheeky faces, and they’ll be creating their very own fantasy land in no time!

master builder haba t

And it’s not just building blocks that Haba toys are great at either. We stock a gorgeous range of Haba play food, that will really spark imaginations and get kids interested in food.  There are brightly coloured fruit and veg like oranges, grapes and carrots, a delicious baguette or this adorable box of cakes for a sumptuous treat! Haba’s range of play food are made from different materials to help keep children interested – there are wooden fruit, fabric chickens and super cute soft and squidgy ice-cream cones.

haba_orange t

haba_baguette t

petit_fours t

haba_ice_creams t

And there’s much more besides – from rattles to pram decorations and stacking towers to play tents. Whatever your little monkeys like to play with, we’re sure that we stock a Haba toy to match. You can find our complete range of Haba wooden and fabric toys here.

Have a happy Haba playtime!


Stocking Fillers for Baby’s First Christmas

stocking fillers baby.fw


Here’s a list of our top 10 great quality stocking fillers  for babies!

1. The Real Rubber Duck –  This cute little duck would make an excellent stocking filler for a young baby or child.. everyone likes bathing with ducks don’t they!   The REAL rubber duck unusual in the fact that it is made from 100% natural rubber from the HEVEA tree and it contains no BPA, PVC or plastic.

2. HABA Lucky Charm clutching toy –  We love this beautiful wooden clutching toy by HABA.  Babies will enjoy grabbing, shakingit and using it as a soothing teether.  It has cute little toadstools, alucky four leaf clovers and a little bell, so perfect stimulating your baby’s senses. The wooden pieces are held together with a very strong elastic to make it flexible.

3. Organic Softies Overall Bear – This adorable little teddy bear that’s just the right size for babies.  It is made from 100% organic cotton with arecycled polyester filling.

4. Fair Trade Rag Doll – This sweet rag doll has blonde hair tied into pig tails and a happy smiley face and is part of a collection of cute little girl and boy fair trade rag dolls by Lanka Kade.   Suitable from birth, this doll is bound to be payed with for years to come.-

5. Frugi ‘Orchard Days’ Cloth Nappy – This cute and stylish cloth nappy by Frugi and Totsbots fits babies from 8-35lb as it has a size adjuster on the front. This would make a great gift for anyone thinking about trying cloth for their baby!

6. Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring –  Packaged in a lovely gift-box this cute little teething toy is bound to become a favourite! It has two rings with different textures to help soothe baby’s gums and it’s made using the same 100% natural rubber as the original Sophie.

7. HABA Organic Magic Leaf Ball – This lovely organic cotton toy has been designed to stimulate your baby’s senses.  It has a jingly little bell inside, a leaf to make it easy to grab and a loop so it can be attached to a pram.

8. Organic Animal Print Baby Socks – These cute little organic cotton socks by Baberoo come in a box and would make an excellent baby prezzie this Christmas.  They come in a variety of designs such as spots, stripes and even Mary Jane’s.. but we especially like this animal print pack.

9. HABA ‘Lucky Charm’ Pacifier Chain –  This cute little pacifier holder has little wooden charms and beads all the way along.  Babies will have lots of fun grabbing and playing with the little wooden pieces, the handy clip prevents your baby’s dummy from falling or getting lost. This chain is safe for  teething babies too.. they can chew on wooden charms painted with water-based safe paints.

10. Mini Crochet Octopus Rattle – This cute little octopus has been crochet using 100% cotton and it has a sweet little rattle inside.  This Fairtrade toy by Pebble is suitable from birth

Jolene Barton

Stocking filler gifts by Piccalilly at Babipur.co.uk

Our range of Piccalilly accessories are just perfect for filling your children’s stockings this Christmas!

We love these beautiful organic cotton tights and socks as they’re just so soft and beautifully stylish.  They’re sure to brighten up any outfit and are available in baby sizes as well as kids sizes (up to 6 years)

Organic cotton socks 2 pack  £6.99 and Organic cotton tights 2 pack  £14.99 – available to buy online at babipur.co.uk


The sausage dog scarfs make lovely gifts for children aged 3 and above.  They’re great for keeping little ones warm this winter and kids will love the funky designs. Matching hats are also available on our website

Piccalilly Sausage dog scarfs £13.99 – available to buy online at babipur.co.uk


These washcloth tiger puppets are so much fun at bath time!  They’re made from organic cotton toweling fabric and are available in Pink or green

Piccalilly washcloth puppets £5.99 available to buy online at babipur.co.uk




Makedo – the ultimate Christmas stocking filler!


What to do with all those boxes you end up with at Christmas?

Get creative and make some funky stuff with Makedo!

Makedo is a series of strong clips and hinges which allow you to create things from the stuff around you.  A perfect Christmas stocking filler that will encourage children’s creativity and building skills.  The clever “re-clips” and hinges are specifically designed to hold cardboard and other materials together securely while, unlike glue and tape, being re-usable.  There’s a number of packs which include stickers to decorate your creations and they vary in size from smaller flowers up to big playhouses.

makedo packs

All packing and stickers are printed on 100% recycled paper

Shop for Makedo at Babipur here

Our top 10 Stocking Fillers at Babi Pur

We’ve got loads of brilliant ideas for fun and ethical Christmas gifts that kids will love!

It’s that time of year again; the count-down to Christmas has started! Here at Babi Pur towers, we’ve been so busy ordering and unpacking, that our heads are already in a Christmas spin! But it’s all worth it because we’ve hand-picked the very best selection of fun, fabulous and ethical Christmas stocking fillers for kids.

The origins of hanging out a stocking at Christmas aren’t really known, but it is now so firmly associated with Christmas Eve and the magical legend of Santa Claus that there will be countless little (and large) stockings strewn across beds, fireplaces and arm chairs this year, eagerly awaiting their precious presents.

So, look no further for Christmas stocking filler gift ideas; here’s our wish list – a selection of ten of the best brilliant, and ethical stocking fillers from Babi Pur.

1: Cosy Hats

Piccalilly Pink Ear Warmer Hat Piccalilly Blue Ear Warmer Hat

Every little head needs a hat to keep out the winter chills, and our gorgeous Flapper Hats by Picalilly will do just that!

The Piccalilly Organic Cotton Cornflower Flapper Hat is pretty and pink or the Piccalilly Organic Cotton Tomato Flapper Hat is a bright and bold blue.

Priced at £13.99, they are made of the softest Fairtrade and organic cotton without the use of nasty chemicals.

2: Anamalz Wooden Animal Figure Toy

Kids will go ape for these adorable wooden animal figures from Anamalz Toy Company. They are all hand painted and have bendable limbs for hours of happy play.

Anamalz Zebra Anamalz Rhino Anamalz Moose Anamalz Lion

The range includes the seriously stripy Anamalz Zebra, the friendly Anamalz Rhyno, the smiley Anamalz Moose, a cuddly Anamalz Lion,

Anamalz Kangaroo Anamalz Grizzly Bear Anamalz Crocodile

a bouncing Anamalz Kangaroo, a great Anamalz Grizzly Bear and a cracking Anamalz Croc.

Priced at just £4.99 and made from sustainable maple wood, these brilliant Anamalz make a great addition to any zoo!

3: Wooden Jigsaws

Butterfly Jigsaw 1-5 Baby Snail Jigsaw 1-5

Kids will never tire of puzzles, and these little jigsaws help toddlers to learn puzzle solving, counting and colours too.

The Lanka Kade Fair Trade Wooden Butterfly Jigsaw is made of pretty pinks and purples and the Lanka Kade Fair Trade Baby Snail Jigsaw stands out from the crowd in fabulous primary colours.

Priced just £4.99 and made from sustainable rubber wood by a Sri Lankan Fair Trade organisation.

4: Penguin Ecotronic Eco Torch

Torch - Eco Penguin

Your little eco-warriors will love this cute Penguin Ecotronic Eco Torch to show them the way in the dark! Powered by a gentle squeeze instead of batteries, there’ll be no end to the power.

As well as being a playful design, this torch is great to start teaching kids the basics of green energy!

Price £6.25. Packed in 100% recycled biodegradable packaging

5: Wind-Up Bouncy Bunny


Wind up Bouncy Bunny

Kids will love this cute little bunny that doesn’t stop bouncing. Just wind him up and watch him go!

From Plan Toys, the Wind-Up Bouncy Bunny is a lovely wooden toy made without harsh chemicals or toxic paints.

It’s the perfect ethical stocking filler, priced at £2.99

6: Haba Ball Marble Tin

Haba Ball Marble Tin

Even if you lose your marbles, make sure the kids have plenty to keep them amused with this brilliant value Haba Ball Marble Tin.

Containing 36 glass marbles of different patterns and designs, these are perfect for use with marble run for some good old-fashioned Christmas fun, or encourage kids to stretch their imagination and design their own marble game. Price £6.49

7: Fish Castanet

Fish Castanet


Get an early start on the Christmas concert with these cute and crazy Plan Toys Fish Castanets. They’re a perfect size for small children to get their hands on, and they’ll love the simple clapping noise they make.

From Plan Toys, these little fishies are made from sustainable rubber-wood without the use of toxic paints or glues. Price £4

8: Mini Rag Dolls

Mini Rag Doll - Grace Mini Rag Doll - Abi Mini Rag Doll - Lily Mini Rag Doll - Molly

Little children will love these adorable Imajo Fair Trade Rag Dolls that are the perfect size to pick up and take along everywhere; they’ll soon be the best of friends.

They are all made by a Fairtrade organisation in Sri Lanka, the dolls come in five cute characters – all with different clothes and hair. Price £8.99

9: Plan Toys Wooden Cars

Plan City Family Cars

All budding  drivers will love to zoom around with the cute and colourful Plan Toys Cars.

Beautifully painted without toxic chemicals, paint or glue, these three little cars make a great addition to the Plan Toys Parking Garages.

Price £7.99 or only £4.oo when bought with the Parking Garage!

10: Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope - Pirates Skipping Rope Minibeasts Skipping Rope - Flowers & Butterfly Skipping Rope - Fairy Katie

Get bums off the couch with these colourful and fun skipping ropes. These Fair Trade Eco Friendly Skipping Ropes by Lanka Kade come in several different designs, from footballers to fairies and frogs to flowers, so boys and girls will love them.

They are handmade in Sri Lanka by fair-trade organisation Lanka Kade. Priced at £5.50 and packaged in a lovely gift box, these make the perfect ethical stocking gift for kids.