Close V1 & V2 Pop-in nappies – What’s the difference?

Ever wondered what the difference is between the NewGen V1 and V2 Pop-in nappies? Well..

While the differences are only small, there are a few improvements and amendments as well as some some jazzy new colours and prints. But many of the reliable features have stayed the same –

  • Double elasticated leg gusset to contain messes
  • Soft and stretchy adjustable tabs for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Soft elasticated waist band and front adjustable poppers to provide comfort as your baby grows
  • Absorbent panel inside the outer shell between the leg gussets to catch any excess wetness

So what are the differences?

Nappy Shell

First thing to note is that the pop-in V2 is slightly bigger. It also features new washing tabs which makes things a lot easier come washing time. There’s a small Velcro tab which is tucked into the pocket flap that just pops in and out easily.  The difference between this and the V1 is that it has the washing tab on the inside back of the nappy which was against the baby’s skin. For a closer look at this, check out the video below –

The V2 pop-in nappies also feature elasticated front and back pocket flaps. This eliminates the risk of the flaps riding up when worn and makes it easier when nappy changing as the flaps won’t need to be held down.


The soakers look very similar to how the version 1 but there have been some nice little improvements.

The elastic on the back of the bottom soaker has been removed which makes the V2 less bulky and a more comfortable fit.

The snaps are now attached to tabs on the soaker rather than on the soakers themselves. Which does mean that the soakers for the V1 are NOT compatible with the V2

inside new gen


Funky new colours and prints

The pop in nappy is still available in the lovely bright colours, the pastels and some lovely new prints. The brights colours have all stayed the same but the pastels have been updated and are now much more colourful (see below)


There’s also some lovely new prints – The robot, lion, hippo and Russian doll. We love them all so much we just can’t choose our favourite!

focus on close pic

All these lovely new nappies are available to buy on the Babi Pur website so head over to our to take a look. There’s also some great offers to be had on the V1 while stocks last, but grab ‘em quick – once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Pop-in New Generation Nappies Review


I’m a big fan of the Pop-ins and have used both the original pop-in and the v2 on my sons. So I was very excited to hear about the new generation, and really pleased to see a few design modifications.

What’s new, then?
-The same basic shape has been kept, which is good as it works really well and the nappies don’t leak; the adjustable applix tabs are still the same, and the fab double-elasticated leg gusset.
-The soakers have changed a little – for a start, there are fewer poppers! For the basic soaker, the two poppers at the front and three at the back are still the same, but the booster now attaches with a discreet and slim popper on a label. This is a positive change: it is possible to move the soaker around a bit more, and position it to best catch the wee (especially useful for me with two boys!); and also removing the two poppers which attached it on the old pop-ins means that there are no poppers to press on the baby’s back. This was apparently a criticism of the old pop-ins but I can’t say it was something which worried me greatly.
-The adjustment poppers: they have retained the four settings; the very first pop-ins only had three.
-The main change, of course, is the COLOUR! I was extremely happy with the old pop-ins but my only complaint was that the colours were very pastel. Well, it’s no longer a complaint – the new generation pop-ins are available in five fab bright colours, but they are also available in pastel; and I’m told that there are even special colours and <whispers> patterns! Definitely an excellent improvement in my opinion. I also love the different colour edgings – it makes the whole nappy feel a bit more ‘quality’ somehow.

-The feel of the outer shell has also changed. There are pros and cons here – I find the new generation outers a bit synthetic. I mean, I know they’re man made; but the old ones had a lovely soft feel. There were criticisms that they bobbled a bit; no danger with the new ones. They are less likely to go all crackly, I expect, but I did like the feel of the old ones.
-I tried a minky one, which is gorgeous and soft, has superb absorbency, and dries really quickly. This is an excellent thing; but the bamboo soakers are also available.

So, basically, these are the same reliable pop-ins, but with a few tweaks to make them even better. If only I could justify buying one in each colour…but alas, the original pop-ins are still going strong, 4 years on!

New Close Pop-in Nappy + Minkee & +Bamboo

New Pop-in Nappy

Introducing the new generation Pop-in nappy by Close (formerly Close Parent).  Soon to be hitting UK shelves, available in +minkee +bamboo and a range of prints and colours.  So what’s new we hear you ask?  New bright colours, fabulous prints which is a first for the Pop-in nappy, no more version 2’s or version 3’s which was a little confusing, new cover materials, new anti leak protection, improved sizing and less poppers.

The new Pop-in colours

new pop-in colours


The new Pop-in Nappy will be available in the same popular unisex pastels as the previous version of the nappy but also new funky bright colours too.

The new Pop-in Prints

New prints from pop-in

Turtles, monkeys and owls.  These fab prints look really stunning in real life!  Bright colours with funky friendly animal prints, we can’t wait to get our hands on these ones.  Which is your favourite?

The new Pop-in Nappy

pop-in nappy

The new Pop-in nappy itself is a one size birth to potty nappy available in +bamboo or +minkee, +bamboo for natural and more absorbent fibres or +minkee for super fast drying.  The sizing has been improved compared to the old bamboo version which could get a little tight on bigger babies.  Each nappy comes with 1 outer shell, 1 soaker pad and and 1 booster pad and all the parts are held in place with poppers.  The Pop-in nappy has long been a favourite of ours and many of the features remain unchanged however there are some clever and significant improvements.  The outer shell has a plethora of new fabrics inside with hydrophobic material around the leg gusset to prevent leaks, anti-wicking material around the edges and a small absorbent panel in the middle to keep moisture in the centre.  Stretchy Velcro fastenings, double leg gusset and simple poppers on the front to adjust the size.

Inside the new Pop-in Nappy


Pop-In Bamboo Why choose Pop-in nappies with bamboo inside?  Bamboo is a natural fabric which has lots of useful properties.  Bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, naturally breathable and very very absorbent, up to 3-4 times more so than cotton.  Bamboo cloth next to your baby’s bottom keeps baby feeling nice and comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter.  Bamboo is the perfect for choice for babies who suffer from skin allergies, eczema or rashes.  All these wonderful properties make bamboo an ideal fabric for a reusable nappy, however there is a price to be paid, bamboo does take longer to dry than synthetic fabrics.


Pop-in Minkee Why choose Pop-in nappies with minkee inside?  The big advantage that the Pop-in +minkee has is the incredibly fast drying time, just a few hours and it can be air dried.  For parents with limited drying facilities this is big help.  The first thing you notice about minkee fabric is how lovely and soft it is and it stays soft even after washing.  The minkee fabric wicks moisture away from baby’s skin quickly keeping their bottoms feeling dry.  Minkee nappies aren’t as absorbent as bamboo nappies so they will need to be changed more frequently. (+minkee replaces the previous Dream Dri nappy)

So in conclusion the new generation Pop-in nappy sees some improvements to a nappy that already has a great track record as a favourite “stash” nappy.  Close have made the choice for parents easier by doing away with the different “versions” of the nappy and making the benefits of +bamboo or +minkee clearer.  There’s a nicer choice of colours and some great limited edition prints for those who want to show off their fluff!

We don’t have an exact release date but as soon as we do we’ll let you know!  In the mean time there are some ridiculous prices on the soon the be discontinued Pop-in Bamboo V2 and Pop-in Dream Dr V3

Next Generation Pop-in Nappy & Caboo Carrier

Close Caboo Carrier

new pop-in nappy

The Pop-In nappy has always been a favourite of ours and this summer will see the launch of the latest version of the Pop-in and a sleek new image for the “Close” company, currently known as Close Parent.   We will also see the release of the new Close “Caboo” Carrier which replaces the incredibly popular Close Baby Carrier.

New Generation Pop-in Nappy

What we’re most excited about though is the New Generation or Version 4 Pop-in Nappy which will be available in bamboo or minky (minky replaces the Dream Dri).  The New Generation Pop-in will be a one-size birth to potty nappy with 4 size settings and an aplix fastening.  Similar to the current design but with a unique absorbent panel inside the cover of the nappy giving an extra level of absorbency and some fabulous new colours.  Our favourite features are still there like the double leg gusset and “pop-in” and out design of the soaker pads.  The choice of Bamboo or Minky microfiber makes the Pop-In a versatile choice for any parent offering super absorbency or super fast drying times, we usually recommend a mix of both.  Here’s a bit from Close Parent.

“Why dispose when you can pop-in?

Over the years many parents have chosen to just Pop-in, rather than throw away.

Pop-in’s are as comfortable on your new born as they are on your nipper, and bridge the journey from first nappy to potty training.

You can pop-in at home or on the go, our flushable liners make changing a doddle… and during those dream filled nights our unique night time booster can help keep your little one comfortable and dry.

We hope you enjoy your Pop-in’s, we think they are just “Close” common sense . . . .

We think awards are nice but we think happy mums, dads and babies are the bes accolade we can receive.”

There are some new colours on the way too, first to be released will be the signature Pop-In pastel colours and later in the year we’ll see some nice bright colours.  We have also heard a sneaky rumour that there are some Pop-in nappy prints or patterns in the pipeline, not that we’d like to see! !

New Close Caboo Carrier

Close Caboo Carrier

Caboo (urban definition, to be close to someone) is the new name for the Close Baby Carrier . Weight range is from 5-32lbs at the Close Caboo shares all of the features that made the Close Carrier so popular but with some small changes which make it easier to use and offer more support.  As always it’s made from 100% organic cotton too.  So keep your hands free, your baby feeling safe and secure and get on with enjoying life.

New nappies, new colours, new funky image and a new carrier, some great things from Close to get excited about!  The New Generation Pop-in bamboo and minky will be available later this summer as will the new Caboo carrier. “Like” our facebook page to keep up to date with release dates and more info, we’ll be after some testers soon 😉

Oh and we’ve teamed up with Close Parent to bring you this cheeky offer on the current Close Baby Carrier, shop here now.