FREE Flip Disposable inserts with each Flip Day Pack

Flip Disposable inserts

Get a pack of 18 flip disposable inserts when you buy a flip stay dry day pack or flip organic day pack.

The flip nappy system from bumGenius is one of our favourites and here’s some quick reasons why!

  • You can choose which flip insert to use, stay dry (microfibre) or organic (organic cotton)
  • You don’t have to change the flip nappy cover with each nappy change, just change the insert
  • Because you only need roughly 1 cover to every 3-4 inserts they are very, very economical!
  • The flip organic cotton inserts dry pretty quick because they fold out into a big flat square
  • You can choose between hook & loop or snaps
  • The Flip cover is one of the best one-size nappy covers around and can be used with most brands of inserts or flat nappies
  • Flip disposable inserts add that extra bit of convenience when it’s needed, and they’re pretty eco too!

We’re sure there’s some more good things but that’ll do for now 🙂  If you haven’t tried Flip then give them a go, they really are very good nappies!

Flip Stay Dry Day Pack + FREE DISPOSABLES Flip Organic Day Pack + FREE DISPOSABLES
 Flip Stay Dry Day Pack with FREE DISPOSABLES   Flip Stay Organic Pack with FREE DISPOSABLES

Flip Valentine’s Offer – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

At Babi Pur we just luuurrve washable nappies and since it’s nearly Valentine’s day we’ve got a rare and fabulous Flip nappy offer for you.  Buy 1 Zinnia, Ribbit or Moonbeam Flip nappy with stay dry insert and get another completely free.  Stocks are limited so be quick, click on the image above or here to shop flip nappy offer now.

What’s so good about Flip Nappies?

The Flip nappy system from the makers of bumGenius is a really simple and clever.  A choice of two different inserts fit into the middle of the flip cover making them very slim fitting and you don’t have to change the cover with every nappy change.  Stay dry inserts are similar to the insert in the bumGenius nappy, fast drying microfibre and incorporating a fleece top layer to keep baby’s bottom dry.  Organic cotton inserts are more absorbent, natural and breathable but take a little longer to dry.

Flip Nappies Now in Velcro . . or is it Hook & Loop . . You know, that stuff that sticks

Flip Velcro

Drum roll please. . . . . .  * makes drum roll noise*

Introducing Flip nappy covers in Velcro, Hook & Loop, Aplix or whatever you want to call it Flip Velcro is here!  Some people like snaps and some people like velcro, I say tom-arto you say tom-aito, I say nappy you say diaper, so which ever is your favourite you can now choose the Flip nappy in both fastenings.  Flip Nappies are a definite cloth favourite of ours, a simple nappy system that’s very cost effect, very slim fitting, easy to use and extremely versatile.  At Babi Pur we’ve got lots of different Flip nappy kits with stay dry microfiber inserts and organic cotton inserts and a mix of the two.

Flip Nappies Velcro or Snaps

If you’re new to the Flip nappy system here’s a quick reminder how it all works.

Flip nappies consist of a choice of inserts that you place inside a one-size (birth to potty) nappy cover.  Stay dry inserts are made of microfiber with a fleece top layer, these inserts keep your baby’s bottom feeling dry and the inserts dry very fast too.  Organic cotton inserts are made of . . . you guessed it, organic cotton, these inserts are very absorbent making them great for night time or long journeys, cotton is natural and more breathable but does take a little longer to dry.  Organic cotton inserts also keep your babies bottom wet to the touch which helps with potty training.  Flip also offers a disposable option made from a mixture of biodegradable materials.  Check out Babi Pur TV for some flip nappy demos

So why do we like Flip nappies?  Well you don’t have to change the cover with each nappy change so you can have a few covers with loads of inserts meaning you can do less washing 🙂  The flip cover is one of the best nappy wraps on the market offering superb reliability and now you can get it in Velcro as well as snaps!  Start shopping Flip Nappies now.

New Flip colours coming to the UK !

Flip Light Colours

Please see update on this post at the bottom

We’ve been asked countless times since the launch of the the Flip nappy in January this year when the light colours will be available in the UK.  They’ve been around in the US for a while and now we know that the new colours will be in stock 14th July and we will be taking pre-orders soon at Babi Pur.  Grasshopper, Twilight, Butternut and Blossom are the colours to be added to the range.

Remember the Flip nappy is about flexibility.  Three different inserts are available for the covers.

Stay dry (microfiber) – for fast drying

Organic cotton – for high absorbency, great for overnight or long journeys

Disposable (bio-degradable and no chemicals) – for the convenience when life demands

UPDATE: Oops it looks like we may have got a bit over excited about the new Flip colours coming.  We are expecting some new colours in soon but it turns out we don’t yet know what colours will reach the UK.  We will keep you posted once we hear more.