Nappy guide: washing cloth nappies

washing cloth nappies

Forget the days of nappies soaking in a bucket, followed by fearfully boiling them. Thanks to modern detergents and efficient washing machines, washing cloth nappies these days is wonderfully straightforward: cold rinse, hot wash, line dry, done!

One rule to remember is: no fabric softener! This reduces the absorbency of the nappies, not so good for something used for a absorbing wee and poo. (if this ever happens thanks to a well-intentioned helper, just rinse, rinse, rinse!!!!)

Washing cloth nappies – starter guide

The most effective routine for washing cloth nappies is a cold rinse, with no detergent, followed by a long, 40-60 degree wash with a good dose of detergent. The cold rinse will lightly wash off wee and poo from the nappies, ready to let the hot wash do its work. Most washing machines come with an allergy or baby setting – a cycle of 2 hours is about right: perfect for putting a wash on before doing the school run, over lunch or the kids’ bathtime, or overnight if your machine has a timer.

A scoop of Violets mineral bleach will add some pizzazz to help remove stains (this hero of the laundry world can also rescue school uniform, CSP, towels – anything that needs a stain sorting.) Or, you can try some magic in your wash, with Tots Bots Potion: a chemical-free and enzyme-free detergent that is anti-bacterial, allowing you to wash cloth nappies as low as 30 degrees! They also come in a yummy choice of bubblegum or mint humbug, or you can stick to unscented if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Tots Bot Potion Powder

Magical potion for your nappies: Tots Bots Potion

Once the wash has finished, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful sight of freshly washed nappies on your washing line. Fresh air and sunshine are best to keep stains at bay, but don’t worry if you don’t have the space or weather, air drying on a clothes horse is grand, too. A multi-peg sock hanger is fab for your wipes, liners and boosters.

Washed nappies drying on a sunny day

A perfect nappy washing day!

Drying cloth nappies

Generally, it’s best to steer clear of the tumble drier (think of the electricity you’ll save!), but in a time-saving emergency, anything without PUL can be tumbled on a low/cool heat (boosters, prefolds, fitted nappies, wipes).

Drying times differ according to each nappy: bamboo and hemp take the longest, microfibre and milovia inserts are super quick, and terry towelling and prefolds are somewhere in the middle. In the winter, nappies shouldn’t be placed directly onto a radiator, as this will affect the PUL and parch your nappies. We find putting your clothes airer right next to a radiator can make a huge difference in speeding up the drying time.

Before you know it, you’ll have the timing of washing cloth nappies sorted, and believe us when we say the delight in seeing those wee nappies drying on the line is so compelling, you’ll soon be sharing  photos on our Facebook hangout page. There is also something highly satisfying and therapeutic in folding them, too…!

Nappies washed and dried, ready to sort

A satisfying nappy sorting session

Sustainable Baby & Kids Swimwear from Maxomorra

sustainable eco swimwear

Maxomorra swimwear

A new range of eco friendly recycled swimwear for your little swimmers has landed at Babipur. Fun Scandinavian designs from leading Scandi fair trade brand Maxomorra combined with recycled materials that offer UV protection too. Available in strawberry and shark prints in a range of swim nappies for babies, long sleeve costume sets, swim trunks and swim suits.

Check out our entire range of Maxomorra summer swimwear and clothing here.

swimwear maxomorra

baby simwear

kids swimwear


2015 Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For One-Year-Olds

Christmas is a fun time of year when you’re one.  Lots of twinkling lights, baubles to pull on, parties to look cute at and presents to unwrap.  At Babi Pur, we have everything you need to make Christmas extra special for the little toddler in your life.  From festive cloth nappies, organic clothing and pram shoes to cute wooden toys and adorable dolls, it’s all here at Babi Pur.  Here are our top ten gifts for one-year-olds at Christmas:

1) Tots Bots Easyfit v4 Festive Fling Nappy

easyfit-festive-fling Continue reading

Reusable Newborn Nappies

We often hear people say they’re going to use disposables for the first few weeks and then switch to reusables.  Well we say “cloth from day 1”!  Get some super cute newborn nappies in your birth bag and enjoy changing a tiny fluffy bum.

Where one size nappies are great for babies from birth to potty, they can sometimes be a little big for newborn babies so here’s a quick introduction to the small and cute reusable newborn nappies. Newborn nappies are a great size for babies from around 5lbs to about 12lbs.

 GroVia Newbron Cloth Nappy

GroVia Newboorn AIO Cloth Nappy Prints

These nappies are the latest addition to our newborn cloth nappy range. They come in a selection of 5 different colours and 4 different prints. The stay dry liner is made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton and is topped with 100% micro-fleece. These nappies are really easy to use, just pop them on and off you go.

 Totsbots Teenyfit Elements Cloth Nappies

Teenyfit Elements Nappies

These teenyfit nappies are deigned with the cute characters from the Totsbots Storytime range. There’s Fox n Spots, Night Owl and Blue Moo. Each nappy comes with a booster so you can use them at night time and have a microterry core that dries super fast.

 bumGenius Newborn All In One

bumGenius Newborn Nappies

These nappies also come in a selections of colours and prints and fit just below the navel to keep the umbilical cord clean and dry. They have a super absorbent inner core that also keeps baby’s bottom feeling dry.

 Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack

Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack

This pack is a perfect affordable choice with 10 inserts and 6 covers. The outer wrap can be wiped clean while absorbent insert is double sided allowing you to choose between natural soya fabric or stay dry suede fleece

 Milova Newborn Covers and Inserts

Milovia Newborn Tiny Pirates Cover

These Milovia covers are super cute! Made with a soft and stretchy waterproof PUL layer, you can use these about 2-3 times before washing by changing the soiled inserts. Choose between folk, lovely owls, tiny pirates, toadstool or happy animals. We recommend buying 3 small stay dry inserts with each over.


Why We Love Frugi Baby Clothes


Here at Babi Pur we just love Frugi clothing.   Bright and funky designs that children and parents both love. Big bold appliques, fabulous colours, designs to make everyone smile.

But Frugi isn’t all about organic cotton and fun designs.  Frugi is about so much more, clothes for our children that are made ethically, using sustainable and natural materials, made to fit and last, rugged and hard wearing and made to be played in.  It’s all about having fun and having adventures, letting children play in the mud, roll in the grass, play by the river, letting children be children and making people happy along the way.

Frugi Clothes designed to last

Does your baby have a cloth nappy?  No problemo! Frugi baby clothes are “cut4cloth” so you can fit a real nappy or a disposable nappy underneath. This is a favourite feature at Babi Pur because we just love cloth nappies 🙂

Comfy fabrics and designs that don’t restrict movement, knee patches for crawling babies and adjustability for the perfect long lasting fit.  All Frugi clothes are made from organic cotton which is kind to your skin as well as the environment.  If your child has sensitive skin or eczema then organic cotton is the perfect fabric to dress them in.

100% organic cotton 100% fairly traded!

We love Frugi!

We’ve got loads of Frugi clothes in stock now from newborn size up to 6 years.  Spring summer has just landed and we’ve got some bargains in our sale so head over to Babi Pur and have a browse

Labour & Pain Relief – The TENS Machine

At 37 weeks the birth of baby number two is drawing ever closer, leaving me considering all the possible pain relief options. My birth with Quentin was relatively straight forward, never needed any intervention, I accepted Gas and Air along with my TENS machine working hard on my natural endorphins and apart from the fact I was 39 weeks, it was a quick but positive birth.

This article will focus on both my pre-labour use of the TENS machine as well as my experiences during my Second labour.
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