TotsBots Peenut Reusable Nappy, a Closer Look

TotsBots PeeNut Nappy Review, In Depth Look & Video

The TotsBots PeeNut nappy (Peeeee nut, get it?) is a really simple reusable nappy to get your head around. You have an absorbent pad to hold wee and a waterproof cover to keep everything contained. We like things that are simple, life’s complicated enough as it is.

The PeeNut nappy is a really economical and clever nappy system consisting of a waterproof nappy wrap and a 3 in 1 day to night pad made from bamboo and microfibre. The PeeNut wrap and pad set has all the parts you need in one package so you can give it a go.

Tots Bots Peenut reusable nappies are an easy nappy to use. Image credit Rosie Burford

TotsBots Peenut Cover 

The TotsBots Peenut cover comes in two sizes. You can also adjust the size of each one using the sizing poppers on the front of the nappy. Bear in mind that Size 2 Peenut cover is advertised as fitting from 9-35lbs making it a nearly birth to potty cover and the size 1 fits 6-18lbs making it a newborn option. If you want the perfect fit for the first few months then look towards the size 1 covers. If your baby is already a month or so old then you’ll likely only need size 2.  The Peenut covers have two poppers on the inside to accept the poppers on the Peenut absorbent pad.


TotsBots Peenut Day to Night Pad

Peenut day to night pads

The TotsBots Peenut day to night pad comes with two absorbent pads to suit a range of sizes and absorbency requirements. The pad set is 3 in 1 meaning you can use the small pad for newborns or very light wetters, medium for heavier wetters and you can pop the two together for maximum absorbency or overnight use.  The pads are made from 2 layers of TotsBots’s soft stretchy bamboo fabric with a layer of microfibre sandwiched in the middle.  This material combination offers a high level of absorbency and reasonably fast drying times for a bamboo nappy.Check out our TotsBots Peenut Video

Eventual Mother takes a look at the TotsBots Peenut nappy for Babipur TV which shows you all around the different parts of the nappy.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • You can reuse the cover around 3 times – just replace the insert with a clean one and go!
  •  Reusing the cover means your washing load is greatly reduced compared to pocket or all-in-one nappies.
  • The inserts are slim and being bamboo they’re absorbent enough for most babies without needing an extra booster.
  • We think this system would make a great first nappy for anyone new to cloth as it’s so simple to use.
  • Equally it’s a great nappy for those with a large stash because of the flexibility to use it as a system or with other nappies such as the Bamboozle. In fact any other nappies will fit inside, it’s always handy to have some extra wraps and inserts.
  • The Peenut pads come in just one size which keeps things simple and they last from birth to potty

We have to be quite picky to find some disadvantages but picky we will be.

  • Not everyone is a lover of Velcro and TotsBots don’t offer a popper closure option
  • Bamboo is not the fastest drying material however the inserts being separated from the nappy and the microfibre core do make them dry quicker than you would expect
  • It’s not quite as easy to fathom for a first time cloth user as an all-in-one or a pocket nappy (we are being very picky here as it’s still a very easy system)

All in all we think the PeeNut is a real winner and a great addition to the TotsBots range.

Testing out the nappy

After pre washing it was time to get the PeeNut on. It’s a simple velcro system so it’s nice and easy to put on even with a wriggly octopus like baby. I decided to go with the medium pad only and popped a fleece liner on top to keep babies skin dry. Because the PeeNut is so slim it didn’t cause any issues with clothes fitting which is always a bonus.

I check regularly for any signs of a leak and so far so good, after 3.5 hours I decide to do a change. The pad is nice and wet, I remove it wipe over the cover and pop in another medium pad. I use the same cover 3 times which I’m really impressed with. For night time use I pop both pads together. It’s still an incredibly slim nappy and if I’m honest I’m not expecting it to hold out over night.  12 hours later and I’m proven wrong, my little one is dry. The pads are completely saturated but again there is no sign of a leak, I’m impressed, really impressed.


Our thoughts on the TotsBots Peenut Nappy System

A great nappy, it’s slim even with both inserts in. The size 2 wrap is a generous size and can be easily adjusted with the poppers on the front to fit smaller babies. The major advantage is that the inserts can be removed and the cover reused which cuts down on washing considerably. So far I have managed to reuse the cover 3 times. I just remove the pad give the cover a quick wipe and pop in a new pad.  Another major plus is that the wrap can be used over Bamboozles. The pads can be used for boosting as the poppers are in the same place inside the bamboozle.

Washing and drying

The covers and the inserts can go in the wash together (remember to fold or secure the velcro tabs). You shouldn’t tumble dry the covers but I found that they dry in no time on an airer or washing line. As for the inserts I tend to tumble dry mine. Again they can be line or air dried you just need to allow for the extra drying time.

The entire TotsBots Peenut range is available to buy from Babipur here

If you’d like help or advice with washable nappies feel free to get in touch with the Babipur team through any of our media channels >HERE<.  We love talking about cloth nappies!

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