Surf’s Up Baba + Boo Nappy and Surfers Against Sewage

Last summer we spent an idyllic few weeks on holiday by the beach. My ten year old son – the original ‘Baba’ of Baba+Boo – spent the summer on his surfboard. Being on the waves is his happy place – but I spent the summer watching him dodge plastic rubbish. It hit home that surfing off a lovely beach could be a distant memory by the time he’s grown up. So I couldn’t sit back and watch my son without doing anything.

And that’s where Surf’s Up came from. We wouldn’t normally create a nappy to support a cause – but by giving ten per cent of the proceeds to Surfers Against Sewage we are all doing something to make sure our children can play on beaches made of sand, not plastic.

Surfers Against Sewage is an incredible organisation. They started in 1990, when surfers were ending up with sanitary towels on their heads and human poo sandwiched between their bodies and their boards. Now, the UK has some of the cleanest beaches in Europe, and SaS played a massive part in that.

But of course, our beaches aren’t clean. As SaS say, plastic is the new sewage. And SaS are continuing to play a huge part in sorting the problem. Their campaigning work on single-use plastics is fantastic; their awareness raising through plastic free communities is inspiring, and they do as well as talk, co-ordinating hundreds of beach clean-ups each year.

People think single-use nappies are a landfill issue, but that’s just a part of the problem. The toxins that are released when they’re left on the beach and get into the ocean; and the trees, water and crude oil that are used in production and are massive issues.

And Surfers Against Sewage is part of the solution. By campaigning, by raising awareness, and by doing something practical, they are making a huge difference. And if, in my dotage, my son can still enjoy his happy place, then I’ll feel like I’ve done something too.

Eve xx

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