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Hello, I’m Jo and I’ve got 3 (not so) little boys. Edward 7, Oren 6 and Lochryn 2. They have all worn the same set of cloth nappies I bought from Babipur in January 2010. When I needed to top up my stash I discovered a new favourite reusable nappy, Baba & Boo!

Reusable nappy journey

When I first started looking a cloth nappies Babipur kept coming up on google and I couldn’t decide which brand to go for or what type to pick (even 8 years ago there were so many) and I phoned a few times with question after question. Babipur answered them all, explained everything in simple terms and could not have been more helpful. I took the plunge and ordered 20 nappies, 10 each of 2 different brands and a bucket. Job done! 

In May 2010, 2 weeks overdue Edward was finally dragged out via the rooftop exit and weighed in at a rather dainty 10lb 9oz. We skipped that pesky newborn nappy phase, which I hadn’t given much consideration to. There was nothing scrawny about him so we dived right in with our one size birth-to-potty nappies. I had unfortunately lost my job during the first few weeks of my maternity leave and with a newborn to pay for I was so pleased we didn’t need to waste our pennies buying disposable nappies. The cloth nappies immediately started paying for themselves. 

Value for money

Fast forward almost 8 years later and I still have 14 of those 20 nappies left. ALL 3 of my boys have worn them. Lochryn is still wearing them. If there was ever any doubt about value for money with reusable nappies – trust me; you will save a fortune…

*cough…well until Reusable Nappy Week arrives and you get enticed with new brands, new prints, new fastenings, ooft and the allure of a built in bomb proof double gusset! The struggle is real folks #buyALLthenappies

I had Lochryn in 2016 and my old faithful nappies were prepped and ready to go but I needed to top up my stash. 20 nappies works for me and 14 does not – this meant totally justified nappy purchases! Baba & Boo’s Elf Town print was too cute for me to resist and I was keen to try a new brand. Baba & Boo are a one sized pocket nappy that come in the loveliest prints, super soft insides, bamboo boosters and a built in double gusset. Nappies don’t get sexier than this one! 

Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies mean you have to insert your boosters into an opening (called a pocket) at the back of the nappy. Stuffing nappies is bizarrely therapeutic, it doesn’t take long to do a whole wash or you can pop them all in a basket and stuff as you go like me. 

Having previously only used hook and loop fastenings the thrill of poppers was far more exciting than it should have been! There are so many poppers too, which makes it so easy to get a tailored fit for every bottom. There are 3 different rise settings on the front, which are straightforward to adjust as and when needed. It is fab that the one size nappy will do small babies right through to toilet training. The clever double gusset is built into the pocket and the fleece is so soft against your skin…er…my baby’s skin! 

Baba & Boo

Baba & Boo have filled the gap in my stash perfectly. They’re completely and utterly bomb proof, wash brilliantly and dry super-fast. They’re particularly handy in the winter as with our log burner roaring the nappies can be washed, dried in less than an hour and straight back on the bum the same day! 

Slim design

Baba & Boo reusable nappies are also really slim in design, which makes clothes fitting properly so much easier. I have a variety of sizes in my son’s wardrobe at any given time as some trousers will only fit if a giant fluffy bum holds them up. Others I simply can’t get on over my bulky old style cloth nappies.

Generous fit

Baba & Boo have a generous fit and even when I triple boost the pocket I can still get leggings and slim fit trousers on with plenty of room to spare. Baba & Boo reusable nappies each come with 2 bamboo boosters which fit inside the pocket with room for a third.

You can find the entire Baba & Boo reusable nappies range here. There are both newborn and one size nappies available in an array of stunning prints. Additional boosters in bamboo and charcoal and you can even get matchy matchy wet bags. I’ve got my eye on those, they’re perfect for out and about and for swimming lessons!

What do you have your eye on this Reusable Nappy Week? Please pop a comment below! 

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5 Responses

  1. J says:

    I have my eye on“turning back time “
    I used the old style terry nappies …origami was a skill you needed then which sadly (cleverly)my husband never mastered !!
    I would have loved these nappies.

  2. Jo Worrall says:

    Love Baba and Boo nappies! Wish I’d found them sooner!

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