Reusable Nappies For Days Out and Camping

Hi, i’m Heather! I am a mum to two boys, Arthur age 5 and Eli aged (almost) 2 and wife to husband, Rob. I used cloth nappy part time with Arthur, but Eli has been in cloth nappies 24/7 since about 2 weeks old. We have a great love for the outdoors and camping and so I thought I would share a little bit about what my favourite reusable nappies for days out camping when when there aren’t many facilities.

Firstly, if you are new to cloth nappies, it can seem a little daunting. When I used cloth with my first son Arthur, none of my friends used them, I hadn’t heard of nappy libraries and to be honest I didn’t really know how to get a good ‘fit’ or ‘trouble shoot’. I didn’t realise there was this whole community of amazing parents ready to give advice and support at any time of day (or night!). This time round has been so much easier. I am lucky that most nappies suit Eli, but the support I have had this time, and in turn been able to give, has been fantastic. So join some groups like Babipur Hangout, be part of the community, and it will all fall into place very soon.

Days out with reusable nappies

For many reasons, going out and about with cloth nappies can feel a bit scary. What will I do if my baby needs changing? How will I cope if my baby does a poop? What if it leaks? So basically all the eventualities you would prepare for whether you are using disposables or reusables, right? With a little thought, preparation and practice, it really doesn’t need to be scary at all. I kind of have my back pack contents down now so I don’t have to put any thought into it at all. To be honest you can take any nappy system with you on days out and holidays, but my preference if Grovia Hybrids. I just find them really easy and lightweight to carry around.

A typical day out with Grovia Hybrids

Getting out and about with reusable nappies

I don’t know about you, but when I go out for the day (if I have the car) it looks pretty much the same as I’m going on weeks holiday. SO MUCH STUFF! Partly because I am a bit lazy so just chuck loads of stuff in the boot and head off.

The contents of my nappy bag (aka backpack) are:

Holidays and Camping with reusable nappies

We go camping a lot and sometimes to places where the facilities are fairly basic such as compost toilet / no running water. Does this stop us from using cloth on holiday? Absolutely not! But once upon a time it would have, so I totally get why it makes people feel nervous. It’s one of those things you just need to crack on and do it to prove to yourself how easy it really is.

If I was camping, I would take all the above but obviously multiply by the amount of days required. I would add:

  • Baba & Boo for night times (these are a great option for us)
  • Large Planet Wise hanging wet & dry bag to store the nappies (two bags if we are away for a week without any facilities)
  • If there really isn’t any facilities I occasionally use Grovia biosoaker pads which make life really easy and cut down on the amount of washing when you get home dramatically! They are biodegradable and compostable.

And that’s pretty much it!!

Inserts for Grovia Hybrids

Stay Dry Soakers

Poppers in, stay dry fleece next to baby’s skin, made from cotton and bamboo. This combination offers good absorbency and quick drying times

Organic Cotton

Popper neatly into the shell, made from five neat layers of organic cotton with a 2-part construction that allows for quicker drying

No Prep Microfibre 

Poppers in place, ready to use after one wash, fast drying microterry with a two part construction so super fast drying times.

GroVia Biosoaker Pads

Biodegradable and compostable, single use, stick in place and made from biodegradable & compostable materials. Oeko-tex certified, made from sustainably harvested wood pulp fibres

Cotton and Stay Dry Boosters 

Fabrics same as above but just a little extra trim boost when you need it

So there you have it, its not as difficult as you may think! If you have any questions about using reusable nappies on days out or camping, just ask!

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