A Reusable Nappies Guide to Night Time Training Pants

Emma reviews the Close Pop-in night time training pants

Hi, I’m Emma, Mam (or Mami as he prefers to call me) to Iwan who turned 3 last month. Although we are huge Babi Pur fans we have never tried cloth nappies in the past. However, we recently decided to make the switch to reusable night time pants. 

Eco friendly switches

We’ve been making a few eco friendly switches recently. These have included using shampoo bars, Abeego wraps instead of cling film, Imse Vimse cleansing pads to replace cotton wool pads, and reusable straws. Although there is a higher initial cost, many of them only need to be bought once and will last a long time before you need to repurchase. If you’re anything like me and a bit forgetful, it’s a bonus as they’re things you’ll already have at home when you forget to add them to your shopping list, or forget to take said list with you! 

No more disposable pull-ups!

We recently made the switch to resuable night time pants from disposable pull ups. Our 3 year old has been out of nappies completely for about 2 months now. Although we have never used cloth nappies it seemed silly that given I’ve been trying to switch other disposable single use items that we were still using disposable night time pants. He is dry most nights so it seemed like such an unnecessary waste and that’s what got me thinking about the night time pants. How I would wash them, having never used cloth nappies before? I posted a picture of the Close night time pants in the hangout asking for advice on washing and any tips that anyone may have for reusable newbies. I was given plenty of tips that made me feel much better and more at ease about trying them.

Cute Close prints

We took the plunge and ordered one of the new Close prints night time pants to try out. The print is lovely and the bright yellow and green colours remind me of Spring.  Although Iwan is dry most nights I’m still not confident enough to leave him in regular pants just yet. These are just perfect for that in between stage. I think these may also actually help him to stay dry in the night. They look and feel more like proper grown up pants.

When they arrived I showed them to him and he wanted to try them on straight away which was a good sign. Even though this is just one small change for us to make in the whole grand scheme of things, I’d like to think that every small step helps and is a step in the right direction. One pair of reusable pants equals one less disposable going into landfill which can never be a bad thing. I’ve already added another pair to my basket ready for our next order.

It’s never too late to try reusable nappies!

So if you’re thinking about giving the training pants a go even if you’re like us and are complete cloth newbies it’s never too late. I’d say just go for it! I really don’t know why I didn’t try them sooner! If you do have any questions head on over to the Hangout and ask away, they’re a super friendly bunch!

Huge thanks to Emma for sharing her thoughts on the Close night time training pants for Reusable Nappy Week! You can find our full range of reusable training pants >HERE<

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