Petit Lulu, The Latest Reusable Nappy Brand at Babipur

Petit Lulu reusable nappies come in a great range of colourful prints!

Reusable Nappies for everyone

Petit Lulu is the newest cloth nappy brand to hit the shelves at Babipur. After numerous customer recommendations, it was about time to find out a bit more about this popular reusable nappy brand.

Launched in 2012, Petit Lulu nappies are handmade with care in the Czech Republic from certified materials in a range of great prints.  These top quality cloth nappies are made from robust PUL, super absorbent bamboo and cotton, and have a soft fleece trim. As a result, these nappies and wraps are gentle on baby’s skin and won’t leave any sock marks.

Petit Lulu are loved for their highly absorbent fitted night nappies and pull-up wraps. But there is more to the range than just night nappies! With a pocket nappy, a snap-in-one system and prefold nappies, there is an option to suit everyone.

If you are a beginner though, all these options can feel a bit overwhelming, so we have put this guide together to help you choose the best Petit Lulu reusable nappy for you. If you need a bit of extra help with the jargon and abbreviations, check out our blog post >HERE<.

Petit Lulu Snap-In-One (SIO)

Petit Lulu SIO is an easy to use hybrid nappy

The Petit Lulu SIO (Snap-In-One) reusable nappy is a versatile nappy for everyday use. Known as a hybrid, or all-in-two nappy. The Petit Lulu SIO system consists of an outer waterproof wrap and a set of snap in boosters. Other similar hybrid nappies include Close Pop-ins, Tickle Tots AI2 and Grovia Hybrid nappies.

This adjustable one-size birth to potty nappy comes with a range of absorbent inserts to suit your needs. Simply snap in your choice of inserts and go! You can choose from a simple SIO complete nappy which has inserts included, or make up your own from the range of SIO inserts and waterproof covers. The Petit Lulu SIO nappy system is a great economical option. With an extra set of inserts the wrap can be used a couple of times before washing.

Petit Lulu SIO in solid green. Image credit Kim Pascoe

This is a birth to potty nappy that will fit from 4-15kg. Available in either popper or Velcro closure, and a range of colourful prints and solid colours.

What we love about the Snap In One nappy:
  • Adaptable and adjustable design
  • Great containment and reliability thanks to the gusseted inserts
  • Super absorbent and trim fit
  • Comfortable, soft fleece binding around all the nappy edges
  • The outer wrap can be used over the Petit Lulu fitted nappy

Petit Lulu Pocket Nappy

Petit Lulu reusable nappy with popper closure

The Petit Lulu pocket nappy is a really easy to use all-in-one pocket nappy. This is a complete nappy that has everything included and is very similar to a disposable nappy to use. In addition, this is a great choice for beginners and childcare.

The wrap has a clever open pocket design which forms a gusset within the nappy, which results in great containment. Included is a long and short bamboo insert to add the level of absorbency you require. Another example of a pocket nappy would be Baba & Boo.

Add extra absorbency in a Petit Lulu Pocket nappy with additional boosters. Image credit Kim Pascoe

This is a birth to potty nappy that will fit from 4-15kg. Available in either snaps or Velcro closure, and a range of colourful prints.

What we love about the Pocket nappy:
  • A complete easy to use all-in-one pocket nappy
  • Includes a long and short bamboo inserts
  • Made from super soft organic bamboo-biocotton, gentle on baby’s skin and waterproof PUL
  • Soft fleece hem, leaves no marks on the skin
  • Quick drying open pocket design
  • Internal gusset for great containment

Petit Lulu Fitted Nappies

Petit Lulu Fitted nappies come in a variety of absorbent fabrics to suit your needs.

These are shaped cloth nappies made entirely from absorbent fabric, meaning they require a waterproof outer cover (often known as a two-part nappy). Petit Lulu fitted nappies include highly absorbent Maxi Night-time nappies, adjustable one-size nappies and tiny newborn nappies. We love that these fitted nappies come in a choice of fabrics including super Fluffy Organic and super soft snuggly velour, which stays soft wash after wash. In addition you also have a choice of hook and loop or snap fastenings.

One of the unique features of Petit Lulu fitted nappies is their gorgeous ruffles legs, these soft gathers are great for containment, but also super gentle on babies delicate skin. Petit Lulu fitted nappies are a great choice if you are looking for a nappy that doesn’t leave sock marks, or irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

The newborn and one-size options come with a long booster, giving added absorption. This results in them being fantastic overnight teamed up with a Petit Lulu cover. The Maxi Night nappy comes with a long and short booster which is ideal for those super heavy wetters overnight and older toddlers. A similar style reusable nappy would be the Tots Bots Bamboozle, another popular choice for overnight.

The Petit Lulu fitted newborn nappy will fit from 2-6kg, fitted one-size 4-15, and fitted Maxi Night nappy 7-16kg. These are available in either snaps or Velcro closure, and a range of colourful prints, and solid velour colours.

What we love about the Fitted nappy:
  • A two-part shaped fitted nappy that requires a waterproof cover
  • Includes a long bamboo insert (newborn and one-size) and an additional short booster in the Maxi Night nappy
  • Made from super soft organic bamboo-biocotton, a highly absorbent nappy
  • Soft ruffle legs that wont irritate baby’s skin
  • A hugely popular choice as a night time nappy

Petit Lulu Prefolds

Petit Lulu prefolds and wrap is a great economical nappy system

A prefold is a really basic and economical nappy system. A prefold is simply a rectangle of absorbent fabric, folded and placed in a waterproof nappy cover. Petit Lulu prefolds are made from soft bamboo viscose and organic cotton and a layer of super absorbent cotton terry. This makes then soft and comfortable, and absorbent too.

They are simple to use, just fold in three and lay in your reusable nappy wrap. Great teamed up with a Petit Lulu wrap, they will also work with most other wraps too. If you are feeling adventurous, try out some more traditional folds, for greater containment. A Snappi fastener can be used to hold the nappy in place.

Prefolds are a great choice for those looking for a more economical option. Use them to boost absorbency in night nappies or even in a pocket nappy. They are a really useful addition to your nappy stash.

What we love about the Prefold nappy:
  • An economical nappy that requires a waterproof cover
  • Use to add extra absorption to night nappies
  • Easy to use, simply fold in three and place in a waterproof wrap

Nappy Covers

Petit Lulu offer lots of choice when it comes to waterproof nappy covers. With standard wraps in a choice of popper or hook and loop closure, pull up covers, and wool covers, there really is something for everyone!

Petit Lulu wraps are a reliable waterproof cover for your fitted nappy

Perfect for using with absorbent fitted nappies, snap-in-one boosters and prefolds. Made from robust PUL with super soft fleece bindings all the way around the edges, these are a super gentle and comfortable nappy wrap.

The pull-up wraps are great for wriggly toddlers. With a wide fleece leg hem and waist band they are so comfortable, contain everything and the fleece prevents wicking onto clothing. These are a top choice for night time pared up with a Maxi Night nappy.

Pull-up wraps are very roomy to accommodate a bulky night nappy

Wool covers have a strong following with experienced cloth nappy users. You may wonder how these work. Thanks to the clever nature of natural lanolised wool, moisture evaporates through this highly breathable layer. The lanolin prevents moisture leaking through the nappy. As a result, these wraps have amazing moisture regulation.

These are wonderfully reliable wraps for heavy wetters, but do require some additional care. You will need to lanolise them when they are new, and then re-lanolised every 4-6 weeks. Lanoline has some fantastic qualities, including being antibacterial and self-cleaning. Simply hang up to dry between each use and washed every couple of weeks. Made from 100% pure Merino wool making these covers super soft on sensitive skin. Most importantly, they form a reliable, antibacterial, odour and water resistant barrier.

Peter gives us a full review of the Petit Lulu reusable nappy range on BabipurTV


If that wasn’t enough, Petit Lulu also have a great range of reusable accessories. These include nappy bags, extra boosters, cloth wipes, breast pads, make-up remover pads, and period pads. All of these great accessories come in fun prints and quality fabrics that you expect. Are you ready to check out the Petit Lulu range?

Shop the full Petit Lulu range >HERE<

Image credit Kim Pascoe

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