NEW Close Pop-ins for 2020 – From Corn to Cloth Nappies

close pop-in puffin
Close Pop-in Puffin Nappy. Image credit Ruth Carson

We are excited to be launching the new super-sustainable cloth nappies from Close, using revolutionary bio laminate new for 2020. Close have been at the forefront driving sustainability through their products. Earlier in the year they switched to using recycled plastic bottles in their fabric. An amazing 2 ½ plastic bottles are diverted from landfill to make each Close Pop-in nappy. To further their use of low impact materials they are now moving to a plant-based bio laminate across their range.

Close pop-ins are celebrating this fab new fabric with a limited edition Puffin print. Image credit Em Turp

What is Bio Laminate?

There are two main parts to a cloth nappy. An absorbent layer that holds moisture, made of a soft absorbent fabric such as bamboo or cotton. An outer breathable waterproof layer to hold the moisture within the nappy. This waterproof layer is made from a synthetic polyester, which can be derived in its raw form from non-renewable sources from the plastics industry, or as Close Pop-ins are doing, using polyester derived from recycling plastic bottles (an amazing 2 ½ bottles in each nappy!).

Close Pop-in reusable nappies are now more sustainable than ever! Image credit Beth Ellen

This polyester then needs a laminated surface, this is the actual waterproofing breathable membrane often called PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). PUL has some fantastic properties for cloth nappies; its lightweight, flexible, breathable, water resistant, easy to clean and sterilise. TPU is a type of PUL and stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane – in TPU the polyurethane is bonded to the fabric using heat rather than a chemical solvent. This reduces the need for ‘extra’ chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Still with me? Great! Here comes the interesting bit …

Clever new bio-laminate is manufactured from fermented corn starch! Image credit Em Turp

Bio TPU laminate is a revolutionary new material, based on corn starch to replace a proportion of the non-renewable polyurethane. Approximately 20-30% now comes from this renewable, plant-based source. Glucose is released from corn starch through a clever fermentation process to make up the bio component of the laminate, meaning that less petroleum is used in the finished product.

Plant-based bio laminate now being used to make Close pop-in reusable nappies. Image credit Ruth Carson

What are the benefits?

Because bio TPU makes up such a small part of the finished cloth nappy, you would be forgiven for thinking that this adaptation would make little difference to its overall environmental credentials. HOWEVER, up to 48% less greenhouse gas emissions and up to 46% less non-renewable energy is used, according to the LCA Lifestyle report*. That is quite an impressive result!

Close pop-ins newborn
Newborn Close Pop-ins have a bamboo insert for extra absorbency. Image credit Beth Ellen

Not only does bio laminate have great environmental credentials, it also has the same fantastic qualities of standard TPU and can withstand the same treatment of washing and drying, and the rigours of life on babies’ bottoms.

New bio laminate can withstand the same treatment of washing and drying, and the rigours of life on babies’ bottoms. Image credit Hannah Allen

By using innovative new materials Close are driving the cloth nappy industry forwards to even greater environmentally positive steps – they really do practice what they preach when it comes to sustainability! Close are helping to conserve precious natural resources by using lower impact materials that are better for the planet. Because of this it makes them an obvious choice for environmentally conscious parents. It’s no secret we love Close Pop-ins too with their amazing reliability and super-cute prints!

Close pop-in nappies are the perfect choice for eco-conscious parents. Image credit Sarah Ojar

Shop the new Close Pop-in bio laminate limited edition Puffin print nappy >here<

* “Life Cycle Assessment Update for Bio-PDO and Sorona® Polymer,” September 12, 2017 by Krieger, T., and Veith, S.

Close pop-ins reusable nappy
Limited edition Puffin print comes in newborn and birth-to-potty options. Image credit Ruth Carson

Huge thanks to our Buddies and Team for the photos xxx

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