New Close Pop-in ‘Up in the Trees’ launch

Introducing the Close Pop-In – Up in the Trees Collection!

Close Pop-in Nappy cover, Toucan and Sloth & Stage 4 Coverall Bib – Image Credit – Hannah Allen

It’s been a big secret we’ve been desperate to share with you all! The NEW ‘Up in the Trees’ collection by Close is now live at Babipur. We have four fabulous new prints across the whole range including the ever popular Close Pop-in nappy (with both popper and Velcro closures) the iconic Pop in Play mat and all accessories such as wet bags, baby change mats, new-born and coverall bibs.

We were sent some goodies back in March, and of course, we immediately fell in love with these playful designs of some of the worlds best, most loved wild animals, and Close have created imaginative personalities to go with these cheeky beauties, which are so brightly colour co-ordinated that you won’t mind your little one playing around in just their nappy on warm days!

This collection is called ‘Up in the Trees’ – suitably, as each of these animals share the same home and natural habitat – up in the trees! Watch orangutan swing from branch to branch, toucans flutter between the leaves high up in the skies fetching food for their chicks, lemurs glide gracefully through the forests, and sloths ambling on by watching their world go by.

What we probably don’t realise is these animals have more in common – they are also at a higher risk of endangerment because of the danger of their homes disappearing due to deforestation and some being destroyed in wildfires.

Taking the Close Pop-in Playmats for a test run on the beach at Porthmadog. Image Credits – Jolene Barton

I’m brand new to the whole reusable nappy game, so I’ve been learning as I go about Close in the few months I have been with Babi Pur now (and obvs, I’m very impressed!) It’s opened my eyes into realising that so many of the Pop-in products aren’t just nappies, but the playmats are such an essential for young families from beyond potty training, for picnics, days on the beach, even as a little blanket if you’re caught out in the cold!

We have Pete demonstrating to me how to roll these up on our Instagram Reels available to go watch RIGHT NOW!

Speaking of Nappies…

Did you guys know our Babipur Team Member Emma has given birth to her second baby? We want to wish her the biggest congratulations on her gorgeous boy! She tried out the Newborn Pop-ins and the results are beyond adorable!

Close Pop-in Newborn nappy Toucan print. Image Credits – Emma Jones

1% For the Planet

Close, formally known as Close Parent design their prints in-house by their own super talented team of designers. Their prints for the pop-in Endangered Collections are animal led, which ties in with the fact Close are part of the 1% for the Planet – meaning 1% of sale from every Pop-in item is donated to the WWF and Marine Conservation Society. These are charities that really matter in protecting and preserving these beautiful, majestic animals that are at a high risk of extinction and need awareness raising.

1% For the Planet Logo

It was natural instinct to donate to these charities and design these beautiful prints that went hand-in-hand with Close’s beliefs and ethics in protecting wildlife and conserving animals that are in risk of endangerment. We’ve seen past animal prints of cheetahs, bears, puffins and tigers, and as charming as they are, they drive a more important message to us.

We’ve seen the impact of these charities are making to wildlife and the sea has already made a dent in reversing the damage. It’s a daunting job reversing 50 years worth of damage to our wildlife. In that time, the world has seen an astounding 68% drop in population sizes for mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles, and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) have been fighting in stabilising this drop so we can reverse the loss of wildlife and biodiversity by restoring forests, safeguarding and protecting our ocean Wildlife.

Can you imagine a world without orangutans? Adorable sloths? Inquisitive lemurs? Large beaked toucans? Neither can we. Much of WWF’s work is done in tropical Rainforests where these animals thrive.

The Materials

Close’s founders have always been eco-conscious and aware of the impending dangers imposed on our planet and our wildlife, both Martine and Claire were running their own companies focussed on baby wearing and cloth nappies around 2004 before joining forces and creating Close Parent. Their ergonomic baby carriers have won awards, and are sworn by parents all over the UK.

The bamboo cotton inserts of the Pop-in nappies, both popper and Velcro closures are super absorbent and the ultra trustworthy core we are all use to and know and love. It’s a fantastic option for parents who are new to the cloth nappy world and want to dip their toes into the Reusables, and it’s a sustainable option with Bamboo being one of the fastest growing plants.

It won’t come as a surprise to a lot of people that so many plastic bottles end up in landfill everyday worldwide – but what is truly shocking is when you see the actual number – it’s around the 60 million bottles.

Plastic to Fabric – Diagram created by Close

The reusable world may seem overwhelming to parents brand new to the reusable nappy world, but even one reusable nappy a day makes a difference, a 912 disposable nappy difference! Each nappy is made from 2.5 bottles, each playmat diverts 12 bottles from landfill and each feeding bib and cover-all uses 1-5 bottles depending on whichever size is purchased. Find out more about the Close super-sustainable bio-laminate >HERE<.

Take a look at the Pop-In collection available today at Babipur!

Tell us your favourite design, what you’d love to see next and join the conversation over on the Babipur Facebook Group!

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