Giveaway: All You Need for a Reusable Change Bag

Real Nappy Week 2018 has brought even more fun, chat, and community than ever. We have had such an amazing week at Babipur and we don’t want it to end! So all this week we will be continuing to share our love for cloth nappies and all things reusable. To celebrate #RNW2018 in true style we are giving away this amazing bundle of goodies to one lucky winner. Head over to our Facebook page to enter.

Whether you are new to cloth nappies or an experienced guru, or haven’t yet taken the plunge into the world of reusables, there is something for everyone! We have put together a selection of lovely things that you might need when you’re out and about to be kinder to the planet. A reusable kit that will be the envy of all green parents that you meet! Here is a little bit more about what the winner will receive:

A Close Parent Playmat in the gorgeous Babipur exclusive print Dewi

This exclusive Babipur print playmat, in the very special Dewi daffodil print, is not only beautiful but has so many uses, both in and outdoors. Dewi is the name borne by the patron Saint of Wales, St David. Perfect for tummy time wherever you are, or perhaps for some nappy free time, or a baby massage.  Older babies, children, and all the family can enjoy sitting and laying on the mat on trips to the beach, the park, or wherever the mood takes you!

These mats have a waterproof and stain-resistant print side, and a wicking fleece layer on the reverse. They roll up very neatly, and have a handy, detachable carry handle. They measure 120cm x 120cm.

Close Parent have strong ethics and a desire to enable parents to raise their children in a more green and natural way, which has led to some fantastic and innovative baby products.

A Close Parent Pop In Nappy in exclusive Dewi and Elephant Stripe prints

Pop In nappies offer fantastic absorbency and performance, and feature the amazing double leg gusset that everyone loves so much. They have beautifully soft colour matching bamboo inners that ‘snap in’ to the outer shell. There will be one popper version and one velcro version in the bundle, so if you haven’t given these nappies a go, you will get the best of both worlds! These nappies are birth to potty, so fit 7-35lbs. Included are a set of fleece liners to keep moisture away from baby’s skin.

Close Parent Wipes and Wet Bag

An essential for the reusable change bag! Close parent bamboo baby wipes are soft, eco-friendly, and kind on your baby’s skin, as well as the planet. Cloth wipes are ideal for parents wanting a chemical-free, zero-waste nappy routine, and these bamboo wipes are super-absorbent and anti-bacterial too. Use with water to gently cleanse sensitive skin. They come with this amazing Pop In stuff sack and pouch in the cheeky little monkey print. You can store wet or dry, and clean or dirty wipes in this bag easily. It has plenty of room for ten to twenty wipes in the main section. It features a unique roll down closure, which prevents anything from leaking out of the bag, and has a handy clip to attach to your bag, or anything else for that matter!

Close Parent Medium Tote / Wet Bag

Now you’ve got your nappies and wipes you need a wet bag to store your reusables once they have been used. This matching monkey wet bag stores around eight to ten nappies, so a great size for a day out or weekend away. It has a zip closure and handy loop to hang up wherever you are. Also, wet bags aren’t just for nappies, they are perfect for wet clothes, a trip to the beach or pool, or any other messy fun you might get up to.

Close Parent Change & Go Mat

You’ve got your nappies, wipes and wet bags, now all you need is something comfy and cosy to change that fluffy bum on!  This mat is the ideal thing for change time and the tiger print is adorable. As you can see, it folds up very neatly and is nice and compact for your change bag when out and about. The soft microfleece side provides a gentle comfy place for your baby to lay, plus some absorbency to mop up any mess. The reverse side has a soft touch waterproof layer and pouch that is perfect for storing baby wipes in so you can quickly grab one when you need it. There is also a handy little hook to hang it for storage, travel, or using around the house.

Weleda Nappy Cream

This gorgeous cream has been a hit with parents and midwives for almost thirty years. It really is a little bit of magic for your baby’s skin. Protect your baby’s skin after every nappy change with a completely natural cream made from organic calendula, the humble garden marigold which is a natural anti-inflammatory. It will calm down irritated skin and reduce redness. Blended with chamomile extracts, almond, and sesame oils, healing lanolin and zinc oxide, it will protect from dampness, and heal damaged skin.  It’s made in the UK from a whole heap of natural products with no nasties, and is vegetarian-friendly.  This natural product has been dermatologically tested and is perfectly suited for newborns’ delicate skin.

Weleda have been making natural body care products, cosmetics, and medicinal treatments that gently care for the mind, body, and soul since 1921. Weleda UK products are ethical and sustainable to the core, and from the growing of plants to packaging the finished product, are made from scratch in Derbyshire.

Violets Hand Sanitiser

After all that nappy changing, if you are not near any facilities you might want to just cleanse and sanitise your hands. Perfect to pop in your handbag or change bag, this little sanitiser is the ideal solution. It is alcohol-free, and contains a naturally anti-viral blend of essential oils to kill off any unwanted bugs you don’t want hanging around.

Piccalilly Muslin or Swaddle

A change bag wouldn’t be complete without a muslin or swaddle to be at the ready for mopping up milk and dribbles. Perfect for shading baby from the sun, swaddling for naps, and as a feeding cover. The lightweight organic fabric makes it the perfect accessory that doesn’t take up too much space or weight you down. It measures 120cm x 120cm.

We absolutely love Piccalilly clothing for babies and kids; in fact, it was the first brand we ever stocked here at Babipur back in 2007.  The quality and the clothes themselves are always fantastic. Brilliant designs, and all ethically made from start to finish with GOTS certified organic cotton, and produced in some brilliant fair trade factories.

Little Green Radicals Play Set

Let’s face it, as parents we prepare for all eventualities and if we don’t pack a spare outfit, we are guaranteed to need one! So we thought it wouldn’t be a change bag kit without having a cute set of clothes for those ‘just in case’ moments. The sea  green short-sleeved top has a cute River Frog print and red contrast pocket. The co-ordinating bottoms have sea green and pale blue stripes and ankle cuffs. Get caught out and need to spend the night away from home? No worries! This outfit could double up as a pair of PJs too. Made from super-soft 100% Fairtrade organic cotton, which is gentle next to delicate skin and eco-friendly, and has been cut to fit over cloth nappies, but will be fine on babies in disposable nappies too.

LGR were one of the ethical clothing pioneers and here at Babipur we’ve been a proud stockist since 2007. Made from Fairtrade certified cotton, the same label you see on coffee and bananas, which guarantees a fair and stable price for the crop. The cotton is also 100% organic, which is safer for farmers, better for the environment, and kinder to your baby’s skin. Beautiful clothing with fun and stylish designs, and outstanding quality, we love Little Green Radicals and we’re sure you will too.


Mia & Dom Massage Oil, Calming Oil, Sleep Baby Sleep and Soothing Skin Salve

A change bag is functional through necessity, but we’ve shown above it can be practical and beautiful when you fill it with fluffy loveliness! As it is practical and pretty, then why not go step further and add something to make you feel good at the same time. Included is a lovely organic, botanical baby massage oil. It is a great way to bond with your baby, help them to relax, sleep better, and ease constipation and wind. This baby oil is completely natural and perfect for delicate, baby-soft, sensitive skin, and great for your hands too. It is made from 100% organic ingredients.

This sleep baby sleep remedy is the perfect natural way to help your baby into a deep, relaxed slumber. Roll the mix of calming botanical oils across your baby’s chest to help them to relax and drift off to sleep.

Being a parent can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Ease away stress and tension with this calming blend of geranium and frankincense essential oils. Roll it on your temples or wrist, sit back and relax. Both frankincense and geranium oil have calming properties. Frankincense can uplift your spirits, and ease anxiety and tiredness. Calming geranium oil cools the nervous system; together, they will leave you relaxed and feeling positive.

The soothing skin salve is natural, made with a simple blend of healing organic oils, and suits all skin types. This non-sting salve soothes itching, and is suitable for babies, children, and adults.

Mia & Dom is a natural and organic skincare range for babies and mums. Made from eczema-friendly, organic ingredients, and packed with naturally-healing botanicals, Mia & Dom is gentle on delicate skin and the planet too. All Mia & Dom products are handmade in Yorkshire with certified organic ingredients, with many items fairly traded and ethically sourced. The only animal by-product that goes into Mia & Dom products is beeswax. Mia & Dom products are not tested on animals.


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