A Weekend Away with Reusable Nappies: Baba+Boo Wet Bags

Baba+Boo nappy stack
Image credit: Kristina Amalie

We started our cloth journey during Real Nappy Week last year and had planned a weekend away for a couple of months after. So having taken the plunge and getting confident using cloth full time I was ready for the next challenge. A long weekend away from home, without washing facilities, in cloth.

Baba&boo nappies. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

The small Baba+Boo wet bag we had was perfect for day trips and out and about, but couldn’t hold anywhere near as many nappies as I estimated we would need for a weekend away. So where would we store the dirty nappies? The large baba+boo wet bag came to the rescue and could easily handle 4 days worth of nappies! And despite our car being filled to the brim, we were quite relieved when we got home upon unpacking realising it had done the job of keeping the wet in and everything around it dry!

A Holiday Essential

Large Baba+Boo Wet bag
Large Baba+Boo Wet bag. Image credit Kristina Amalie

The large wet bag became a staple in the changing bag after that, and over the summer months it was a great way of ditching the plastic bags filled with wet clothes and swimming costumes after trips to our local splash park, or unforeseen water fights on hot days. The Baba+Boo bag did it all!

Image credit: Hannah Allen

It’s still going strong a year on and we cannot wait to see what adventures it’ll come along to this year. With my kids need for getting mucky I have a feeling I might need another one. But there’s no such thing as too many wet bags, right?

Thank you Kristina for sharing your weekend away Baba+Boo essentials! Find are full range of Baba+Boo wetbags >here<

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