Baba + Boo Reusable Nappies – Behind the Brand with Eve Bell

Founder of the much loved reusable nappy brand Baba & Boo, Eve Bell has come to chat about the story behind her amazing nappies – over to you Eve!

An accidental business woman

I’d never seen – or even heard of – washable nappies until my son was four months old. We were at a baby signing class and one of my new mum friends talked about them. We soon moved to the next subject.

I didn’t give them a second thought. Then I found out I was pregnant for the second time – a complete surprise.

I had a seven-month-old who didn’t sleep day or night, a 14-week old surprise bump and the end of maternity leave beckoning. The idea of going back to a really intense job did not compute.

The early days of reusable nappies

Fast forward a few months and I had two children under 18 months – and not a lot of cash. Reusable nappies came back to mind when I thought about how I could save money.

I started off slowly and used them around the house. Actually, the first time I used one, I fitted it so badly that my daughter was soaking.

I was getting by on zero sleep, maybe short bursts of 26 minutes throughout the 24-hour clock. I washed a few nappies here and there. They fitted in with me and not the other way round. If none were washed, I used a disposable. If a clean one was downstairs and I was upstairs, I used a disposable. It’s not all or nothing. I didn’t beat myself up.

But, way back in 2009, I was frustrated that the ‘nice nappies’ were so expensive. My previous career as a retail buyer made me sure that there had to be another way. I wanted high quality nappies that looked gorgeous and were affordable – and they weren’t available.

Baba & Boo was born

So, with an 18 month old and a nine week old, I did the obvious thing and started my own business, designing the kind of nappies that I wanted to use.

‘Baba’ is my eldest and ‘Boo’ is my little girl – the nicknames we used for them when they were little, and a song I sang to them in the middle of the night!

Starting a business and learning how to be a mum of two under two was – and still is – the best and hardest thing I have ever done.  I get to do the school runs, whilst saving 15 million nappies from landfill and saving families hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A passion for reusable nappies and babies

Baba+Boo has a reputation for customer service – but that’s basically because I love talking about nappies and babies! I’m probably even more passionate about what I do now than when I was designing nappies during nap times.

I still hate waste – but living a simple life with less stuff and more experiences has also become an important part of my life, as my two have dashed through their childhoods. For Mother’s Day they created a play for me, instead of a gift, which is my idea of perfect. Reusable nappies help parents save their money, so that they can spend it on enjoying time with their families.

Making reusable nappies the new normal

At the moment I’m focused on Time For A Change – we want to make reusables the new normal. We’re working with midwives, councils, the media and political groups so that there are no more parents like me who’ve never seen or heard of reusables. When every parent realises that there is a cheaper, easy option that’s kinder to the planet, then I’ll be happy!

Thanks so much to Eve for sharing the story behind her amazing nappies! You can find the amazing range of reusable nappies from Baba + Boo here!

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190 Responses

  1. Kate Cranness says:

    I just love the baba and boo prints – gorgeous!

  2. You were so helpful when I brought some nappies from you (and boosters) – which the postman bloody lost!! Absolutely fab customer service and your nappies and prints are just amazing ????

  3. Hayley says:

    I LOVE all the funky patterns you can get in cloth bums! And the fact that they’re better for the environment. Win win!

  4. Katy says:

    I love the fluffy bums, the GORGEOUS prints, the zen of stuffing and preparing freshly washed and air dried nappies. I’d love more info on combining different insert types and how to get a great fit. PS bring back the carrot leggings. ??

  5. Jenny says:

    Love Baba+Boo nappies. They were some of our first as they were affordable. Eve you are amazing managing to start a business with 2 under 2. I just about kept everyone alive. Looking forward to the next lot of prints

  6. Francesca says:

    So lovely to get a real feel for the brand, yet to have tried a baba and boo nappy but we use their large wet bag and the quality is just stunning, hopefully trying their nappies out soon!

  7. Sian Cripps says:

    Love Baba and Boo nappies – our current favourite! Love using cloth nappies and its much easier than you think! Luckily our nursery are happy to use them too ☺

  8. Emily Woodcock says:

    I love ‘real’ nappies! I didn’t find out about them til my little man was 6 months old but I wish we’d used them from day 1!

  9. Lizzy says:

    Great to read about the brands origins, fingers crossed more midwives and councils spread the word about reusables. I have a gorgeous baba +boo puffin print wet bag and I love our fox print nappy! Hoping to get some more nappies durning rnw ; ) X

  10. Beth M says:

    This was a really interesting read, I too love how reusable nappies can be made to work for you, when at the outset I thought it would be totally the other way around.

  11. Gemma allen says:

    I have been using cloth nappies since my son was 5 months (now 19 months) and they just fit so much better than disposables which means no leaky poo!

  12. Sarah says:

    I adore cloth nappies, they’re so much kinder to my little ones bottom and look so cute not to mention how much waste they save!

  13. Anna says:

    I love your nappies, they are the best I have tried and wish I had found them sooner. I’ll be trying the newborn version on number 2!

  14. Hannah Robertson says:

    Thanks for this it’s so refreshing for someone who is just starting out to hear that it takes a while to get into the swing of things! It’s a confusing thing to research but everyone has been so helpful! X

  15. Barbara says:

    I only started with cloth diapers at 15months. Oh, the regret! Definitely starting at birth if I have a second baby. These prints are gorgeous!

  16. Liz says:

    I love this, Eve you’re amazing and your nappies are wonderful. I always give them as gifts, along with one of your wet bags, for mums to be. A Baba & Boo nappy with a charcoal and a hemp booster is bombproof ??

  17. Naomi Davies says:

    My hubby has been off this week and has been on ‘nappy duty’ getting used to cloth as we only started in January. His biggest bit of feedback tonight was that he hates having to get wee on his hands when changing nappies. SO question, do you have to unpopper inserts from nappies/each other or pull out the inserts of AIO nappies before washing or can you get away with not doing this?! Or is there a different way he can do this to avoid wee on his hands?!

  18. Samantha Free says:

    I have only recently discovered cloth nappies myself, and it was the Baba+Boo designs that caught my eye and made me unashamedly decide that I *needed* to start using them. I am building up my collection slowly but have to admit it is the washing of them that baffles me. I still haven’t perfected the washing routine or the pre-soaking before use. And the more I look into it/read about other people’s experiences, the more baffled I get. Any advice on the washing routine would be very much appreciated!

  19. Jess N says:

    Love these nappies. They have become a firm favourite as they as so absorbant, they wash like new and dry so quickly. And an added bonus – they are gorgeous patterns!

  20. Rebecca says:

    I love Baba + Boo nappies, they’re so affordable and have such cute prints!

  21. Sarah Henwood says:

    We love our Baba boo nappies, they are the only ones we have that keep him dry all night. He out wets disposables but these gorgeous nappies stop us having to do a 3am outfit change.

  22. Rosa says:

    I’m a first time mum and have just had the confidence to try reusable nappies for the first time this last week. I was strangely nervous about trying them but hate seeing the amount of waste disposables creates. Thanks Eve for sharing your story and helping me feel it’s ok to have a relaxed approach as I get used to reusables.

  23. Heather Williams says:

    I heard a little about reusables with my first, one of the NCT mums was using them and I thought she was completely crazy ? fast forward 7 years and I found myself asking her for advice! I am not a full time cloth bummer, but I figure that every little helps, and maybe some time in the future I’ll get to doing it full time.

  24. Jo says:

    Love these nappies. The poppers are amazing as my little one likes to undo Velcro. Not great when there’s a little surprise in there for me!!

  25. Lois says:

    Hold on. She started the business with two children under two?? How?! What a hero and a definite inspiration. Reading this makes me want to get my butt in gear!

  26. Jo says:

    Fab post, I had 2 under 2 and no time to spare I can’t imagine starting a business during all that! Well done Eve – legend!

  27. Marnie says:

    Wow! You’re so inspirational! I absolutely love how you came up with the brand name ? I love cloth nappies because not only are they far better for the environment, look super cute and are easy to wash and little one is chemical free around his sensitive area
    Fabby post!

  28. Danielle says:

    Saving money, saving waste going to landfill, never running out and having to rush to the shops and all the gorgeous prints. Why aren’t more families using reusables? We love Baba + Boo nappies

  29. Wow interesting read. I’m new to cloth nappies. Got a 6month old daughter and want to get away from disposable nappies. She hasnt been well abd i don’t want any chemicals on her skin.
    I didn’t realise there were so many different brands and styles.

  30. Sian Le Bon says:

    Interesting read – nice to know where the company’s “born” from and where it’s going. Seeing reusable as “normal go to” nappies for all would be amazing! Just think about how much waste we’d save!! As a side note it might also be interesting for reusable to be the norm for adults who require them.

  31. Nell Hall says:

    Inspiring read and very true that you can Cloth part time or full time, whatever suits you!

  32. Lucy Howell says:

    Fab post ? I’ve been using cloth for 6 years now and I love them!! I definitely think that more work towards getting councils to offer the cashback for cloth schemes would be great. As that’s something that’s not available in my area at the moment.

  33. Olivia Handley says:

    What an inspiration!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    What a great story and an amazing mumma!
    I love that I’m not putting nappies into landfill. I love seeing my neighbours bin full and knowing mine isn’t despite having a toddler!!

  35. Andrea Muckley says:

    What a super woman! Two kids and a business?

  36. Anna says:

    Love to read this story, what an inspiration you are!

  37. Sarah says:

    I love cloth nappies and love the baba and boo brand. We only started using them with our 2nd and I SO wish we’d discovered them sooner! Good for the environment and our purse! X

  38. Ashli says:

    I love cloth nappies because they’re so much better for my babies skin, really you wouldn’t sit your baby on chemicals so why wrap a chemical filled nappy on their bottom? … I also love the positive feelings I get knowing I am not contributing to the 8 million nappies heading to landfill and polluting our planet.
    Not to mention how beautiful they are to look at too! Haha.

  39. Danielle says:

    What a great story! I love that cloth nappies look so cute on the bum and how they hugely reduce our waste. Will have to try a baba and boo nappy as I haven’t yet but they look awesome!

  40. Roz says:

    Love those flamingo nappies!! Been wanting to take the plunge for a while but too nervous… No idea how it all works!

  41. Rhiannon says:

    I love that cloth nappies lessen the environmental impact of having children. So much is disposable it feels great knowing that you’re saving money and helping the planet all in one go.

  42. Lindsay says:

    I love my Baba and Boo’s, absolutely bombproof! Especially the new style with the double gusset. And lovely designs for affordable prices, with the added advantage of supporting a WAHM. ???

  43. Stephanie Smit says:

    Fantastic and inspirational! I’ve recently become a cloth convert. After initial trial and error, I love that the reduced waste is noticeable after just a couple of days, I love how cute reusable nappies can be and they are super practical – containment is much better than a disposable!

  44. Gair says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention right? Couldn’t be more apt! I love using cloth nappies and it’s good to know I’m supporting a fellow Mum too ?

  45. Jessica says:

    The first cloth nappy I put on my son was a Baba and Boo. Only a month ago. I’d love to know more about all the different inserts (not just Baba and Boo specific). The nappy came with two bamboo ones, and I take it I can use either one or both depending on how much my child wets. But what about night time? What if he leaks through too? Or would that be a fitting issue? Such a minefield and I want it to be easy immediately!

  46. Ellen says:

    Inspirational story! I love knowing im saving so many nappies from going to landfill. And you can beat that lovely feeling of seeing a line full of beautiful nappies drying in the breeze on a sunny day!

  47. Rebecca says:

    Wow what an amazing story. We struggled with cloth at first with our foster children as we had all sorts of leaks. This was before we found Babipur and then Baba and boo. They were kind of my last ditch effort with our current foster children and they were amazing and didn’t leak or cause rubbing etc. So we are massive Baba and Boo fans and we also try to live ethically and as eco friendly as we can and reduce waste. In fact we are currently awaiting new foster placements and I’m really excited about new babies being in cloth as much as possible ?

  48. Jenny says:

    I use a mixture of reusable and disposable nappies, but do feel guilty when i have to put a disposable one on! And the reusable ones are a lot prettier!

  49. Jane says:

    I love how resuables save the world one small step at a time, I just wish I had more confidence to use the resuables more than I do

  50. Kate says:

    Love the baba and boo prints!

  51. Tiffany says:

    I have three Baba+Boo wetbags and I’m hoping to add a few of their nappies to my stash very soon. I love the environmental benefits of cloth nappies as well as them being kinder to my daughters skin and also looking adorable!

  52. Antonia montague says:

    I am about to approach potty training this summer and would love to know more about cloth nappies that will help with that particularly at night. We’re currently fully disposable but I would love to make the change now, I think it will also help me become more confident using cloth with my youngest and making the switch for her too. Great blog, really inspiring, I really admire that you set up a business with 2 under 18months, and such an amazing one at that.

  53. Sarah says:

    Amazing! I honestly couldn’t have done that with two so close in age. I love everything about reusables. And it makes me happy to know I’m not contributing to landfill waste.

  54. Sarah James says:

    I just love the different prints of nappy that you can get so you can personalise to your child’s personality and the fact that you are protecting the planet too!

  55. Rachel says:

    I love the different prints and how my 3 year old likes to pick our nappies for the baby and making sure they match!

  56. Tanya says:

    I love that there are so many beautiful prints and that for every reusable nappy used there’s less disposable nappies clogging up the environment!

  57. Rachael says:

    Aw love this! Parents are super stars and truly know best what works for children. Baba and boo make the best wet bags on the market ? I love cloth nappies for the wholesome feel, the eco benefits and the cushioning of wee baby bums during walking practise!

  58. Gemma says:

    I love to see anyone advocating cloth nappies. When it takes 450 years for a disposible to decompose it really is a no brainer. Even now people such as my mother in law comment oh you should start using disposables now it’s coming up to summer so she (my baby) can move more. It’s so sad how a throw away culture has invaded our society. Keep up the good work in advocating reusable nappies!

  59. Nicola Farrel says:

    I love how cute they look on my little ones bum and the money it saves (a big reason my husband was up for it!)

  60. Emma says:

    Amazing story!!

  61. Louise says:

    Great blog! I’ve recently started using cloth nappies with my 7 month old- loving it!! Wish I had started earlier.

  62. Karen says:

    Love all the gorgeous prints and being able to do our bit for the environment too!

  63. Gill says:

    I love reusables ❤️
    Super pretty and contain the worst “poopsplosions”

  64. Hannah says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been using Hook and loop fastening nappies for 5 months and my sister bought me a baba and boo nappy. I was unsure about the poppers but I must say it is an excellent fit, the print is gorgeous and it’s just as effective as the other nappies I have. I’ll definately be gettting a few more!

  65. Louise Howe says:

    Inspirational story and definitely agree that reusables should become the norm again.

  66. Roxanne Hadley says:

    I love how babies look in cloth nappies, how good for environment they are and all the variety ouvan get these days

  67. Louise says:

    Love these nappies! The fit and absorbency are brilliant. And by using these I’m sending much less waste to landfill.

  68. Lou says:

    Amazing business sense. I too only started cloth with my second as I can’t stabd the amount of waste that goes into landfill. I now can’t fathom why i didn’t try it sooner! It’s definitely addictive.

  69. Claire says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, it would be great to have reusable nappies used more widely and products such as Baba&boo definitely helps. looking forward to trying them with my second!

  70. E says:

    Love how they don’t smell like disposables. Good for the pocket, the environment and making me smile.

  71. Leanne Peacock says:

    I love the fact that I am doing something to help the environment and at the same time get to use these beautiful nappies on my daughter, I only began using cloth when she was nearly eighteen months as I couldn’t get my head around how to use them before then but once I did I’ve taught friends and family all about them too, and now she has potty trained and I’m getting ready to buy more nappies with another on the way in July- I have three baba & boo nappies in my basket as they look fab for newborns and are a good price! Reusables should be encouraged in the bounty packs instead of all the bits you throwaway!

  72. Tanja B says:

    Amazing story and hats off for starting a business WHILE being a mom to such small babies. Wow! They look very pretty, never heard about your brand before 🙂

  73. Hannah Bailey says:

    Love the green factor and sustainability of real nappies!

  74. Kim grantham says:

    I liked the part where you explained you didn’t feel pressured to use cloth 100% and eases yourself into it by also using disposables

  75. Beverley Burnand says:

    I feel inspired!
    I’ve been building up to trying reusables and I think reading this may have just sealed the deal for me.
    I’m going to try and get my head around how best to go about making the change ?

  76. Elle Elart says:

    I don’t often feel the need to comment on products but from a random off-chance purchase I discovered one of my favourite cloth nappy brands. The boosters are fantastic, the fleece inner has stayed lovely and soft and the pul has a thick quality feel to it that other nappies often lack. It shows that the developer was also a nappy user. If only I could afford to buy them all.

  77. Anne says:

    So inspiring story! I would love to start to use cloth nappies very soon to reduce the wast that goes in the landfill.

  78. 'Mo-mò says:

    Love letters Baba+ Boo

  79. Joss says:

    We love Baba+Boo nappies and I’m so impressed to learn that they were designed on so little sleep! I could barely get my clothes on the right way round during those early days with only 1, let alone design a nappy range that’s so reliably leak proof (and oh so pretty!) with 2 under 18 months!

  80. Vivienne Bussey says:

    I like the Baba + Boo nappies as they are compact, chic and consciously environmentally friendly.

  81. Polly says:

    I love the fact that reusables don’t have that horrible smell you get with disposables.

  82. Mel Keable says:

    I love our cloth bums! And most of all I love the cloth bum community. There’s always people ready to help and share advice. I got baba and boo on a recommendation and we love the fit and the prints

  83. Kirsty Lunn says:

    I love that I’m on baby number 2 and using the same nappies as baby 1 wore. Cloth bummed both from birth ? would LOVE to try a baba and boo nappy.

  84. Sharon Rhys-Davies says:

    I love using washable nappies and it makes me particularly happy now that they’re getting used the second time around with baby 2! Keeping chemicals and plastic out of landfill by washing lovely nappies instead is fab and I couldn’t live with myself creating that much waste when there’s such a beautiful alternative! LOVE the puffin print!

  85. Emma says:

    I’m the same as you were we have a few which we use around the house I’m not sure what I do but they often leak which has put me off a bit, how many nappies do you recommend having to swap to resuables all the time?

  86. Nico says:

    6 weeks into our cloth journey and Baba &Boo are our favourite nappies so far. Love how soft they are and the patterns. Eve is so helpful – it was nice to read her story!

  87. Georgina Johnson says:

    Love these nappies, currently only have 3 but about to order more! Lovely fit on my chunky 18mo and no leaks! Mum of 7 and cloth bummed my last 3 children! Wouldn’t ever go back to sposies.

  88. Ashlea says:

    Thankyou for sharing! I love our baba-+boo, I love how much we are saving nappies going tk landfil, plus the pretty patterns! Whats not to love!

  89. Lauren says:

    Love the reusable nappies I’m two weeks in from changing our 9 month old and wish I had done it earlier!

  90. Lynsey Healy says:

    Thank you for turning the negative feeling of returning to a demanding full time job into a business and doing more than your bit to help save the future environment for our children x

  91. Katie says:

    I love this story! Recently bought a Baba and boo nappy and love it! So soft! I’d like to learn more about inserts and which ones are good. Currently using bamboo. Not sure what to do as she gets bigger. Can’t believe we’ve been clothing for 6 months!

  92. Karen says:

    Love cloth nappies as they are good for the environment and no nasties in babies bum! Have heard great things about These nappies from the other volunteers at the Nappy library.

  93. Jennifer says:

    Love these nappies, they’re functional, fit well and so cute! My mum is properly amused that I’m not only using reusables (she used terries on us) but that I love talking about them so much.

  94. Helen says:

    Love finding out more about these inspirational fabulous British women!!!!

  95. Donna says:

    I really hate waste and I want to reduce the amount I produce and cloth nappies look like an amazing way to help the planet.
    The only thing I get confused with are the liners, all in ones and disposable liners, fleece liners, hemp, bamboo, not sure how you fit them or which ones you need and when and then the nappy wraps.. haha my brain just needs a simple all in one design!

  96. Louise Tumilty-Savage says:

    I love the idea of cloth nappies, for ecological and economical reasons! Didn’t use with my first as the initial outlay seemed a lot of money which I didn’t have (was made redundant) but realise that over time I’ve spent far more in disposables. I would love to try them with my second, have been looking at second hand sets but so hard to know which type to go with!

  97. Isabelle Raymant says:

    Great story – I really want to try a Baba&Boo nappy now, as I haven’t yet! Loving using cloth for our little boy – never imagined I would but it’s so much easier than I’d thought, so many cute prints, and it feels amazing saving so much rubbish from landfill… 🙂 Keep yo the good work ?

  98. Victoria says:

    I love cloth nappies, they are good for the planet and look so gorgeous on babies bums – win win! xx

  99. Zara S says:

    I love Cloth nappies, what’s not to love?!
    The incredible containment, not had a single nappy explosion while using them.
    The beautiful designs, I love washing them simply because seeing them hang to dry is so lovely.
    Lack of chemicals, they’re so friendly against baby’s bum that he’s had no nappy rash at all (but his brother who was in disposables used to bleed, he’d be so sore)
    Overall they’re just amazing and I love everything about them.

  100. Charlie says:

    I love the nice prints that reusable nappies my little boy has been in cloth since he was 1.5weeks it’s the best choice I made.

  101. Lauren m says:

    I love the baba+ boo prints. I’m yet to try cloth (on a waiting list for a tester pack from my local council) but I’ve been browsing and the baba and boo daisy chain is one of my faves!

  102. Michelle stahly says:

    I love reuseable nappies for so many reasons (1 of which is that I love seeing a beautifully colourful bottom when my little is in just a nappy, which is a lot, he dislikes clothes ?). I really feel like I’m making a change in the world. I don’t know anyone else who cloths, but have pushed through all the ‘you have a stronger stomach than me’ remarks and have introduced the idea to loads of people, from mum friends to work colleagues who never knew about them, it is being talked about and if I help one person to consider cloth then I’ll be happy! I haven’t tried baba and boo, but have heard lots of great things about them ?

  103. Debra says:

    I love how cute the prints are and the fact they are kinder to planet ? x

  104. Charlotte nutley says:

    Amazing that you managed to do all that with two under two. Gives me hope ?

    We love baba and boo – we currently use the btp on biggest and will be investing in newborn size during rnw!

    My question is – which print has been the biggest seller?

  105. Amie Vickers says:

    Hi I’m a soon to be first time Mum and I am wanting to use cloth nappies. I’ve done lots of research and have heard lots about baba + boo nappies. I can’t wait to be able to order them. Baby is due August ?

  106. Rachel Wilcox says:

    I love How gentle reusable nappies are on my baby’s skin!

  107. Emma Galloway says:

    baba+boo was the first nappy ive ever purchased. i still stick to your brand as i love them the most. im so glad i came across them from my local nappy library which convinced me to cloth nappy on my 3rd and final baby from 10months old so its never to late to save a few quid by cloth nappy

  108. Natasha says:

    I really love the nappy bags. The prints are so beautiful and they really hold the nappies well. ?

  109. Emma says:

    How inspirational! I love that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing which I sometimes think we don’t realise

  110. Lily faye says:

    I havnt used cloth nappies yet but I really love the idea of them, the softness, the prints xx

  111. Gabi says:

    With the arrival of number two I’m thinking so much more about what is right for us and the environment more generally, cloth nappies had always seemed so scary but I’m slowly getting my head round it as well as trying to make them seem a bit less frightening to other mums I know who also want to “do the right thing” – these beauties make it easy to do that!

  112. Aoife says:

    I love the gorgeous prints and the knowledge that every time I using there is one less single use nappy in the landfill.

  113. Clare says:

    Lovely story, wish reusable nappies were more accessible and more available than disposables. Now that I’m using them it’s so easy and getting started was so much easier than I thought!x

  114. Emily Slater says:

    What better way to help reduce landfill waste than by using lovely real nappies that come in fab prints.

  115. Mary Steele says:

    I love that when you put a fresh cloth nappy on and your child INSTANTLY decides to poop in it, you know you won’t have to throw it in the bin. ? A wash later and you have you mr lovely nappy back in hand to go on again. Mostly I like the space in my bin when I use cloth

  116. Tory Dodd says:

    I much prefer a cloth bum, and who wouldn’t? They are so darned cute and squishy 😉

  117. Kim says:

    Lovely to know a bit more about the brand! I’ve heard great things and might have to try one finally! I had two in cloth for 10 months until my eldest potty trained, it’s not as bad as it sounds!!

  118. Emma Thompson says:

    Nothing beats a baby in a cloth bum. I love a good nappy print… Some (my husband) might say addicted

  119. Dani says:

    I have a four month old and used cloth up until he outgrew them, now I’m looking into some more as I have been using biodegradable disposable ones for the last month… I am interested in these, as they are beautiful, and I don’t like the idea of my babies nappies lasting longer than he will even be alive for (500years) thank you for taking the initiative in producing these and following your dreams x

  120. Sam Dodge says:

    Great ethos, congrats on the business tòo! Obviously a very determined lady. Great designs and good luck in your ‘norm’ journey 😉

  121. Ellie says:

    I’ve only just started using cloth, wish I’d done it sooner. It’s surprisingly easy, and very satisfying seeing a line full of nappies drying in the breeze! My little girl seems to love them to!

  122. Rebecca says:

    I love the amazing prints, but I love using real nappies because it just feels so much more environmentally sound to do so!

  123. emma says:

    I loved the different prints you can get with real nappies! And always fab to know your helping to reduce waste!!

  124. Mirna says:

    I firstly fell in love with the prints, then everything else. Now I’m boosting the stash for no.2 due in May, while no.1 (22mo) is still in cloth.

  125. Natalie donovan says:

    I recommend your nappies all the time as I find they’re the ones that are easiest to fit and hold the most. Also the prints are gorgeous. I wish I’d found them sooner or else I’d have more 🙂 my question: am I the only person who finds stuffing nappies kind of therapeutic…?

  126. AlexandrA says:

    Really cool story! There should be more thoughtful people out there like you! Thanks for doing what you do! Time for change!!

  127. Ellie J says:

    We have been using cloth nappies for 4 months now and love our Baba+Boo nappies! What started out as a one nappy purchase has now grown and replaced almost our whole stash (using 2 partners for night time) – looking forward to buying more during RNW. Cloth nappies are free from nasties (more comfy for baby), perform great keeping poonamis in, look super cute and kinder to our pocket and environment – – – Time For A Change – Make cloth mainstream.

  128. Ruth says:

    We have only just started our cloth journey, little boy is 2.5 weeks. We are just finding our feet and not in cloth full time yet but I love how we are being kinder to the environment and helping to reduce landfill! Not to mention the cuteness!

  129. Abi says:

    I’m wondering if 18m is too late to start cloth nappies? We use reusable wipes for wet nappies, but I’ve just never liked the idea of poo in the washing machine. How do you deal with dirty nappies?

  130. Lucy Hemsley says:

    I love the prints of baba and boo, the sheep one is the first nappy I always reach for!

  131. Kate loxton says:

    I love how pretty yet practical they are and how good they are for.the environment and that my baby doesn’t have chemicals next to her skin

  132. Candy says:

    We started our cloth nappy journey yesterday thanks to nappy library. I have buba boo one all set up to try today I reallllly hope it fits him as love the company ethos and cute patterns. You go girl for starting a company with 2 little ones!

  133. Anastasia Mitchell says:

    I’d love to know more about boosting nappies. I’m about to start cloth bumming our 5 week old but feel clueless!

  134. Lizzie says:

    Wow! So inspirational, it’s amazing what you’ve managed to accomplish whilst raising two young children. I absolutely love the Baba + Boo prints and how lovely that your two children are your inspiration!

  135. Helen says:

    We love our Baba & Boo nappies. Such lovely material & the prints are just brilliant. I especially love the Daisy print for my little Daisy ?

  136. Francesca says:

    What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. We have used cloth from birth and I think it’s such a simple thing to do that makes such a difference to our planet. Baba+Boo is a great company and I would recommend it to anyone. I encourage everyone to use cloth. Do it. You won’t regret it.

  137. Rachel says:

    I love baba & boo, we have several wet bags but just one of their nappies in our stash at the moment. I’d love to know how to make night time cloth work for my heavy wetter?

  138. Rachel says:

    We are currently 32 weeks with our second baby – the first we dipped into using cloth occasionally but as we didn’t have many, we kept going back to disposables. Really tempted to try again this time and these are gorgeous!

  139. kirsty speirs says:

    It was always the prints that drew me to cloth, one of my friends had been using them and I loved seeing the cute cloth bums. Disposables always look so ugly to me. We have been on our cloth journey for 5 months now, having to use disposables to start as our boy was early and all the cloth I’d bought just fell off him. I love that I never run out of nappies, no quick dashes to the shops to buy emergency nappies. (I just have to avoid looking online to save my bank balance) They are so easy to use, so easy to clean and dry mega quickly.

  140. Meg says:

    With three under 5 I was always curious about cloth nappies, but too scared to use them! I feel really ignorant about them and worried that I simply didn’t have enough time or money to get it wrong. Now that the eldest two are on potty trained, perhaps it is time to give them a go. It would be great to see them become the standard. Well done!

  141. Chelsea Lillington says:

    I absolutely love cloth nappies because they don’t contribute to landfill. Baba + Boo are our favourites!

  142. Laura hatton says:

    A great read and hats off to you starting a business with two under two’s. I love the designs of your nappies, the price tag and most importantly how well they work. Well done!

  143. Emma Baker says:

    I love Baba + Boo nappies and love the fact they’re reusable and have double gusset.

  144. Katy says:

    Your nappies are my favourites and I have tried many. It’s for the reasons you state – they work really well and they are affordable. As an extra bonus I love the designs and they seem really soft and comfy. I also love your passion for promoting cloth. Thank you for these. Just so gutted I only found them 6 months before potty training my youngest ?

  145. Amanda says:

    Lovely nappies that I’m yet to try – baby is due imminently and cloth nappies are the one thing I didn’t get to use with my older kids so I’m very excited!

  146. Charlotte says:

    These nappies are the best! Eve and the team provide an unmatched customer service which makes me keep going back for more!
    I love washing my cloth nappies; seeing them on the line outside in the sunshine and lastly stacking them back up to use again on my beautiful daughter. I cannot empathise enough how much joy this brings me ?

  147. Kirsty Fraser says:

    We love our cloth nappies, I think my only question would be how to manage a super heavy wetter in an affordable way. We struggled with both on our first because she out pee’d everything, even all the expensive night brands we could find. Is there a way?

  148. Rebecca Turner says:

    Such a great story and the nappy prints are so cute – please do some Hook and Loop! We have a few wet bags and would love to add some nappies too, but we don’t get on with poppers 🙁

  149. Niamh says:

    Gorgeous prints!! We love cloth nappies but are having a few leaking issues with our little girls skinny legs! I will definitely give your brand a try 🙂

  150. Clare says:

    Baba+boo are my favourite nappies

  151. Lesley Pelling says:

    Amazing woman to start up with two littles (I barely have time to shower lol)
    I think it’s great that more is being done to get the misconceptions about cloth nappies fixed. As more people would use them if they knew how quick and easy they are to fit plus how I doesn’t cost much to clean them (plus not too much more washing to do)

  152. Fiona says:

    I love how they reduce our waste! And fab prints too!

  153. Jessica says:

    We have just recently delved into cloth napping for cost reasons & Actually bulk bought second hand! They’re gorgeous but I’d have to buy double for my twins x

  154. Philippa Malone says:

    I absolutely love using cloth on my two year old and newborn sons. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, the knowledge that I’m not throwing piles of nappies into landfill makes it so worth while. It’s even prompted me to look at other eco friendly options around the house and generally be more self-aware of my impact on the environment.

  155. Toni says:

    We love knowing that we are doing our bit for the environment! We may be just one family but we’ve saved hundreds and hundreds of nappies going to landfill. Hopefully with more and more publicity more families will be converted to cloth…. I’ve already converted my sisters!!!

  156. Emma says:

    I love the Baba and boo mini gusset in the fleece lining. The nappies are quite big too which is excellent for fitting my toddler!

  157. Serena says:

    I love using reusable nappies as the prints are so cute. Never used a baba + boo but I’ve heard great things and they seem very popular.

  158. Nicola says:

    I love the fab prints and the fact that our bin isn’t overflowing with nappies anymore. I love eves it’s doesn’t have to be all or nothing approach aswell. We’ve bounced between cloth and disposables recently as life got a bit in the way.

  159. Pippa Court says:

    For me reusable nappies were a complete no brainer. As a child of the 80s the fact that any disposables used on me would still be filling up landfill is a shocking thought and when reusables now come in such lovely prints and are very easy to use there really is no excuse. Plus anything that saves money is an added bonus!

  160. Kate says:

    Fab read! I cloth part time and always feel a bit guilty about it. I lobe that even the big names started off the same way! I must confess we’ve not tried a Baba&Boo nappy on my 10 month old girl. I think it’s about time we did by all these positive comments 🙂

  161. Amy Taylor says:

    I love the prints for baba and boo. They’re beautiful. You have some competitive prices too! I never got chance to try them last time with my son but I would love to now. The idea of environmental sustainability and extra comfort for baby’s bottom is wonderful!

  162. Bryony says:

    Baba and Boo are hands down our favourite cloth – amazing absorbency, delicious print, great fit, wash and dry brilliantly and affordable! We only have 6 so far and I need more!

  163. V says:

    whilst saving 15 million nappies from landfill and saving families hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    That’s it, well done to you busy business mummy 🙂

  164. Emma Howard says:

    Cloth nappies make me feel I am all round doing the best for my baby. They are soft on her bottom, stop her getting sore and I am doing just a little bit to save the earth for her and her baby friends x

  165. Helen Allan says:

    I love that I am not contributing to landfill and also that I don’t have a dustbin that stinks the house out…I nearly vom when I use public changing rooms. I’d say I’m saving money as my cloth nappies are now being used on baby 2 but I love all the pretty prints and have a rather large stash… I love the Baba and Boo range and discovered it just before Christmas so of course had to get all the cute snowy wintery prints….which actually will be used all year round.

  166. Diane says:

    Baba and boo is a new brand to me, great to hear how it all started! Look forward to trying them as love supporting home grown businesses ??

  167. Kate says:

    Can’t imagine setting up a business with 2 under 2 ?
    Having birth to potty nappies I feel is actually less to think about than disposables – we never have to pop out to get more of them so it’s one thing off the list ?

  168. Sarah says:

    A cow hide print baba+boo was one of our early nappies. It’ll be out again later this year for number 2, five years later.

  169. Ellen says:

    I love cloth nappies, and its just so easy to do. Now witj two in cloth it jusy n ales life easier to know i have all nappies i need at home. Also i love that my boys will know i did my bit to help the environment too.

  170. Amy Sutherland says:

    I would really love to try cloth with my 9 month old- hate the waste of disposables – just need a kick to make the change!

  171. B Jenkins says:

    I didn’t know about reusables with my first two but I’m really interested in looking into starting with my third!
    I have no idea where to begin but these look really easy!

  172. Lucie says:

    I have some baba and boo nappies which i bought in a job lot of second hand nappies. They are some of my favourites and will but some more when I need new nappies! Loved reading the story

  173. Sarah says:

    Recently discovered these. Great nappies for nursery. Cheap, easy to use and very absorbant.

  174. Elle Bateman says:

    I love the way the cloth nappies give my little girl such a squidgy bottom (amongst all the other more sensible reasons of course)!!

  175. Amzy cowan says:

    I love the money saving, the landfill saving and the super cute prints

  176. Kirsty Smart says:

    I firstly, obviously, love how they reduce waste and landfill. I love how they’re free of nasties next to my baby’s skin. I love that they save money. And I love the pretties!

  177. Dragana says:

    I love the way Baba and boo are spreading the word about using cloth nappies.

  178. Jade says:

    What I love about cloth nappies….they look amazing, they do amazing things for the environment and it means that baby’s bum is not in contact with harsh chemicals.
    I am just getting into cloth nappies and deciding which sort is best for my little one. It isn’t lovely to hear the story and person behind a brand. Great work and great idea to work with midwives to make them the norm. X

  179. Delphine says:

    I love Baba Boo nappies. They are my safe ones. I will def buy more. I even loaned one to a friend and she loved it so much she bought some. I now took them to France to show my family. They were surprised at how easy it is.

  180. Ruth says:

    I’ve never used Baba&Boo nappies, but I’m loving the prints!! I love using cloth – quick and easy – far less work than people think they’ll be! Would love to give Baba&Boo a go!

  181. Jo says:

    My favourite nappies. So lovely to hear how they came to be 🙂

  182. Vicky SJ says:

    I haven’t yet tried baba Boo nappies but I may well during cloth nappy week! I’ve been using cloth since Jan on my 4 month old! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I think I need tips on how to convert others because people still think I’m bonkers and I just babble about how wonderful it is and how it isn’t more work!

  183. Pippa says:

    I agree that cloth needs to be the norm and people need to move away from a lazy, disposable mindsight. Would love to try baba and boo!

  184. So nice to read more! I love Baba+Boo nappies so much! They were the brand that made me go cloth full-time.

  185. Dawn Lovegood says:

    Reusable nappies are definitely one of the best things you can buy when becoming more eco-conscious as a parent! The amount of disposable nappies that end up dumped in landfill daily is just shocking

  186. Debbie says:

    I love all the lovely cloth nappy patterns, I think his nappies are my favourite part of his outfit ?

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