Zero Waste Week 2021 – New Top 5 Reusable Menstrual Products!

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Here at Babipur we are passionate about supporting people to find the right Reusable Menstrual Products to suit them best. We believe that periods are something to be celebrated as a positive representation of physical and mental wellbeing. This should be empowering to everyone who bleeds no matter where they are in the world.

Last year we asked our community in the Babipur Hangout what their favourite go-to menstrual products are. But with the introduction of new reusable menstrual pads and period pads we wanted to see if this list had changed. So we asked our Babipurian community again and put together a New Top 5 Reusable Products ultimate guide for you!

New to Reusables?

Fern Fern reusable menstrual products
Fern Period Products

If you are new to reusable pads, sometimes getting started can seem a bit daunting. Team member Jo Worrall wrote her guide to starting out with cloth ‘Beginners Guide to Cloth Menstrual Products‘ which will point you in the right direction.

You can also read about what makes reusables a better choice for both people and the planet on our blog ‘Zero Waste Period: Cloth Sanitary Pads from Baba + Boo‘ which has some great facts and reasons to give cloth a go!

If anyone’s thinking of trying them for the first time I’d recommend trying a few types/brands

– Emily Keenan (Customer)

We think this is a great tip from hangout member Emily, who has been using a cloth pads for over ten years. Sometimes, there is a bit of trial and error to find the perfect fit for you, so it can be good to try a few different styles and brands initially.

Without further ado, here are your Top 5 Reusable Menstrual Products this year to help get you started…

No 1. Fern

Babipur x Fern Period Products
Babipur x Fern ‘Planty Babipurians’ period pads

Straight in to first place up from 4th is Fern! Although a relatively new brand of at Babipur it’s already getting great reviews from our customers and team members. In fact we love this brand so much at Babipur we collaborated this year to create an exclusive print ‘Planty Babipurians’. Find out more about it >HERE<

I am a complete convert. I will never buy disposable again! Took my un-opened packs to the food bank today. The length of this size and the shape is perfect for heavier days. Highly recommended!

Review of Fern Heavy pad by a Babipur customer

Fern CSP is super thin, while providing excellent absorbency and good coverage. Easy to use, just use the poppers to snap the wings round your underwear, giving a secure, non-slip fit. The soft, stay dry white bamboo goes uppermost against your skin, while the patterned side goes against your knickers

Want to know more? Head over to this blog post for a full review.

Buy Fern >>HERE<<

No 2. WUKA Period Pants

WUKA menstrual pants, Fern reusable menstrual products
WUKA period pants

Launched late last year at Babipur, period pants have taken our customers by storm! Heading straight into our number two slot, they are well worth adding to your reusable menstrual product stash. Loved for their comfort and absorbency, WUKA period pants hold up to four tampons worth of flow and are leak-proof. This makes them perfect for teens at school and for sporting activities. If reusable pads aren’t for you, then maybe try period pants – they have a huge following here!

I wasn’t sure about period pants but I wasn’t finding cups comfortable and my periods have been really heavy post-baby. These pants have changed my mind and I’m going to order another pair – I LOVE them! No leaks and super comfy!

Review by Clare a Babipur customer

I’m buying my second pair. I have had a few different brands of pants and these amazing. Don’t have to worry about leaks at work (even on those heavy days) and so comfy to wear – even at the gym!

Review by Bird a Babipur customer

I tried these for the first time today. I got my period last night so this was a HEAVY day for me today! They are really comfortable to wear with a nice soft waistband. I was a bit nervous about how they would hold up especially as I had a gym session booked in but they did not let me down! I was almost like a girl in a bodyform advert except better because I didn’t have a load of plastic in my pants!

Review by Sarah a Babipur customer

From these great reviews, they are suitable for heavy flow, exercise and overnight use. We love their inclusive design, and suitability for all who menstruate.

Shop WUKA Period Pants >>HERE<<

No 3. Baba + Boo

Stylish and comfortable, it isn’t hard to see why Baba + Boo came third in our line up. These cloth pads are made from a layer of super soft bamboo charcoal fleece, and have a hidden, breathable, and waterproof PUL layer for extra confidence. This is the same waterproof layer you can find in Baba + Boo nappies, and one of the things that makes them so popular.

These pads offer great absorbency, are super stylish and comfortable, and of course come in a range of gorgeous prints, much like those we have grown to love from Baba + Boo. 

You can read more about the very lovely Eve Bell in our ‘Behind the Brand‘ blog.

Shop Baba + Boo >>HERE<<

No 4. Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse trial kit, reusable menstrual product selection
Imse Vimse trial kit

Although dropping down to number 4 in tour top reusable menstrual products list, Imse Vimse are still super popular with both staff and customers here at Babipur. Made from Organic Cotton and natural materials, so a great choice for anyone wanting to have natural fabric next to their skin.

I love how they feel like cotton underwear, they’re not sweaty and they don’t move about.

– Jolene Barton (Founder of Babipur)

There is a range of products to choose from, ranging from cloth pads to cloth wipes, labia pads to cotton tampons. Featuring delicate pastel floral designs and now black options too, these really do pretty up your period!

Isme visme are my favourite, so slim and I don’t feel like I am wearing anything

– Jodie Sanders (Customer)

So there you have it, our Number 4 is the amazing Imse Vimse, loved for its natural materials, ultimate comfort, and all round beautiful designs.

Shop Imse Vimse >>HERE<<

No 5. Bloom Pads (Bloom & Nora) AND Mama Designs

In joint fifth position comes the Bloom pad from Bloom & Nora. Ethically made here in the UK, they come in a wide range of sizes and absorbency to suit different needs. Bloom are made with natural bamboo fabrics carrying the Oeko Tex safety standard. We love Bloom and Nora here at Babipur, and its not hard to see why you do too!

Bloom, and Nora are my go to as have all seen me through everything from spotting right through to postpartum bleeding

– Siobhan (Customer and Babipur Buddy)

Bloom are for those of you who prefer natural fibres next to your skin. They are soft and super absorbent, with everything locked into the microfibre core. Featuring stay dry binding and hidden waterproof layer to prevent any leaks. You can read more about Bloom & Nora over on this blog ‘Zero Waste Period: Bloom & Nora Cloth Period Pads

I feel extra comfy and reassured by a slightly thicker pad. The clever edging ensures no leaks and they stay put no matter what you’re doing!

– Jo Worrall (Team Babipur)

We love Bloom and Nora here at Babipur, and it’s not hard to see why you do too!

Shop Bloom Pads >>HERE<<

Joint No. 5 Mama Designs

Mama Designs Period Pads
Mama Designs Period Pads

Last but by no means least, at joint fifth position, is another new brand of period pad – Mama Designs!

Exactly what I was looking for! Plain black simple but soft pads to start my cloth pad journey! They clip together so easy storage when used and need to wash. Perfect middle ground size, good quality and such a good price for 3! Will definitely be getting more

Review by Rebecca a Babipur customer

Made from super soft cotton flannel with a microfibre core, Mama Designs are absorbent and will rapidly take away any moisture, making them perfect for light incontinence, as well as using during your period. Super simple and stylish with a black top, they are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to any stains or blood on their reusable menstrual products. 

Buy Mama Designs >>HERE<<

Top Menstrual Cup – The Mooncup

In a very close 6th place came the Mooncup – so this had to make the list! This cup has been a popular choice with Babipurians for many many years.

The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup that has become an ever increasing more popular alternative to tampons.  A soft silicone rubber cup is worn internally and collects menstrual fluid,  it is reusable so you only need to buy one. Total money saving game changer for lots of people.

I changed to a using a moon cup from tampons about a year ago and I just love it! It makes me feel so much more in tune with my body and cycle. It’s super comfortable, I forget it’s there most of the time!

– Katherine (Team Babipur)

For those that aren’t familiar with a menstrual cup – the cup forms a light seal with the vaginal wall allowing fluid to pass into the Mooncup without any leaks or odour.  This allows the natural mucus membranes of your vaginal wall to carry on their essential cleansing and protective functions, no deposits will be left in the vagina and it will not cause irritation. 

A cup is a great choice for people who love sports or swimming. People often combine a cup with menstrual pad for extra security for heavier flow or during the nighttime.

Buy Mooncup >>HERE<<

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Fern reusable menstrual products

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