Planty Babipurians! New Exclusive Babipur x Fern Houseplant Print

Calling all Houseplant Lovers!

We are super excited to share our new collaborative print with Fern Period Products – Planty Babipurians! This exclusive print has been created with our love of houseplants in mind. Available now in the full range of Fern Period Products, including heavy, regular and light period pads and two sizes of wet bag.

Foliage fanatics and houseplant enthusiasts will love this leafy print, with monstera leaves ferny fronds, potted succulents and a sprinkling of blue and red flowers on a soft pink background.

The inspiration behind this print came from the joy houseplants have brought to us over the last year during lockdown. They have given us something to nurture, and bring a sense of natural wellbeing during those difficult days. We have a thriving Facebook sub-group dedicated to plant parents and houseplant enthusiasts called Planty Babipurians, so the name was a perfect fit! Plants look after us by purifying the air and greening our homes, they are a source of mindfulness and joy. We hope this fun print brings that sense of joy to your period!

Fern Period Pads

These have quickly become a popular brand of menstrual pads, and we can see why! Ultra slim, while remaining super absorbent, there is a pad size to suit your cycle. Made using super soft natural materials Fern pads won’t irritate delicate skin. Made from a soft organic cotton fleece top layer, a super absorbent bamboo fleece core, and a beautifully printed PUL layer. Easy to use, simply snap around your underwear, with the print against your knickers.

Heavy, Regular and Light

Whatever your flow, there will be a reusable Fern Period Pad for you. The Heavy pad provides awesome coverage, ideal for front or back bleeders. It can be used for postpartum bleeding and is a great choice for overnight.

The Fern Regular pad is for those medium flow days, it has a secure fit and great coverage. You can go about your day in comfort and confidence.

Fern light pads are perfect for the very start or end of your period and mid-cycle cervical mucus. These are a great backup to a menstrual cup or tampon. Lets take a look at washing …

Easy Washing Guide

These really are super easy to wash! Simply store in a wetbag until the end of your cycle and give them a cool rinse first. This will help prevent setting any stains (you can rinse them out straight after use too!). Then give them a wash at 40 degrees, give them a quick stretch to reshape them and line dry.

Planty Babipurians

We hope you love this Babipur x Fern exclusive print as much as we do! We love to hear your thoughts on Planty Babipurians; share your pictures and thoughts with our community! Tag @Babipur on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook . Or you can share your pictures with the Babipur community in our Facebook group, Babipur Hangout!

You can shop the exclusive Planty Babipurians Babipur x Fern Period Products >HERE<

You can find out more about Fern Period Products >HERE< and >HERE<

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  1. Kim says:

    Absolutely love the new prints they’re gorgeous! Huge fern fans here!

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