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Introducing a new addition to our range of Menstrual Cups here at Babi Pur.. the OrganiCup!  If you don’t know what a Menstrual cup is, in short it is a little flexible cup, usually made from medical grade silicone which is worn inside the vagina during your period.  A cup can be worn during the day or over night, and will give you the freedom to play sports, swim, cycle or to just get on with your day.   There are many benefits to switching from tampons  to a menstrual cup.. we have listed a few at the end of this blog post!



OrganiCup is the newest addition to our Menstrual Cup collection is here at Babi Pur

We’ve taken some close up pictures comparing the OrganiCup to two other popular menstrual cups.. the  Sckooncup  and the Mooncup in equivalent size.

Menstrual cups comparison

As you can see, the  OrganiCup (the one in the centre) is nice and smooth with no uncomfortable ridges or bumps. It feels quite soft and flexible and slightly thinner when compared to both the Mooncup and the Sckooncup but this doesn’t make it feel ‘flimsy’  The diameter at the top of the cup is around the same however the shape of the cup itself is slightly different. You will see that the Mooncup and Sckooncup are both ‘bell’  or ‘tulip’ shaped while the OrganiCup is shaped more like tumbler glass.

Menstrual cups Mooncup Organicup

Menstrual cups Sckooncup Organicup

The Organicup is nice and flexible, so it should be easy enough to insert and it seems to pop open with a similar force to the Mooncup (slightly more than the sckooncup) which should make it quite easy for beginners to get it into place.  Babi Pur team members haven’t tried this cup out yet, but we have asked some of our customers and this is what they had to say…

“The organicup is a nice cup to use. Has a firm pop so makes it in my personal opinion a more suitable for ‘cup beginners’ or those with a strong pelvic floor who have problems with softer cups.
An option if you prefer stemless is to trim the stem, but it depends on your cervix height. Personally I’ve never had to trim any of my cups as I have a high cervix. I find the stem on the organicup easier to grab than my si bell which makes removal slightly easier” – Natasha

“I have this cup and LOVE it! I tried quite a few before this one and have stuck with this!”  – Anna

The Organicup and other reusable menstraul cups and pads can be purchased online at 

Here are some benefits of using a menstrual  cup compared to a tampon!

  1. Cups are much cheaper.. you only need one, and most brands don’t need replacing for 10 years!
  2. Less pollution to the sea and waste going into landfill
  3. Less to carry around when travelling
  4. Cups collect, they don’t absorb.  Tampons not only absorb blood, they also absorb natural and necessary vaginal fluids effecting the health and PH balance inside your vagina.
  5. Cups are more comfortable to wear
  6. A menstrual cup can be sanitised by boiling in water.  Tampons aren’t sterile.
  7. Cups do not need to be changed as often as tampons, they can be left in place for up to 12 hours.
  8. Cups can be used for light and heavy flows, they hold more blood than a tampon can absorb.
  9. Most cups are made from medical grade silicone and contain no BPA or nasty chemicals or bleach. However, tampons contain rayon/viscose fibres  that are sometimes left behind inside inside the vagina after removal.  These firbres can be a breeding ground to bacteria, increasing your risk of infection.  Some tampons also contain bleached cotton and little strands of plastic.





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