Have A Zero Waste Period With New Fern Reusable Menstrual Pads

The beautiful ‘fern’ print on Fern reusable period pads

Fern Cloth Period Pads

Fern is a relatively new brand of reusable period pads launched just last autumn. However they are already getting great reviews from our customers and team members. We are thrilled to be able to add a new print to the range. The new print – fern – is a beautiful botanical study of ferns, with the wet bags featuring additional fluffy bumblebees! This delicate print in green on a white background looks fresh and natural – just like the pads themselves! 

Fern reusable period pads and wet bag. Image credit Hannah Allen

Reusable menstrual pads are easy to use:

Fern cloth pads are super thin, while providing excellent absorbency and good coverage. Easy to use, just use the poppers to snap the wings round your underwear, giving a secure, non-slip fit. The soft, stay dry white bamboo goes uppermost against your skin, while the patterned side goes against your knickers. 

Fern CSP and wet bag. Image credit Kristina Amalie


Rinse in cold water after use and keep in a wet bag until you are ready to wash them. Then simply wash them at 40’C without fabric conditioner and line dry. Moreover, with three different sizes there will be one to suit all stages of your cycle. Being made from organic cotton and bamboo they are kind to the planet too. You can find out more about the full Fern range >here<.

Fern reusable menstrual pads and wet bag. Image credit Hannah Allen

Fern Heavy Pad

For me, the Heavy pad has been a revelation – since having my third baby my periods have become much heavier than before. The Heavy pad looks huge, but is perfectly contoured and fits brilliantly giving great coverage where you need it. Personally I need more coverage at the front and wear it back to front (with the wide part at the front). It is also fantastic for back bleeders too. It’s a great pad for overnight thanks to the amazing coverage and is super comfortable. They are so thin, you hardly know you’re wearing it!

Sometimes people have concerns that PUL backed cloth period pads have a tendency to move around. However, I’ve really not found this to be the case with Fern pads. I’ve even been running in them and not had any problems with movement. They are much more discrete than thicker pads while remaining amazingly absorbent.

Fern reusable menstrual pads and wet bag. Image credit Hannah Allen

They are all round great pads, but don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what our Buddies and Team have to say about Fern pads …

Maria says;

“Fern cloth period pads have taken top spot for me as my favourite sanitary product. I’m usually a cup and liner girl but these pads have finally given me a pad I’m comfortable in and 100% confident to sleep in. The natural bamboo and organic cotton core is super comfy and soft against my skin.

They are ridiculously slim which is an essential top feature for me as I just can’t handle bulk while still being fabulously absorbent. Easily as slim as a disposable option but far more soft and comfy. They don’t irritate my skin at all and my skin reacts to everything which was a large reason I’ve never got on with pads before.

The heavy flow pad is a proper beast of a pad while still being so unbelievably slim and discreet, offers excellent coverage and the fan shape is perfect for back leakers like me. I’ve been in position to test these during the heaviest bleeding and they handled it all. I’ve even used one of the large pads to cushion abdomen surgery wounds and being all natural they’ve really protected it well, stopped irritation, kept me comfy and helped with healthy healing. They wash great and dry really fast so overnight on an airer and they are good to go again.

Maria Criab
Fern cloth sanitary pads and wet bag. Image credit Kristina Amalie
Natalie says;

I’ve only used the large, wide backed pad, and wasn’t fond of the initial print at all but these are the softest pads I’ve ever had the pleasure to use! The large wide back is brilliant ! The world needs more of those. It gave me much more confidence. Very pleased with my experience of them.

Fern reusable period pads and wet bag. Image credit Hannah Allen
Jo says;

I’ve used them for a few cycles now and I’m very impressed with how slim they are, it makes them incredibly discreet.

The shaping of the largest pad in particular is well suited to back (or front) bleeders, which is a great addition to my stash. I can tailor my pads perfectly to fit with my flow, so it’s a fab option.

They’ve washed brilliantly too, which is always good. I’m definitely seeing more Fern cloth period pads in my future!

Jo Worral

Find our full range of Fern reusable period pads HERE

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