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Guest Blog – Jo Worrall

Jo has been a customer at Babipur for an amazing eight years and in the last few months has supported the team as a ‘buddy’. She has three gorgeous boys, Edward age 7, Oren age 5 and Lochryn age 2. Jo is an active member of the Babipur Hangout Facebook group, and always on hand to give support and advice. She is a keen crafter, and you may also know her as the infamous ‘Crafty Wombat’. If you can think it, this woman can knit it!!

The lovely Jo has been using CSP for around three years. She is a great advocate for all reusable products, and always keen to convert people to cloth and support people along their journey.

Over to you Jo!

What are cloth menstrual products?

Often referred to as Cloth Pads, Mummy Cloth, Mama Fluff or my personal favourite; Muff Fluff. It is what it is, I like to embrace the more hilarious terms! Cloth pads are a great reusable alternative to single use menstrual products.

Why should you consider trying reusable?

Simply put; because it’s better! It is better for your skin, better for your bank balance and better for the planet in general.

There are no nasty chemicals in cloth pads, just breathable fibres against your skin. No nasty stickiness either; if you’ve ever experienced a morning Brazilian from a disposable pad you’ll know what I mean!

They can be reused over and over again, which will save you a small fortune as the cost of disposables over a woman’s lifetime really does add up.

There is no waste. At the end of your cycle there is no bin to empty, just a full wet bag to wash, hang up and dry and then they’re ready to be reused for the next cycle.

What will you need?

Literally all you need for a whole cycle is 10-15 cloth pads in different sizes and a wet bag. That’s it!

If it’s your first time using cloth pads I’d strongly recommend you try a few different brands and sizes so you can work out what works for you individually. Depending on your cycle you’ll probably need a couple of liners for the start/end of your period. Some medium sized pads for the daytime, depending on how heavy your flow is. Then for night time some large pads to see you through until morning. There are plenty of options available; different sizes, lengths, prints and styles all suitable for various budgets too.

Babipur also stock a wide range of wet bags in different sizes. I have 2 in my bathroom for clean and dirty storage. I also have a small one for out and about, it has different compartments for fresh and used so it’s ideal to keep discreetly in my bag.

Which fibre or fabric should I choose? 

Cloth pads are usually made up of three layers; a waterproof backing layer to prevent leaks (often PUL or fleece), an absorbent core and a top layer which sits against your skin. It’s totally personal preference which fabric you choose. You might prefer quick drying synthetic material, organic natural fibres or a bit of both. Here’s a quick guide to help;

  • Organic cotton is completely natural so ideal for sitting up close and personal against your skin.
  • Charcoal is great as a core and helps conceal any odours.
  • Bamboo velour is super soft and reassuringly cosy.
  • Hemp is all natural and extremely absorbent.
  • Microfleece and microfiber are synthetic fabrics which dry really quickly and keep you feeling dry too.

All the different brands of reusable menstrual products stocked by Babipur have a clear description of what fabrics they’re comprised of to help make choosing as easy as possible.

Which cloth pad is right for you? 

All of them?! The prettiest?!

When I first started out I picked a couple of different brands and the prettiest prints. I got different sizes and made sure I had enough to last me a couple of days; just to see how I got on. Before the end of that first period I was back buying more!

Here’s the low down on the brands Babipur stock;

Bloom are bamboo topped pads and Nora are microfibre topped pads. Both available in mini, midi, maxi and mighty to suit a variety of absorbency. There is also a fab trial pack which comes with 4 different sizes and a wet bag – perfect for starting out.

Funky prints and organic cotton for a great price. Along with various sizes and multi pack options they do a full cycle kit with different sizes and colours.

PUL backed multi packs in different sizes with gorgeous pretty patterns. These are great for adding to your stash once you’ve got the hang of your flow.

Fleecy and discreet for ultimate softness and secure popper fitting. They come in beautiful colours and multiple sizes.

It’s worth adding that the night time and larger pads can also be used postpartum, if hospital issue nappy style maternity pads aren’t your thing. Also lots of these pads are suitable for light incontinence too.

You’ll not struggle for choice at Babipur! There is something for every woman and every budget.

How do I clean them? 

It’s very simple I promise. After each use it is recommended you rinse your pad under the cold tap to clear off the excess menstrual blood then pop in a wet bag. This prevents stains from setting in  the fabric. You can always do this at home later on if you’re out and about. Then, when you’re ready you can wash them in the machine up to 60 degrees, you can put them in with nappies too if you use them. Fabric softener is not recommended, as it can cause build up of detergent and damage to the fibres.

A few brands can be tumble dried on low heat but I usually hang mine up to dry at night and they’re done by morning. Check the manufacturers guidelines, but most importantly, do whatever works for you.

What about stains?

Only a few of my pads have stained in several years of use and it really doesn’t bother me. When Summer comes around though I’ll make sure to hang them out for a few days to make the most of that natural bleaching effect the sun has! You can, if preferred, use violets mineral bleach to soak and lift any stains you might get.

I think that’s it!

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact Babipur at or give customer services a call on 01766 770644 and their experienced team will be happy to help.

Jo x

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