Six Ways to Play with Archi

Okay, there’s eight this week, but who’s counting?! Each week we’re showing you great ways to play with some of our most popular toys. Many of the toys we sell at Babipur are open-ended, which means there is hundreds of possibilities for play if you let your imaginations run wild.

Archi is a large wooden pickler climbing archi and rocking toy from Triclimb! There’s a multitude of play opportunities on it’s own and when combined with Triclimb and other Triclimb products too!

Our Archi is at the heart of most playtimes here. It’s the most versatile, durable, and fun toy that will last my children from being babies and for years to come.

‘Clip clop, clip clop, over the rickety bridge’ – the billy goats gruff is a favourite story here and the Archi is often used as a bridge for my 3 little goats. Perfect for climbing over and just the right size for a troll to lurk beneath!

How to Play with a Pikler inspired arch

‘Kid, you’ll climb mountains’ – and the best way to start them off is by letting them explore their capabilities. The Archi let’s children safely practise climbing at their pace.

Great for motor skills development from a young age, Archi is a great toy that offers support and a challenge when they need it!

Indoor climbing toy for children

‘Now you see me’ – my boys love to make dens and the Archi creates the perfect hideaway to sneak a book and snuggle.

Just pop a blanket or cover over the top and the arch becomes a den, a safe place, a place to wind down, learn and snooze!

How to make a den inside

‘This just in…’ – pairing up an Archi with the TriClimb and Miri makes the best news desk around. You heard it here first!

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ – they can go over it, under it, through it, around it. We’ve had so many obstacle courses take over our living room and, in better weather, the garden to keep our three active and entertained during lockdown. All the TriClimb toys including the Pikler inspired arch have given us endless fun.

Ideas to keep children active indoors

‘Anchors aweigh, me hearties’ – so many pirate ship adventures we have on the fiercest ship in the seven seas.

Whether it’s right way up or upside down, Archi is a perfect open-ended toy. Will it be a boat, a sky scraper, a magic carpet? Children learn through play and a fun Waldorf arch opens a world of possibilities for motor skill development and mental stimulation. Waldorf education is based on imaginary play, learning through creative imitation and experimentation to aid well rounded development – Archi is a great tool.

open-ended play ideas

‘Welcome to Babipur!’ – this is my boys’ ultimate game. They play shops more than anything else and this is our Archi’s home, as the cash register in our very own Babipur. We have lots of Montessori toys which are perfect to let their imaginations bloom. Also Erzi play food, a gluckskafer cash register, and PlanToys trolley that gives us hours of open ended play.

Montessori play ideas

‘Wheeeeeeee!’ – the wooden play arch and Miri slide make the perfect slide and it’s a set up that allows my boys to practise turn taking whilst giddily enjoying the best parts of childhood.

Thanks to photographer Siobhan (@eventualmother @capturetherainbowphotography) for taking the time to round up some great way to play with the Triclimb climbing arch and swing!

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