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As a parent to a child with additional needs (as well as 3 typical children) we use a lot of play time to work on those skills he needs some extra help with. Fine motor skills are one of the areas we spend a lot of time on over the past 4 years. We have had some amazing toys from Babipur which really support this area. Here are our favourite 5.

1. Tegu

This is fab for little hands working on strength to pull apart the blocks. The resistance that it gives makes it a really fun activity that grows with the child. It’s also a fab STEM toy which really grows with the child. From a very straightforward pulling apart of two blocks to making complex creations, it really ticks the boxes across the different age groups.

2. Plan Toys Beehives

An absolute classic of a toy that gives so much more than just the fine motor skills developed when first picking up and moving the bees with fingers and then transitioning to using the tweezers. You can also use it for colour matching, counting, stacking, and memory games etc.

3. Grimms Small Bobbins

This toy has always been a favourite in our house. It has varying skill level first putting the bobbins into the base board before using the threading needle. Like the beehives toy can also use it for colour matching, counting and stacking.

4. Grimms Threading Game – Large Buttons

We were gifted this from Babipur and it definitely makes our top 5 list. The smaller and larger buttons give a two level skill approach. As with all Grimms toys. There is just so much more you can do with this set. Counting, colour matching, sequences, in play as coins and tokens etc. The buttons are bigger than I was expecting them to which was a pleasant surprise.

5. Plan Toys fishing game

A lovely game for the family to play together. As always with Plan Toys, the attention to detail really stands out. You can adjust the fishing rods to make it easier or harder to catch the fish which is fab for developing fine motor skills and allows younger and older children to play together!

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