NEW Maxomorra Spring 2022

Introducing Maxomorra Spring Collection 2022

Kristina’s children in NEW matching Maxomorra Pear Print.

Hei hei! I’m Kristina, mamma to Magnus (7) and Mali (5). I’m a Babipur team member and I’ve ran the #HangoutChallenge in the Babipur Hangout group on Facebook for the past couple of years. But our journey started a long time ago when I came across Babipur in my search of a rainbow to gift to my eldest from his little rainbow sister. Before I knew it I was long lost down a rabbit hole of rainbows, sustainable wooden toys and ethical clothing

As a Norwegian it made me very proud to see the ethical fashion of our sweet brother (Sweden) taking the world by storm! 

Clothes should be made for children, not by them. And I feel that as parents we have to make a conscious choice to leave the planet a better place for our children, and choosing organic kids clothing is a great place to start. 

Bright, Bold & Colourful Children’s Clothing

Kristina’s daughter in Maxomorra Tulip Top playing on a Wobbel Board with her Dinkum Doll. Her doll is in a Maxomorra Pear Top & Pear Rib Pants.

Colours, texture and comfortability makes all the difference to how children feel. In unrestricted clothing they can play, move and explore to their hearts content, without anything other than imagination holding them back. Maxomorra’s bright, bold and colourful clothes are enough to brighten even the dullest day, the joy of finding something for both you and your children to match in is amazing! And now even dogs and dolls can join in on the matching too! 

And the best part is that the colours stay bright and the fabric soft for long enough for the clothes to be passed on to continue the journey of colourful love time and time again. Slow fashion for the win! 

GOTS Organic Kids Clothes

Kristina’s son wearing a Maxomorra Bulldozer Top, playing with Bajo Mendelsons.

The clothing being of organic material means it kinder to the skin and the planet too. Maxomorra started their journey of sustainability back in 2008, and only four years later they achieved the milestone of becoming a GOTS organic cotton certified brand. 

The following Maxomorra has is continuing to grow, and behind them are adults and children alike making a stand against the unethical slave trade that the clothing industry is falling victim to. Maxomorra’s factory workers in India are paid a fair living wage as opposed to the atrocious conditions of many high street brands put their workers through, they visit their factories yearly and support them like family. Fair trade and sustainability is the future, and Maxomorra are paving the way! 

Maxomorra Pear Print

Kristina’s daughter in a Maxomorra Pear Dress.

The Maxomorra Pear Print is my favourite from this Maxomorra Spring Collection, reminds me of summers at my grandparents, fjord and stealing sour pears from the neighbours trees. And the kids have only worn the clothes a few times and we’ve upped our daily fruit intake of pears already! 

Did you know that there are about 3000 known pear varieties in the world?! I didn’t!

Maxomorra Bulldozer Print

Kristina’s son wearing Maxomorra Bulldozer Top, posing on his Wobbel board.

The Maxomorra Bulldozer Print was a hit! Growing up on a farm I’m no stranger to seeing heavy machinery but for my children it’s an absolutely novelty. My dad might not have an orange bulldozer but it reminds them both of their grandad nonetheless. 

Maxomorra Tulip Print

Kristina’s daughter in Maxomorra Tulip Top & Maxomorra Denim Pinafore Dress, holding a Tony’s egg!

The Maxomorra Tulip Print brings hopes for spring to eventually emerge after a long cold winter, a staple flower at Easter it brings back all the memories of longer days, sunshine and family traditions. Did you know it was during the 10th century in Persia that these lovely flowers emerged when different beautiful plants were paired together? 

Shop the New Maxomorra Spring Collection at Babipur now.

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