DUNS Sweden Summer Collection has arrived!

DUNS Sweden Organic Kids Clothing: Summer 2022 Edition

Liz and her two sons wearing new Duns Organic Clothing.


I am Liz from @mummyyof2boys and together with my boys (Mr5 & Mr3) are part of Babipur‘s buddy team.

Have you caught the Summer DUNS fever yet?

Liz’s youngest wearing DUNS Tropical Top and LGR sun hat, playing with a Green Rubber Toys shark.

The excitement over this clothing drop is buzzing all over babipur’s social media platforms! With 5 prints, 3 gorgeous colourways and various clothing items to choose from, both little ones and adults are spoilt for choice!

DUNS Organic Children’s Clothing

Liz’s youngest playing with Grimm’s Pastel Rollers in his DUNS Yellow Puffin Zipsuit.

I was introduced to DUNS Sweden two years ago through Babipur’s Facebook group ‘Babi Pur Hangout’ and at the time, I was really puzzled about the hype over this clothing brand as the prints were so different from the usual clothes we have been seeing and buying on the high street. But over the months, their colourful, unique prints grew on me and I made our first DUNS Sweden purchase through Babipur’s end of year sale!

I had only bought a couple of items for my children to test out and was instantly impressed by how soft and comfortable their clothes are, that an order of DUNS adult clothing soon followed! Since then, my family’s wardrobe has been completely DUNS-ified and you will always find one of us wearing something from DUNS!

GOTS Organic Kids Clothes

Liz’s eldest playing on his Wobbel Board in his DUNS Blue Puffin Top.

DUNS Sweden’s clothes are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, under a sustainable, healthy and fair production environment. Their catchwords since 2007 are: organic, unique, unisex which still stands to this day. 

While I have always looked forward to all their drop days, their summer collection is my favourite! So, I am extremely excited for the chance to help promote the Babipur DUNS Sweden’s Summer 2022 collection!

DUNS Puffins are back!

Liz’s eldest happy to be wearing his DUNS Blue Puffin top!

First of all, the puffins! This print is an oldie but a goodie. It comes in 3 colourways and personally, I am finding it hard to choose a favourite colour! They are all so bright and lovely!

DUNS Wild Strawberries

Liz wearing DUNS Blue Wild Strawberries Adult top.

If you are not too keen on DUNS signature quirky prints, you might like to try the wild strawberries! I have an adult T-shirt in the blue colourway and I think it’s the calmest print in the drop. The purple colourway is so dreamy, too!

DUNS Tropical print

Liz’s youngest collecting flowers in his Dr Zigs Coconut Bucket, wearing DUNS Tropical top.

For the epitome of summer, just look at the summer flowers and tropical prints. My little one received a tropical print tshirt and just looking at it makes me sweat and crave tropical fruits  – and a few rounds of Fruit Ninja on the phone!

DUNS Sweden Signature Radish Prints

New DUNS Sweden Summer Organic Kids Dresses.

Radishes! Need I say more? It’s DUNS Sweden after all!

In case anyone finds it helpful, here is a size reference:

Me (size 12, 5ft3) – wearing medium

Mr5 – wearing 122cm/6-7yrs

Mr3 – wearing 104cm/3-4yrs

DUNS Summer drop is live, shop now. I can’t wait to see what everyone goes for! Let the DUNS-ifying, begin! 



part of Babipur buddy team

Liz with her youngest wearing DUNS Blue Wild Strawberries Adult Top.

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