Wooden Toys in the Wild

Image credit: Amy Hymer

In our home we absolutely love wooden toys.

Grimm’s and Grapat being our favourite, Ostheimer following closely behind! When I first started buying them, I was completely in love with the natural texture and look of the wood grain, the colours, they even smell amazing!

Ostheimer figures
Ostheimer figures. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Grimms hearts on a mossy log
Grimms hearts. Image credit: Amy Hymer

Then we started taking our toys outside. I was blown away, and still am, at how absolutely beautiful they look in a natural and wild setting. It quickly turned into a creative outlet for me. We would put a basket of toys together and I would set off outside with my son, Arthur, who is 3.

He will play happily with the toys, stacking a rainbow, while I find the perfect mossy log to set the Nins upon! It has become a little game for us, to take the Nins with us and find unusual places for them to have their picture taken.

Grimms small houses on the beach
Grimms small houses. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Grimms rainbow. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Grapat Magos. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Nins in the wild
Nins in the wild. Image credit: Amy Hymer

We have taken our wooden toys on holiday with us, the Grimms Rainbow is always our favourite, finding the perfect backdrops for it. I’ll admit, I even took a bag of Nins with us on a child free adventure, but how could I miss taking the Nins to see the Amsterdam canals!

You never know when you may come upon the perfect little spot for an Ostheimer stack, or the perfect castle for a dragon!

Dragon in the wild
Ostheimer dragon. Image credit Amy Hymer
Ostheimer stack, toys in the wild
Ostheimer stack. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Ostheimer three bears
Ostheimer three bears. Image credit: Amy Hymer

So while I absolutely love these beautiful wooden toys for Arthur, they have also allowed me to have a little creative escapism. I just love finding the perfect wild spot to capture the beauty of the natural toys. I find it very peaceful, mostly, unless Arthur decides to join in and knock them down before I snap a picture, something with is becoming a rather funny game for us!

So next time you are heading outdoors, be sure to take a couple of wooden toys and get them outside into the wild! There is so much inspiration to be found on Instagram, with lots of Babipurians taking their play outdoors. I’m looking forward to a wonderful summer (fingers crossed!)

Large pastel rainbow
Grimms pastel 12 piece rainbow. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Ostheimer unicorn and dwarf. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Grimms small houses
Grimms small houses. Image credit: Amy Hymer
Grimms rainbows in the wild
Grimms 12 piece Rainbow and natural tunnel. Image credit: Amy Hymer

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