Wodibow Woonki’s Day with Team Worrall

This gorgeous Wodibow Woonki figure arrived with us a few weeks ago. We thought we’d have some fun and shenanigans with this wee dude and keep a journal of our typical day’s antics!

Woonki is made up of surprisingly strong magnets and sticks to lots of surfaces! We’ve had so much fun with him already.

Right… a random but typical Monday!


The mini Worrall’s were all awake and ready for breakfast. Woonki was found guarding the toaster. He supervised breakfast and ensured all 3 boys were behaved and ate their crusts.


Time to update the weather for the day, we keep our Wodibow set on the fridge and with a bit of helpful interference from Loki, Woonki set up camp in the clouds.


Woonki supervised bathroom shenanigans. He’s braver than me! He ensured everyone brushed their teeth and washed their faces. He was safely attached to the wee vanity mirror for spot inspections as and when needed!


Woonki averted his eyes while the 3 boys got dressed and made sure everyone put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket while hanging out on the radiator.


Woonki helped sort out the play pieces and water bottles, then stood by and watched while we made lunch.


Role call: 1, 2, 3 mini Worrall’s and Woonki all lined up with shoes on ready to go to school. Woonki stood guard affixed to the safety gate at the top our stairs.


Edward and Oren left Woonki to guard the house by the pipe at the front door! Even though roughly a hundred years worth of paint he still stuck fast!


Woonki was retireved and dragged off into the garden to water the poly tunnel. By the time I caught up with him he was trying to pick the lock…


The boys had some fun in the garden on the see saw while Woonki surfed about admiring his reflection in the garden mirror!


Edward decided Woonki should do some sunbathing on his deck chair in the sunshine. After a rough start where he was accidentally decapitated we think he looked pretty comfy!


Woonki then went for a quick surf in the sunshine while the Nins invaded… watch out for Sharks though!


Oren wanted to do some digging in the garden, but Woonki got in the way trying to help…


After the digging the boys sat down and planted some seeds. Woonki attempted to make a bid for freedom using the wheelbarrow and tragically his hide and seek skills leave a lot to be desired!


We had to literally drag Woonki away from the garden back into the house for dinner and then had to send Daddy back down later to find his legs!


Woonki was arguably less than helpful whilst making dinner. Edward usually sets the table but letting Woonki loose in the cutlery drawer was ill advised!


Bath time for the boys! Woonki surfed alongside them all in the bath and tried to steal the shampoo bar!


The boys built Woonki a Tegu bed and tucked him in for the night!

Night night Woonki! Ready for another day filled with adventure!

The Wodibow Woonki Figure is from the new Wodibow range from Babipur and its a little bit lovely. We also got the surf accessory pack pictured.


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