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What does it ‘do’?

Wobbel boards are Waldorf inspired, perfect for limitless open-ended play possibilities. It is the ingenious design of Dutch Duo Hannelore & Wouter. Seeing how a homemade rocker board sparked creativity in their own children, inspired them to set out to create their own design. Their passion, engineering experience, and desire to use only the best materials and manufacturing process, resulted in the Wobbel.

What does a Wobbel Board do… said no child ever. When confronted with a Wobbel board children know just what to do.

Wobbel boards

Image credit: Capture the rainbow photography

“The Wobbel tempts mind, body and soul”. The Wobbel is a creative tool that supports movement, core stability and aids strengthening. It also draws us in to reflect and relax, and encourages calm, and moments of peace in between other more active play.

Image credit: Wobbel

Wobbel from 0-99

Made from layers of quality European FSC beech wood; they are pressed under high pressure to form the curve. The boards are made in Belgium and are extremely strong with a weight limit of 200Kg.  Everything is then finished in the Netherlands, and the final result is a beautiful strong board made from completely natural and sustainable materials.

Which Wobbel Board should I choose?

wobbel sizes

Here at Babipur we stock the entire Wobbel range and we even offer our own branded boards featuring the Babipur logo. There are lots of choices but don’t worry it’s pretty simple to choose really.

  • Wobbel Original – beech wood Wobbel boards available with wool felt, pro felt, cork and no backing at all
  • Wobbel Painted – the same beech wood boards but with a painted finish in a variety of colours, look out for special editions like black and white boards available with wool felt, pro felt and cork.
  • Wobbel Bamboo – the same classic Wobbel board but with a beautiful bamboo veneer top layer available with wool felt, pro felt, cork and no backing at all
  • Wobbel Babipur Rainbow Edition – the same as the original beech board but with laser etched Babipur logo at either end and a choice of special wool felt colours.
  • Wobbel Starter – simply a smaller board that’s easier for young children to handle
  • Wobbel XL – a supersized Wobbel boards best suited to older children and adults, or if you simply want a huge Wobbel board
  • Wobbel 360 – a completely different concept to all the other Wobbel boards, a circular wooden disc that spins a full 360 degrees

There is a huge variety of colour options and finishes to choose from, and you can find the full range >here<

Wobbel boards are suitable from birth and have no upper age restriction!

Image credit: Capture the Rainbow Photography

Which backing? Wool Felt, Pro Felt, No felt or Cork?

A question that comes up a lot in Wobbel chat over in Babipur Hangout is whether it would be better to choose felt or no felt backing for your Wobbel board. The is some degree of personal choice, but as a general rule:

  • Choose wool felt or cork – if you will mainly be using your Wobbel on hard flooring, it is recommended that having a soft backing will probably suit you best. It reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel.
  • Choose natural finish / no backing – if you will mainly be using your Wobbel on carpet, you could choose any of the options without felt / cork backing.
  • Choose Pro felt – for the same reasons as the felt above, but it is also perfect for intensive use and suitable for vegans as it contains no animal derived products. The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles, which is hard wearing and easy to clean.


New from Wobbel

We are very excited to now have in stock the Wobbel Pro and Wobbel starter.

Wobbel Pro simply offers another material choice for the soft backing.

The Wobbel Starter is smaller than the original but still can support an amazing 100kg. It is perfect for younger children as it is lightweight, easy to carry, and has a more gentle curve for the perfect balance. Wobbel have added some extra ‘magic’ and this board is now more flexible. Children won’t outgrow it as it can be used to practice skateboard moves as it grows with them.

You can find the full range of Wobbel at Babipur >here<

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