Sugar-Free Eco Easter Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a lasting, sustainable Easter gift for the kids, friends or family? We’ve been doing an Easter hunt around Babipur Towers on the search for fantastic Easter treats! We filled up our baskets and here’s what we found…!

Plan Toys Eggs

Plan Toys eggs can be opened to reveal a special surprise gift inside! Made from colourful, sustainable and durable Plan Wood, these eco Easter eggs would make a wonderful small gift or be great for an Easter egg hunt. Perfect to reuse, you can fill them mini gifts or edible treats each year!

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Grapat 36x Mandala Eggs

Open ended play in its purest form, a collection of 36 little wooden eggs in various shades of purple. Children will love playing in ways that come naturally with these warm and tactile wooden toys. Counting and sorting or decorating play scenes, they are perfect for Easter egg hunts (you’ll just have to remember where you put them all!)

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Lanco Ovo 4 Eggs

These eggs are a bit crack..ers! Made from 100% natural rubber sourced from the Hevea tree, they are lots of fun! A soft and tactile toy, play with them around the house or in the bath, babies like to chew them when they’re teething too! They com ein

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Mader Roly-Poly Eggs

Mader Roly-Poly Eggs are stunning, hand-painted, beautifully crafted Easter gifts children and adults will both enjoy. Weighted at the bottom, have fun wobbling the egg around the table or floor. These wooden eggs can be unscrewed and the top half has been hollowed out – perfect for hiding treats in! A great Eco Easter gift that can be reused each year.

>> Shop Mader Roly-Poly Eggs here <<

Holztiger chick

Cheep cheep! This sweet little wooden chick is handcrafted from hardwood and is amazing quality with a beautiful wood grain. Holztiger Waldorf style toys are wholly sustainable – made by hand from durable solid maple and beech, and painted with non-toxic, water-based paint. Add this little chick to an Easter display or scene.

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Plan Toys Chicken Puzzle

Fun and educational two sided chicken puzzle fun! Encourage coordination by slotting the chicken, chick and egg into place and learn about a chickens circle of life. Or, turn the puzzle over and slot them into each other. Encouraging logical thinking and problem solving, this puzzle would make an ideal Easter gift.

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Okonorm Egg Dying Kit

Dyeing eggs is an ideal craft session for Easter! Transform eggs into a colourful (and even edible!) display with natural dyes in different colours. Will you go solid colour or create patterns? Each sachet will dye 5-7 eggs so you can get creative and experiment! Easter crafts can be fun for children and adults! teach little ones about colour or make your own seasonal Easter display.

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Studio Roof Arts & Crafts

Studio ROOF combine nature, fantasy and art to create vibrant 3D wall decorations using recycled cardboard and plant-based vegetable inks. Their arts and crafts designs are a really fun Easter holiday Activity. Decorate your decoration with pens, pencils or paints and have fun pushing the stencils out and putting the model together! There’s lots of design to choose from ?

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