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Changing the world, one toy at a time

We are really passionate about PlanToys here at Babipur, and have been proud to be working with them since 2009! PlanToys have been leading the way in sustainable, eco conscious toys since they began 39 years ago! They are now one of the most respected toy brands around the world. Their commitment to creating not only amazing toys but to making a better a world is truly inspirational.

Ethically Made and Eco-Friendly

At the very heart of PlanToys is sustainability. They believe that children should grow up with a passion to preserve natural resources and to be guardians of our planet. Better kids for a better world. Their mission is to protect staff, consumers, and the planet.


PlanToys toys are ethically made in the Southern Province of Trang, Thailand from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. They were the first company to use rubberwood to produce toys, and the best part – they never cut down a single tree for production. Rubberwood trees that would have been scheduled to be burned are now made into beautiful toys. The wood is strengthened using their own chemical-free kiln-drying process. 

We just love this adorable Foldable Rocking Horse!

As well as solid wood toys, they also make beautiful toys from their very own PlanWood, which is a byproduct of the 2 tons of sawdust that the toy factory produces daily.  This ensures they use every part of the rubber wood tree, nothing goes to waste. Everything from product to packaging is safe and sustainable. 

The PlanToys Oriental Tea Set is new for 2020 and goes great with the full range of play food at Babipur

Rubberwood & Plan Wood

We are passionate about sustainable play at Babipur, and we know our customers are too.  Solid rubberwood toys made by PlanToys have always flown off our shelves. In more recent years, the introduction of PlanWood has been hugely popular too. PlanWood is made from waste sawdust and rubberwood off-cuts. They use a specifically designed non-toxic glue, combined with eco organic dyes, and compressed under high pressure to bind it all together.  

PlanWood is as green as green can be, super-solid and built to last. The the colour is added during the manufacturing process, so no paint is needed and colour won’t ever flake off. This makes it a highly durable and robust material that will stand up to being bashed about by little product testers!

PlanToys Motor Mechanic is new for 2020

There is no plastic in PlanWood or any of the packaging. It’s great to know that when you buy a PlanWood toy, you’re supporting a zero-waste toy manufacturing process.  PlanWood toys are smooth to the touch but have a speckled textured appearance duet the tiny pieces of sawdust that have gone into them. The really are beautiful, engaging and education toys at its best.

The original green version of this alligator was launched by PlanToys in 1999 and is still one of their most popular toys

Take a look at these two toys: the PlanWood Dancing Alligator on the left and the iconic Solid Dancing Alligator designed in 1999, on the right. Both will be a delight for small children, who will love to watch them wiggle along when pulled across the floor. Each would make the perfect pal for your little adventurer, but which material will you choose? There’s even a limited edition rainbow version (above), which is a colourful take on this classic toy, suitable from age 1.


Safe and Sustainable Materials


Not satisfied with glues available on the market, PlanToys have developed their very own certified E-zero Non-Formaldehyde glue.  All their dyes are waterbased using non-formaldehyde organic colour pigments.  Even their labels and packaging are printed on recycled paper using soy ink.

The PlanToys Pastel Blocks are perfect for developing new skills of positioning and connection

Sustainable and Safe Toy Manufacturing


PlanToys are a carbon neutral company and they have such a positive affect on the local comunity.  Their Biomass generator not only produces electricity for the whole factory it also provides enough for the villages around the PlanToys factory too!

In order to reduce energy consumption, 73% of the resources used at PlanToys are from within a 30 km radius around the factory in the Trang. Making a fantastic contribution to their carbon footprint.

The clever design of the PlanToys Slide ‘n’ Go Dolls House is engaging for little ones and great for smaller spaces

Socially Responsible Toy Maker

PlanToys are committed to child development

Each year, an amazing 10,000 children visit the Plan Toys factory to learn about sustainability.  Offering employing to people with disability is very important, many of the toys are hand-sanded by visually impaired people. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, PlanToys worked with mothers of children with autism, cerebral palsy and visual impairment to design toys that that can make a real difference to their children’s lives.

The PlanToys Children and Comunity Club is a wonderful project that gives local children and the children of PlanToys employees the chance to take part in lots of activities during school holidays.

Fun Wooden Toys Your Child Will Love

Educational toys can be fun! Children of all ages and abilities will love PlanToys. Whether you’re after a stimulating rattle, a baby walker, stacking toys, building blocks, pull-along animals, play kitchens, dolls’ houses, puzzles, educational toys, family games, musical instruments or toy cars, PlanToys have something for everyone – and Babi Pur stock the entire range.  If you haven’t anything in your toy box from Plan Toys, now is the time to break the piggy bank (and replace it with a new Plan Toys Piggy Bank!). There is a whole selection of new and exciting goodies available, as well as a heap of classic toys, made to last.  Here are some of our favourites from the Plan Toys range.

How cool is this new Pinball Machine?!

PlanToys Bee Hives


There’s a real buzz around this amazing colour sorting toy, the PlanToys Bee Hives among Babipur customers.  Children will have to concentrate to pick up the coloured bees and put them back into their right hive, or mix the colours up. This is a great wooden toy for learning colours, encouraging kids to take turns and also promoting the skills needed to hold a pen. It is suitable from age 3.

PlanToys Sort & Count Cups


Here is another great colour sorting challenge that will appeal to smaller children. This set of five Planwood Sort & Count Cups and rubberwood counters are ideal for learning to count and identifying different colours.  The counters also come in handy when playing shop and in the the play kitchen, as the are ideal as pennies and soup ingredients too! It’s a fab open-ended toy for creative play. Suitable from 18 months+.

PlanToys Cone Sorting


This is a clever twist on the stacking rings classic toy. Toddlers will love to build up the PlanToys Cone Sorter – and destroy! Make weird and wonderful towers using the chunky PlanWood rings and rubberwood supports.  This colourful toy will be a lasting hit with toddlers and young children and hone their problem-solving skills. Suitable from 18 months+.

PlanToys Bird Walker


Watch and listen to the birdies peck for worms making a melodic sound, as this Bird Baby Walker is pushed along.  Its adjustable handle means it will be enjoyed as your baby grows and the colourful wooden blocks are fab for building with.  Walkers are a traditional first birthday present and this one is a fantastic model. Suitable from 10 months+.

PlanToys Wooden Parking Garage

We’re all revved up over the amazing PlanToys Wooden Parking Garage.  It’s made from solid rubber wood complete with 2 parking levels, a lift, helipad and ground floor. It comes with some great accessories, including a retro toy car.

Mini motoring enthusiasts will love this toy and it is scaled to fit with all other toys in the PlanWorld  range, including a road and rail track. Suitable from age 3.

The Plan World range is amazing for building your own cities and adventures!

PlanToys Neo Kitchen


Budding chefs will enjoy cooking up a storm with this stylish Plan Toys Neo Kitchen.  It has a sink, twin hobs and two spaces to act as cupboards or an oven. This is a great new kitchen and will be a favourite toy with kids who love to role play and cooking up their own creations. Suitable from age 3.

PlanToys Green Dolls’ House

Green parents will love this new Green Dolls’ House. Not only is it made from sustainable rubberwood but it’s a fantastic way to teach children about green living, thanks to its wind turbine, solar panels and recycling bins. A wooden dolls house is a classic present that imaginative children will enjoy for years to come. It’s huge! Suitable from age 3.

The amount of work that goes into designing the toys and tools that make them is incredible.  Check out this video showing the manufacturing process for a Plan Toys Chicken Racer.


That’s just a tiny peak at what Plan Toys do. Be sure to check out the full range of PlanToys at Babipur.

We love to see you and your family playing with Babipur goodies – share your pictures and thoughts with our community! Tag @Babipur on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or share your pictures with the Babipur community in our Facebook group, Babipur Hangout!

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168 Responses

  1. Alison says:

    Wow! It’s great to learn about how Plan Toys make their products and all their environmental and ethical credentials. It makes me more keen to buy them too. I am currently trying to get organised for Christmas and have bought the plan toys walking cups for one little girl and plan to get the beehives for another. Plus I have the dolphin whistle as a stocking filler for my daughter. I am going to have a look at the Babi Pur range of plan toys and see what else we fancy :). thanks for the informative and interesting article πŸ™‚

  2. Laura chant says:

    My three year old is getting the bees for Christmas and my 1 year old is getting the wagon. I’m so excited!

  3. Angel Walker says:

    I love how colourful everything is <3 I think our favourite is the bees for sure πŸ™‚ such a fantastic blog on Plan Toys. Cannot wait to stock up on more of their toys <3

  4. Marie says:

    I love the plan wood, lovely texture and great use of a waste product. Baby loves his chicken racer.

  5. Dani claydon says:

    I love the plan toys. They’re so well designed and really get the kids imagination going. Would love to add some to our toy collection this Christmas!

  6. Claire Taylor says:

    That doll house is stunning!

  7. Natalie allen says:

    Plan Toys are probably our favourite brand at the mo. My 1 yo adores her rainbow alligator and my 4 yo loves the balancing tree! It’s nice to know a bit more about the company behind these lovely toys πŸ™‚

  8. Lydia says:

    I would love to see more posts about how the toys are made with various brands! I found it really interesting, I liked plan toys before, but I now feel more drawn to them having found out about the manufacturering process.

  9. Penelope says:

    This sounds fantastic! We have the crocodile who has been a huge hit, but I’m absolutely in love with those beehives. Such a lovely well-thought out approach from Plan too

  10. Ianthe Brown says:

    Wow! This post has made me love Plan toys even more – if that’s possible! Ethical AND beautiful! Thank you for sharing the story behind the toys ?

  11. Helen Theresa edwards says:

    The greens dolls house looks wonderful

  12. Kirsty says:

    The bee hives have provided our whole family with many hours of fun since we got them?Plan toys will also be playing a big part of Father Christmas’s delivery this year too!

  13. Plan toys are definitely our favourite at the moment. I’m currently eyeing up the little campsite for my camping mad little boy. The quality is exceptional with attractive bright colours. The kaleidoscopes are a winner in our house. It’s lovely to find out more about the companies who produce these gorgeous products. Thank you.

  14. Jo Worrall says:

    How fascinating to read this! I love plan toys, in particular the beehives. The tweezers to aid the pincer grip are amazing! My Granny had a stroke and I let her “test” them out. The physio said they were genuis and went off to buy a set herself! Plan toys – assisting generations of development through play! Love it!

  15. catherine doake says:

    I always wondered what some of them were made with feels like a cross between a plastic and a wood. Loved reading this great eye opener which has made me love plan toys even more!!

  16. Danielle says:

    I love the plan toys range. We have the chicken stacker which is lovely, an alligator, a couple of whistles and a kaleidoscope. It’s a great range with lots in different price ranges, so will suit all budgets and they feel reAlly well made

  17. Rebecca Leighton-Maudsley says:

    Amazing ethical company and beautiful products! Loads of them on our wishlists!

  18. Dawn Tatton says:

    Love our plan toys that we’ve started collecting and looking forward to seeing our boys enjoy all their goodies that Santa is bringing. Lots of choices for various ages. There’s just something really lovely about the texture and colouring of the rubberwood that makes them extra special. Nicely packaged as well and love that the build a town dough set comes with a home made play dough recipe.

  19. Becky says:

    It’s fantastic that they are so ethically made! And so pretty ?

  20. Mary McQueen says:

    ❀️ the ??????

  21. Holly says:

    This has been an interesting read! I love how eco friendly they are!! Can’t wait for Christmas for the kids to open their new plan toys! Will definitely be buying more from this brand. Great product information Babi Pur x

  22. Niki M says:

    Really interesting to learn about how these beautiful toys are made! I’m in love with the bees *buzz*

  23. Nancy Cullinane says:

    Plan toys are so beautiful! We have the bees stashed for Christmas, initially they will be sitting pretty on a shelf until my sons a little older!

  24. Catrin says:

    We have the clickety clanking crocodile which is very robust. Did you know crocodiles can fly ;(

    The little bees and sorting cups are on our must buy list.

  25. Fiona waller says:

    We love Plan toys in this house and have had them as simple, quality toys since before I made a conscious choice to look for ethical toys. Our current favourite is the fairytale castle blocks, but we have the bee hives coming for Christmas and the Santa house arriving as an advent present, so we may find some new favourites soon.

  26. Laura Andersson says:

    We love plan toys & great to read how they are made! Have been looking at the sorting toy for little one & have already got a plan toys stacking toy & pull along doggy! They are fab! X

  27. Joanne says:

    Interesting to learn how these are made as always wondered about the fleck in the material. Love how the colour doesn’t rub off like other wooden toys and how hard wearing they are. The sorting cups are our favourite at the moment as teaching the eldest to count, the middle child colours and the youngest how to build towers

  28. Rachel Barnes says:

    We love plan toys we have got the helicopter and London vehicle set for my bus and helicopter mad little man for Christmas would love some more they are stunning

  29. Elisabeth Paludan Monberg says:

    Can’t wait for my little girl to be old enough to play with the Plan Toys. She will get the alligator for her first birthday as I hear it’s a favourite for many.

  30. Isis Jannetts says:

    Dying to get the bee hives, but baby is only 11 months!

  31. Sarah says:

    This has only made me want to buy more Plan toys! So interesting to learn more about how they are made, thanks for sharing ?

  32. Delyth says:

    such an interesting read ?Falling in love with the bees ?

  33. frances erol says:

    Oh these look lovely. So bright and colourful. Love the alligator. Will be buying this when my baby is a bit older.

  34. Emma says:

    We LOVE plan toys here. My daughter loves her plan tumbling towel (so does daddy) and her puzzles. We have got a few bits for Christmas(walking cups ,balancing boat) and for my sons first birthday next July ( rainbow alligator to name one) would LOVE the bees or the counting and sorting cups ???

  35. Charlotte H says:

    Love the Plan Toys – the bees are definitely my favourite!

  36. Sarah Douangphachone says:

    Love plan toys but I didn’t know about the PlanWood, brilliant use of all the tree, now even more delighted with the rainbow alligator my daughter’s Christmas present.

  37. Andrea Brown says:

    I’d love to hear more about their process of making non toxic glue.

  38. Katie McPhillie says:

    Plan toys are so durable. We have some Plan wooden kitchen utensils that are played with every day and are still going strong after 3 years!

  39. Emma Jones says:

    Love the look and feel of Plan Toys, we’ve currently got the pull along animal train and the nesting chickens which my little boy loves. I’ve also got him the sort and count cups for Christmas. Will be adding a few more bits from this post (the bees are a definite) to our wishlist for his birthday in March ?

  40. Kim says:

    I love the planwood, it’s durable and colourful like plastic but much better! My little boy loves the sort and count cups and asks to play with them daily. We also have a great little numbers game by plan which has planwood numbers which are lovely and tactile.

  41. We love plan toys have got my little man the helicopter and London vehicle set for Christmas can’t wait to get more they are fabulous

  42. Emma says:

    I absolutely adore plan toys. They are so pretty and made to last!!! The fact that they are made ethically is an added bonus. Most of my toddlers Christmas stash consists of plan toys!! I personally can’t wait to play with them…. I mean let him play with them….lol. Looking forward to beehives the most I think xxx

  43. Louise Galluzzo says:

    Love this brand, love them even more learning a bit more about their ethics, if only more companies were are responsible. I have a few of their products for my daughter and lots more on our wishlist!

  44. Cath Short says:

    I can’t wait until my son is old enough to play with the bees. They look so vibrant and great fun.

  45. Clairey says:

    Absolutely in love with plan toys. Since being introduced to babipur I have purchased a few plan items through them. Also it had opened my eyes to types of toys/games that we have for our little boy. I am now a bit of a fuss pot “according to my parents ” when it comes to toys/gifts. ?

  46. Sarah Crosby says:

    Santa is bring my three year old the beehives and I cannot wait. Had a little peak in the box and they are fabulous, superb quality, super bright colours and perfect for developing her grasping skills as she starts to learn how to write numbers letters.

  47. Laura says:

    I like plan toys but I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t realise they did all this! The eco dolls house is pure genius, it’s great to teach through play!

  48. Roxana says:

    I have recently discovered PlanToys and have to say they are already a favourite (without having yet played with them!). Love the fact they are sustainable and the whole thing is beneficial in some way. Really love the PlanWorld stuff so that will be birthdays sorted next year!

  49. Jess Barzillia says:

    I have the First Shape Sorter for my LO for Christmas, love the feel of the wood! I’ll definitely be buying more Plan Toys!

  50. Erin says:

    We really like plan toys they’re just so gorgeous and bright. Can’t wait to give my smallest his new plan vehicles at Christmas.

  51. Natalie McCarron says:

    These are my favourite wooden toys yet! ? they are so well made and ethically sound. My girl and nieces have loads of them ready for christmas ☺️

  52. Casey says:

    Love love LOVE plan toys!!! Most recent purchase was the bath floating island. It is completely loved by both my 2 year old & 8 year old. They can really engage and play so nicely with it together, it keeps them amused for ages!! You can really feel the quality πŸ™‚

  53. Rebecca Gess says:

    On the list for my lg first Christmas. Fabulous toys and great company. X

  54. Rebecca castle says:

    So many beautiful toys, I love them all!

  55. Amanda says:

    Wow, I’m only just starting with our love of ethical wooden toys and im addicted already, my daughter would love the dolls house and the garage would be Wonderful for my son and daughter to play with. x

  56. Natalie Louise says:

    I love the eco dolls house! Never seen anything like it elsewhere!

  57. Helen says:

    I love the ingenuity of plan wood. Such a great way to use waste products. Plan has definitely become our favourite toy brand. I love the look of the new dolls house.

  58. Claire Forrester says:

    I love hearing how products are made by a company – makes me feel connected to them. I got my first Plan Toys item in a mystery box and it is so well made. I can’t wait for my baby to arrive so I can buy more from Plan Toys, especially now I know how they are made.

  59. Karen Herbert says:

    I love the ethos behind this company and love the toys even more!

  60. Jackie says:

    We are very new to plan toys, but in our house we love how sturdy they are and how many different ways you can play! It’s fascinating to know how they are made and wonderful to support an ethical company. x

  61. gill exon says:

    Such lovely toys. Everything about them makes you want to play with them, the texture, the colour, the shapes πŸ™‚ Just amazing quality too

  62. Sarah says:

    We love plan toys here. One of our favourites is the marble run. It’s beautiful, robust and fun! It makes the most lovely sound when the marbles run down! The crocodile and bee hives are also firm favourites that my toddler still comes back to again and again! I love that they are beautiful, ethical and reasonably priced toys.

  63. I love plan toys for catching my child’s imagination as well as being ethically sound. I’m hoping to increase our collection within the next few months

  64. Edwina Gamble says:

    Sort and count bowls were our first, have the beehives too and now we are hooked. Lovely quality

  65. Celine says:

    Love love love this brand! The toys are beautiful, so well made and double up as essential teaching aids. I’m constantly adding to the wishlist for our growing collection.

  66. Rebecca Garside says:

    We have the sort and count bowls and the mushroom kaleidoscopes. We love the colours and textures of the materials used and love the fact that they are ethical and eco friendly. Our wish list has many more Plan Toys on it.

  67. Emma May says:

    I will be honest, never heard of plan toys, I’ve seen the bees (LOVE THEM) and that’s about it. Looking at what’s available, I want it all! I want to up my wooden toys and reduce the plastic and it’s always so hard to find. Now I know where to come to do so. Going to order my boy something right now and can see this being my new ‘investment’

  68. Jen Whittaker says:

    I love our plan toys. They feel unlike anything else so it’s great for my very sensory curious baby!

  69. Karen Tweedy says:

    I love all of our Plan toys. The ones made from Plan wood in particular are beautiful. My favourite is the ludo which everyone should own. The hardest decision is choosing which piece to play as…penguin or polar bear!

  70. Katie says:

    We have quite a few Plan toys and we’ll definitely be buying more. The textures are lovely and they’re really well thought out and well made as well as being rebust and good value.

  71. Sarah Kinrade says:

    Brilliant article, genuinly fascinated by, and in love with the whole ethos and manufacturing process of the company. Have been googling to see if the regular public can visit the factory for when we go to Thailand for my friend’s wedding next year! Would love to take my girls to show them where their toys come from and how they’re made.
    Thanks for teaching me more about Plan Toys Babipur! They’re definitely on our wishlist.

  72. Laura kelly says:

    We loves our plan B toys. We have the crocodile and he came on today with us. My daughter was so happy walking through the airport bringing him along

  73. Felicity turner says:

    We love plan toys. Not only are they ethically made but also very pretty ☺️

  74. Ami forbes says:

    We love plan toys anyway but even more so after reading this. I knew they were ethical but didn’t realise quite the lengths they go to. My 1 year old loves pulling his alligator along pretending he’s going to eat his toes and it makes the loveliest noise! We also have the bee hives stashed away for Christmas for my 3 year old. My wish list is currently full of plan toys, deciding which to buy first is the hardest!

  75. Jo says:

    We love Plan Toys – my little girl always makes a beeline for the dancing alligator at our local toddler group. The quality and design are fantastic, and to know that they are such an ethical company is wonderful.

  76. Natalie Plant says:

    Such lovely toys, fascinating post about how they’re made. The bees are definately on my wish list!

  77. Claire says:

    Very interesting read. My three would love the bees hive.

  78. Lara chapman says:

    Brilliant article, it’s so easy to be lazy nowadays I’m glad I was pointed to this – as even though I look for green toys I don’t always look into them enough and will try my best to do so from now on. Only have a couple of bits from plan toys but trying to destash and get better quality

  79. Carol Ann Gordon-irvine says:

    We received our first plantoy (train station)in our mystery box which is put away for my son xmas.we are going for a more ethical xmas this year and I have a shopping list as long as my arm of plantoys that I(my son)would love.x

  80. Carla Teixeira-Falls says:

    We purchased our first Plan Toy 5 years ago and it is still beautiful and strong despite passing through the test of being played constantly by three boys. After that we just increased the collection and not just our own kids but also guests love them. The designs, quality, beauty and ethical core of the company are very appealing and worth of our money and children’s play time.

  81. Brandi W says:

    We love the Plan Toys, and have quite a few, and it’s great to know they’re such an environmentally conscious company. Our favorite is probably the bee hives, but the fire truck, helicopter, and ambulance are really fun too.

  82. Emma Fraser says:

    Such beautiful toys!

  83. Benjamin Harrall says:

    We love the plan toys. We have a few for our children and they have had and fair amount of use and still look like new, the quality is second to none.

  84. Hannah says:

    Wow really interesting and eye opening reading about how the plan toys are made. I am very impressed by the planwood they create from the sawdust. Fantastic way of reducing wastage. The toys are all so lovely I wouldn’t know what to get for my girls first.

  85. Issabelle Summers says:

    We love plan toys in our house. They are so hard-wearing, versatile and well made its just amazing they are ethically made too!! My Lissy loves the shape sorter. They are truly gorgeous toys!

  86. Barbara says:

    I’m SO looking forward to recieving my clickity-clack pull along crocodile. I researched heavily and found it to be one of the most highly recommended and most loved/returned to, pull along toy by children.

  87. Fiona McLean says:

    Love plan toys got a few for my kiddies Xmas they’re amazing quality and that dolls house is just wow !!

  88. Helen Freeman says:

    A friend of mine has one of the dolls houses and I’ve had an eye on them over since. Great to know they are such a sustainable company too.

  89. Lisa craigie says:

    My 2 year old loves bright colours and rainbows. This lead me to plan toys, he’ll have a stocking full of bright coloured exciting toys on Christmas morning, one very happy boy!!

  90. Dominique Ford says:

    Love Plan toys. It’s so clever to use sawdust to creat another product that is beautiful in its own way.

  91. Jennifer says:

    I am a massive fan of plan toys! I’ve got my eye on the sort and count bowls and the bees for when my 14month old gets a little bit older!
    I loved reading how the toys are made, I didn’t realise that all parts of the trees are utilised to such an extent! Amazing!

  92. Sam miller says:

    Such beautiful toys and lovely to read about how they are made. I want those ? bees!

  93. Cherry Smith says:

    I have my eye on the bee hives for my little one πŸ˜‰

  94. Great to find out more about these amazing toys. Love the zero waste and carbon neutral approach, so responsible and forward thinking.

  95. Rebecca says:

    We are plan virgins, this blog has just ment I now have to go buy some, how did I not know about this great product I have 4 children, all that wasted time I now have to make up. I’m off to look at that Croc for my two littlest.

  96. Becky Bell says:

    I had no idea about the plan toys company other than they make beautiful toys! It’s great to read that they are such a community minded company and how much they value the ideas of their customers including those with SEN. I have bought the beehives for do for Christmas (can’t wait to open them!) And have the bird tower and stacking zoo toys on my wish list. Think I’ll have to put the stacking cone and sorting cups on my wish list after seeing this!

    Another interesting and informative blog, thank you x

  97. Rachel says:

    Love that what would otherwise have become waste has been turned into something so beautiful! The plan wood looks so warm and tactile.

  98. Sofia says:

    Lots of Plan Toys on our wish list! If we are lucky Santa might be bringing a few ? Great to buy from such an ethical company too

  99. Helen says:

    Interesting! I thought the material for the new crocodile looked different. Love the rainbow one!

  100. Wing chan says:

    Bought our first plan toy a while back when it was on offer..have fallen in love since. Such great quality and its amazing to know they are ethically made! Have a huge wish list for xmas πŸ™‚

  101. Claudia Moutter says:

    My 2 year old absolutely loves the dolphin whistle, he can spend ages just happily blowing a tune and laughing at how much fun it is! He’s a huge fan of the fire engine and the car park too which luckily our family have to entertain him at their houses. The toys are all well made and it’s reassuring to know that they are from a very sustainable company too.

  102. My wee boy is getting the plan walking cups and balance tree for his Xmas, shhhhhhh πŸ™‚

  103. Elise says:

    The pecking bird walker brough a smile to my face ? I’d also like to move into the Green Dolls House! Keep up the good work Plan Toys!

  104. Sammy-Jo Tully says:

    These toys look fab, I particularly like the look of the bees and the sorting cups.

  105. Amy says:

    I love the look of all the plan toys and it’s great to know how they are made! I especially love the bees, we don’t have any plan toys yet but I’m hoping the bees will be the first of many to move in!!

  106. Sinead Murray says:

    Such a good read makes me love wooden toys even more.

  107. Emma Roney says:

    I adore plan toys! I love how they have the option of wood – and then the further planwood option is fantastic! They are so transparent about how they work and i love that about the company. I know exactly what im buying. My toddler adores all the plan toys weve bought so far, and i know him and his little brother will love the ones we have hidden away for christmas too! Our firm favourites are the whale, dolphin, and stingray whistles – endles hours of fun from something so simple.

  108. Natalie Hill says:

    Lovely blog! The plan toys look amazing quality and soo much fun. Can’t wait to get some for our kids they are going to love them

  109. Jeanette Pike says:

    Love Plan toys, we can’t wait to open up the beehives on christmas day! Fantastic range of top quality toys.

  110. Kayleigh says:

    I love the background information and really appreciate how the colour is added during manufacturing so that there is no paint to flake. The colours are so lovely and vibrant, it’s reassuring to know they are also robust. My daughter loves her crocodile! I think she would go mad for the bees.

  111. Libby says:

    We love our bees, chopping vegetables, sealife animal whistles and plan toys eggs. We love that they are bright, fun and engaging for our daughters but also that they wonderfully ethical. These are not just toys to us, they have played a part in many memories of our children through the last few years, and will most likely be kept, for their children. The quality is excellent.

  112. Hannah says:

    We love their toys here in this house right from baby toys through to toys for my 5 year old. I had no idea they were as ethical as they are. Impressive and interesting to read about. Bees are on our Christmas list this year.

  113. TheresaHo says:

    The bees are too cute

  114. Lisa Ingram says:

    Wow! Love reading about how the toys are made, and I love love love this company’s ethos. If only more of the world worked this way. Beautiful toys. It’s a company I certainly won’t overlook from now on. X

  115. Elle says:

    Love PlanToys here. Look forward to getting the little people dolls at some point and the infamous bees when daughter is a bit older.

  116. Megan Copus says:

    I love the dolls house!

  117. Grace Line says:

    I love the beehives and the balancing games! Just have to try and resist until my daughter is a bit older

  118. Emma says:

    Love plan toys in this house they’re fab will need to order some plan wood next time they sound amazing!

  119. Clare macdonald says:

    I didn’t know much about planwood but I’m very impressed I actually prefer the colourful alligator and I think the sorting bowls are on the list as well. I’ve had bee envy with those hives and they’re going to be an unexpected gift for my 3year old. To be fair I want all the plan toys as they’re all awesome but to know you are supporting a fantastic company in the process is the cherry on top

  120. Ria says:

    Plan toys have such experience and heritage in providing toys that are ethically and imaginatively sound. We have had them in our lives for a longtime and expect them to be handed down to the new generation with joy.

  121. Alice says:

    I love Plan so much. Their toys are so beautifully made and so appealing. Current favourites of my 2 year old are the bees and the cutting fruit, but we have the fridge and garage to come at Christmas so that may change!

  122. Katie Mc Connell says:

    Far too many beautiful toys ? I have the beehives and the balancing boat stashed for Christmas! I can’t wait to get the sorting cups when my little man is a bit bigger I love them ❀️

  123. Louisa says:

    Would love the bees they are gorgeous and the bird balancing tree looks very funny too. Such tactile toys that cry out to be played with

  124. mirna says:

    Colours are amazing and all of the toys seem robust enough even for smaller kids.
    My lo is 5m old atm, can’t wait for her to get just sad bit bigger- I’m working in the shopping list!

  125. Hazel says:

    We love plan toys! Our 1 year old’s favourite at the moment is the camera, it’s brilliant and she loves pretending to take pictures with it!

  126. Kim Stout says:

    These toys are great! My sons favourite toy for at least the past year has been the ‘clattigator’ as we call it, also known as the dancing alligator. There’s such a huge range, my collection slowly grows each month ?

  127. Cassie Cooper says:

    I love the look of these toys and can’t wait to buy some for my niece when I get paid. And the fact they’re so ethically made is fab.

  128. Laura says:

    We love plantoys here, the quality is brilliant. The kids particularly enjoy the Plan wood alligator so it was interesting reading how it was made.

  129. Rebecca Scott-Williams says:

    I don’t think you’re ever too old for plan toys. My 2,8and 10 year old would find mutual play within these toys. We love them all ?

  130. Sarah Norman says:

    My eldest adored his sorting train. It’s actually in the attic, will have to find it for my toddlers to play with! I love the bees and the set of dinosaurs, the nature set, all the sets are lovely actually. I love that they use up all the sawdust too, what a great idea!

  131. Kirsty williams says:

    I’m pretty new to the world of ethical toys having had my first child just under 2 years ago. I’ve been reading up a lot about plan toys and I have to say they are now a real firm favourite in our house. Each piece is beautifully crafted and I love the uniqueness of the plan wood and that in certain lights it looks almost glittery with the dappled paint effect.
    I also believe that plan toys are not just for children, I must admit to having bought santas house and the gingerbread house for myself to add to my Christmas decs.

  132. Jessica says:

    I’d wondered what the plastic-like material was–so interesting to know more about Planwood! I love the rainbow alligator–I have something new to add to my wish list!

  133. Anneliese Myers says:

    Love that they are such an ethical company and they produce such beautiful toys. The bee hives are fab!

  134. Ruth Thomas says:

    These all look so beautiful! Would love the crocodile, he looks so cute! My children would have so much fun with the bees too.

  135. Siobhan F says:

    Love, love, love plantoys products! So well made and my little one plays for hours. One of my favourite toy brands! πŸ™‚

  136. Jess says:

    I’m so glad I found Babi Pur, they have introduced me to so many new things. Plan toys are definitely one of favourite, there is such a variety of toys that are both educational and fun, learning without even knowing it! Amazing! πŸ™‚ the bees and hives are beyond cute.

  137. Claire Lowe says:

    I wish I’d found Babi pur and plain toys sooner I just love them and wish I could have had them with my twin boys. Now I have an excuse though as my new son came into the world seven weeks ago.

  138. Bethan says:

    I’m in love with the Plan toys Beehives and the balancing boat!!

  139. Jaclyn says:

    We have a few plan toys, and I love the plan wood especially, the texture of it is lovely, and it’s so robust. My wishlist is growing after reading this!

  140. Gemma Roberts says:

    We love our alligator and we have the bees for Christmas too! Love plan toys ❀️ x

  141. Jade says:

    Roll on Christmas when we can finally play with all the gorgeous plan toys that are stashed away!

  142. Chezz Glover says:

    Plan toys are 100% my favourite brand right now!
    I adore the planwood, also the price really appeals to me. As much as I love other wooden toy brands, cost is a factor for us and plantoys are much more affordable.
    My boys have a lovely plantoys collection coming for christmas! Including walking cups, penguin boat bath toy, sort and count cups.
    Desperate for the bees but will wait until my youngest turns 2!

  143. Chloe P says:

    I found this really interesting! I wasn’t aware that plan toys made planwood from sawdust etc (recently bought a few Dino cars for a friend, did notice they were speckled but didn’t think why! – they are so lovely and solid, I actually begrudged giving them to the one year old birthday boy lol!) It’s really good to be able to track their making process, and how as a company they help the community. I feel like I need to treat myself, I mean my daughter, to some plan toys! I also showed my Grand Designs loving husband the dolls house and he loved it, so I may be on to a winner!

  144. Rachael says:

    I love how all the custom jigs and stuff in the plan factory are also made out of wood :-p we love our plan toys, especially the plan wood ones, they’re pretty much indestructible ( in kid terms at least ) and love their unpainted/textured finish

  145. Sarah J says:

    So interesting to learn about Plan Toys! Lots of things I never knew or would even have thought about. We absolutely love our clickety-clackety crocodile! I’m desperate to buy the car garage for my daughter – think she’d have hours of fun!

  146. Hannah says:

    We love plan toys, definitely one of our go to brands. My little one’s favourite and most used toy is his plan toys drum. He has hours of fun with it! Now to decide what other plan toys to add to our wish list… x

  147. Elizabeth Archer says:

    Really looking forward to my little ones opening some of their plan toys they’ve got for Christmas. ?

  148. Rebecca Oakley says:

    We have the plan weather dress up puzzles and I keep finding new ways of playing with them (and I’m not very creative, they tell you the ways!) but they’ve made a lot out of a deceptively simple toy.

  149. Kelly says:

    Found this really interesting love plan toys have a few things put away for Christmas, and a few more on the list for my little boys birthday coming up ? Love the fact that nothing goes to waste when making these beautiful toys.

  150. Tina says:

    Wow – we’ve loved plan toys since we saw them in person but it’s so great to read how awesome they are too. We already have the dancing alligator and push along dinosaurs but the plan eggs are on the list for after Christmas!

  151. Stacey Payne says:

    Our 2 year old son had the beehives for his birthday and they are a firm favourite. I thought he would struggle with the tongs but he has learnt to use them very quickly and loves to count the bees in to and out of their hives. We also have the plan camping set which is absolutely adorable! I can see these toys being handed down the generations.

  152. Hannah says:

    My 2 year old loves his sort and count cups more than any other toy. They are beautifully made, bright, colorful and so engaging to play with.

  153. Angie Broughton says:

    What wonderful toys. My Grandsons would love them

  154. Cara says:

    The “green” dolls house looks incredible! What a fantastic way to start them on a green path too. Love the look of the bees for when my little one is a little bit older. Thanks for another great blog!

  155. Kirsty says:

    Love plan toys. Hoping some friends and family have bought our little girl some for her birthday.

  156. Claire says:

    We have a few plan toys already and more ready for Christmas, we love them

  157. Aimee says:

    I’m just discovering Plan Toys and the more I find out the more I love!

  158. Helanna Mycock says:

    Fab read, makes me love plan toys even more. Cant wait for my latest order to arrive of the sorting & counting cups for my little one πŸ™‚

  159. Michelle says:

    We love the plan wood submarine we got its so cute and I love that the scuba diver comes out (and that they have a little air tank on their back) my daughter loves putting it back in the hole. She also loves spinning the rudder aswell. Their toys are so engaging and every detail is perfect!

  160. Kathrin Felber says:

    Plan Toys have been a favourite in our house since the arrival of our first, even before I started to consciously use ethical companies. They’re first and foremost brilliant toys! I love the range and there will be a few of their products under the tree this year (the little penguin and boat, the stacking tree) – and on wish lists for years to come (love the look of the cups and counters, the floating island and the bee hives).

  161. Beki says:

    So great to learn more about plan I knew they were an eco brand so it’s nice to hear about I the other great things they do too! I love the bees! And the balancing bird tree both are on my kids Christmas present list. One she already has and adores is a lovely little submarine bath toy!

  162. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    Am I too old to have the green dolls house for myself?! I love how these toys are made and it’s made my mind up on the garage now I know how it is made. This is awesome

  163. Sarah says:

    Love the bees and the car garage, both are in my kids (my) Christmas list ?

  164. Eira Owen says:

    We have a few Plan toys stashed for Christmas. Can’t wait to have a play with them. The way they are made with minimal waste is amazing!

  165. Bronnie says:

    What is not to love about Plan toys ? Every single toy is just so beautiful! They’re by far my favourite toy brand and seeing how they work and how to hey make they toys is fantastic!!

  166. Abby Tunningley says:

    Wow, this is all amazing! Plantoys really are perfect in every way. There are so many interesting facts about this brand, the glue, plan wood, carbon neutral, their work with parents of diverse children and the sustainability education provided to all those children each year. They really are amazing!

  167. The content of the post is fantastic. We are looking forward to reading more informational posts on this blog.

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