Plan Toys Surgeon Set Review

Role play sets by Plan Toys are always very popular at Babipur. They are a fantastic and fun way to support communication skills, and interaction with both people and the world around us. Using role play to explore relationships and self awareness is a great way to build confidence in young learners.

Huge thanks to our Ellie and Zee for putting the Plan Toys Surgeon Set to the test and giving us this fab review!

You can read more about what makes Plan Toys great on this blog.

Ellie & Zee

We recently were super excited to be gifted the new Plan Toys surgeon set from Babipur. My son Zee, whose 9, has complex health needs and I’ve lost count of how many trips to theatre he’s had.

Being able to role play with toys like this really helps take away the fear of procedures. He’s loved the plan toys doctors bag since for some time now, and I can see him using these together to diagnose and then to operate!

Zee is an only child, but still has a great time playing with the surgeon set with his Dinkum dolls. Ive also had a quick operation or two from him myself! Im sure Zee will love to play surgeons with his friends soon as well.

Even if he wasn’t a child familiar with trips to theatre, this is such a great set. It opens up opportunities to learn and discus body parts and there functions. Practice fine motor skills, social skills and empathy.

Zee has enjoyed enjoyed learning about where his different organs are situated. Where exactly his feeding tubes go and he’s been particularly interested learning about organ transplants, after this set sparked a conversation whilst he removed a kidney.

As always with Plan Toys it’s beautifully finished and a great quality item which will withstand plenty of play! I look forward to all my future operations, and even the possibility that I might get to play the surgeon sometimes too!

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