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Babipur is going on a Road Trip to Thailand!!

Here at Babipur we are huge fans of Plan Toys. They are a wonderfully ethical and sustainable company and their customer care is second to none. So when we were recently invited to take a trip to Thailand to meet with the Plan Toys team to learn more about their story and see everything in person, we were beyond ecstatic. This opportunity means more to us that we could ever put into words. So watch out this week for lots of Plan Toys love, excitement and surprises!

Over to Muhsine to tell us all about why she love Plan Toys…

Beautiful Toys

In this household Plan Toys is a favourite brand, we have an array of items which are all very well loved. My first ever purchase from them was a wooden tea set I got for my daughter 6 years ago which immedietly had me hooked. I love the quality of their sustainable wood, the rounded edges and beautiful colours. Now, with my 2nd child, I am even more fascinated with their products as they continue to produce enticing developmental toys. My son is 19 months old at the moment and it is wonderful seeing how he engages with his beloved toys from plan toys.

The Plan Wood counting number blocks are lovely, chunky and very tactile for wooden hands. They are double sided and can be used in all sorts of ways. It’s great for number recognition and a must have for any toddler. We are also firm favourites of their beautiful velcro play food, and the apple being the most precious.

The Plan Toys bee hives are one of his most favourite toys EVER, we use them in all sorts of ways including colour recognition, stacking, sorting, small world play and of course working on that pincher grip to develop those essential muscles for writing when he’s older.

The little Plan World highway maintenance vehicles are played with every single day as my sons favourite thing in the world ever is cars, we also have the fire engine and delivery vans which get lined up on the arm of the sofa and pushed off several times a day. I also like to incorporate sensory play and bring the level of interaction up a notch which is all great fun.

The Plan Toys ramp racer track was purchased as part of my sons 1st birthday present. I keep this stored high and bring it down on rainy and quiet days and it sure gets both kiddos excited. It’s a beautiful click clack track and yes it has to be beautiful because I look at our toys like pieces of art. My son loves sending the cars down the track saying “wheeeeee”. We also discovered we can connect our train track to it which has been amazing!!

The Plan Toys monochrome cactus is a hit with both kids, my 19month old love adding as much as he can developing his fine motor skills and my 6yo sets up different designs for me to find usually all symmetrical which is always a pleasure to find.

We also have a few mini tins which is great for on the go and I’m really excited to see what Plan Toys bring out in the future.

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  1. Jo says:

    Fab post! Gorgeous pictures!!! Love Plan toys too, can’t wait to see the shenanigans Babipur get up to in Thailand!

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