Plan Toys Camping Set 

Perfect for outdoor explorers

The camping set is one of our favourite Plan Toys. It comes with a little figure, tent, sleeping bag, lantern, guitar, fire and even a pole and bucket to cook your fish! It is such a well thought out set with gorgeous details.
My boys love setting up a little scene and using our other wooden trees and forest animals with it. They’ve really enjoyed combining the Grapat mandala pieces to expand the idea of making food over the fire and creating a story.
The little figure can twist around at the waist so he can sit on the log, playing his guitar whilst waiting for his food to cook. The tent is the perfect size for Grapat nins to come and join in the fun also! But they need to be careful, the Ostheimer bears live close by and can smell that fish cooking…..
There really is hours of play to be had with this set, the quality is superb as you’d expect from Plan Toys.
Thanks to Jacqui for sharing her love for Plan Toys and the outdoors with us xx
You can find all the lovely Plan Toys >here< at Babipur.

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