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We’re really excited to bring you a selection of beautiful new toys range called Petilou by Le Toy Van.  Petilou is a range of wooden puzzles, sorters and blocks for babies and toddlers aged 12 months and over, the toys are all ethically made in Indonesia using responsibly sourced legal wood.  The toys are painted using non toxic water based paints with no lacquer so that the wood has a lovely natural feel.



The Petilou range includes the three wooden 3 piece puzzles pictured above.  The Birdy-Birdy 3 piece puzzle, the Baby Bear 3 Piece Puzzle and the Owly Woo 3 Piece Puzzle.

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The Petilou Tree Top Stacker is  has a sweet little yellow chick in its nest perched on top of the tree.

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The Petilou Leaf Blocks are chunky and perfect for little hands.  Your little one can learn to build little towers and also find a lovely woodland picture when the right sides are put together like a puzzle.  The Petilou Woodland Puzzle blocks has 16 pieces some painted with pictures of forest creatures. Your little one will enjoy constructing little scenes before putting all the pieces in the base which is also a puzzle.

We stock the whole range of Petilou over on our website, and you will also find a massive collection of ethically sourced wooden toys and puzzles for babies and children too.



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