Osthemier at Babipur

Ostheimer have been making beautiful wooden toys for over 50 years. I only came across them just over a year ago, but I am already utterly in love with their timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Handmade in Germany, Osthemier are produced from local, sustainable forests. The animals and people allow children (and adults!) to become immersed in an imaginative world of make believe. Ostheimer believe that creating a beautiful and pleasant perspective of reality, helps to positively prepare children for life and provides them with a safe and secure environment. The simplicity of the toys allows children to create their own stories and play scenes, fostering imagination and creative thinking.

Ostheimer is a premium brand, and before owning any I wondered why do the figures cost more than other brands? I started looking online and saw the bird tree and birds. It was the first piece that I really, really wanted so I asked my husband to buy it for my birthday just over a year ago. I love anything to do with birds; paintings, home decor, even my wedding theme was birds. When I opened those little birds I squealed with excitement like a kid! I couldn’t believe how detailed and perfect they are. Each bird was so beautifully hand crafted, I realised the quality and could see what I was getting for my money.

I had planned to only collect woodland, but then I saw the castle pieces and started stashing them for Christmas. Then after Christmas, Ostheimer announced certain figures were being discontinued or would be out of production for a year. So my focus switched to fairytale and wild animals, neither of which I had planned to collect. I fell in love with the Ark and then have fluttered between collecting different collections. A year later, my focus is back on woodland….and maybe some fairytale…..and some wild life! It’s so hard not to want it all. It is all so exquisitely beautiful, each piece is so charming and tactile. They are painted with translucent colours and feel warm to hold. I love how you can see the wood grain through the paint and the colours are lovely muted tones.

Ostheimer has strong ethical values and the owner Margaret Ostheimer, has created the Ostheimer Foundation. Her upbringing was heavily influenced by Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf education he developed. Consequently, money has been put back in to the arts, science, nature, culture and religion and looking after the elderly. You can even visit the factory in Germany, something I’ve told my husband is on my bucket list!

A friend of mine visited a tiny little shop in Germany earlier this year and picked up some lovely pieces for me. She spoke to the shop owner for a while who told her it is tradition in Germany to receive one Nativity piece a year, and to build up your collection over time. I thought this was such a lovely idea, not sure I’ve got the patience to wait that long though!

Fishing for the big bad Barry!!

Thanks Jaqcui for sharing your love for Osthemier with us all xx

You can find the whole range of beautifully hand crafted Osthemier >here<

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