Mandala Making for Mindfulness

I have always loved making mandalas, there is something so peaceful and grounding about making them.

Mandalas appear all around in nature, flowers, trees and snowflakes to name a few.

They can be made with anything you can find outside too…. flowers, leaves, pine cones, anything goes!

Earlier this year, one of my most favourite toy makers Grapat, released a whole line of mandala pieces….

I hadn’t really thought to incorporate the toys into my mandalas…now I couldn’t wait!

My two loves combined….

I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy them all at once so at first I improvised, using my natural treasures and my nins!

I would look forward to making them each evening, after my Little one, Arthur, went to bed.

I would go into the garden, gather up some of nature’s goodies and lose myself for a few moments.

The time I spent making these, with complete lack of thought, whilst I lost myself in my creations was so relaxing and reviving.  Especially making them outside in nature.

It has become a daily act of self care.

Like meditation, but instead of my mind putting up a fight (like it sometimes does with meditation) It brings me mindfulness almost instantly.

My mandalas have most certainly evolved and along with my love of Grapat I have slowly collected all the pieces.

I have a little table set up, if I’m making then inside, especially for my creations, my little haven.

Arthur also likes to join in with me sometimes, he often grabs a handful of Grapat and starts arranging them…

I can imagine they will be a great tool to introduce him to mindfulness as he gets older.

Also with the #babipurmandala over in Babipur Hangout and on Instagram there is so much inspiration! I love looking at other peoples creations too ❤️

Thank you to Amy for sharing her beautiful Mandalas and creativity with us all xx

You can read more about the Art of Mandala and Mindfulness >here<

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  1. Jo Worrall says:

    My middlest loves making mandalas, he’ll quietly tinker away and then call me over when he’s done. It’s a lovely way to spend 10 minutes just to embrace doing absolutely nothing other than just appreciating the beauty in the patterns

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