What We Love about Plan Toys

What we love most about Plan Toys

It’s difficult to pick just one favourite Babi Pur brand but Plan Toys are definitely one that is firmly up there as one of our favourites. If I remember rightly the first Plan Toys item we bought was the Chicken Nesting stacker (there have been many toy purchases since!). It can be stacked in different ways, some slightly more challenging which is perfect for older children. It’s still used regularly by our 3 year old well over 2 years later, the chickens are often used as bowls in an imaginary little cafe, I do love how children can see different uses in many of their toys as well as everyday objects. We visited Babi Pur towers a couple of years ago to exchange an item & ended up coming away with the animal train sorter, visiting Babi Pur towers can not only result in spontaneous purchases but can also cause a never ending wishlist! It’s a beautifully tactile toy that certainly cemented our fondness for Plan Toys, it can be used as a pull along toy and the carts can be detached to change the order of the animals. When Iwan, was younger he loved sorting the animal’s shapes into the correct carts and now he likes to use the animals on their own. This will defintely be one one of our heirloom toys that I will never got rid of and it will certainly remind me of the start of my Babi Pur shopping addiction.

Getting Outdoors

Iwan is a proper outdoorsy type and loves nothing more than being outside playing in the sand, mud, dirt, snow or water. When we started putting together a veg plot recently our leaf magnifier came in handy for searching for bugs and crawlies. He was super interested in searching for worms which there was an abundance of after Dad let him hold onto one for a little while. We also came across a teeny snail shell and the magnifier helped us get a closer look at it.

Great Value

Plan Toys offers great value for money and they also have a lovely range of pocket money toys like kaleidoscopes, whistles and the moving mice that make great stocking fillers or party favours. They’re also great as a little treat toy in between birthdays, Christmas etc. Iwan loves the moving mouse in particular as it can be pulled back & it zooms across the floor at speed, he also currently has an obsession with mice, he doesn’t get thet from me! We also have one of the mini tins, the construction set. The blocks are just the right size for my 3 year old’s hands and there is a good variety of blocks considering the size of the tin. The mini tins cost less than £8 each and are the perfect size to take with you when you’re out and about.

Plan Toys and Sustainability

As with all things Babi Pur Plan Toys are an ethical brand that cares about sustainability. This is something that I have thought more and more about over recent years, more so since I started shopping at Babi Pur. Some Plan Toys toys are made from Planwood an eco wood, made from what would otherwise be another waste product, the roots of the rubber trees. This sustainable wood source is kiln dried without the use of chemicals, glued together with Plan Toys’ own e-zero formaldehyde free glue and dyed with water based dyes to create a fantastic selection of eco-friendly toys. We have the numbers 1-10, the alphabet A-Z set and a firm favourite of ours the sort & count cups which are all made with Planwood. The colours on all these toys are bright and vivid and the finish is smooth making them perfect for little hands. Plan Toys also pride themselves on their eco-efficiency manufacturing processes and they are a carbon neutral company. According to their website, Plan Toys manufactured approximately 2.5 million toys last year that resulted in 2,569,373 kg of CO2 to offset this they plant over 9000 trees a year to absorb over 2,700,000 kg of CO2. Good for kids and great for the environment, it’s a win win.

Well thought out

I personally love the little leaflets that come with some of the boxed toys. I do have a bit of an obsession with printed materials and I like how the Plan Toys leaflet gives an overview of the company and gives you a bit of background about the brand. My little boy loves looking at the map and using it for one of his imaginary little adventures. He also likes telling me what he would like from Santa as it shows some of the products in age suitability order, he doesn’t quite understand that Christmas is a fair few months away & Santa won’t be bringing any gifts anytime soon! I have dully added the tuk tuk to our wishlist ready for a future order though as he seems drawn to it every time he looks at the leaflet, either that or he just likes saying tuk tuk!

We bought the Plan Toys doctors set for Iwan’s 3rd birthday recently and he loves to take it in turns with me to be the doctor. I’m dully instructed to cough by Dr Iwan as he holds the stethoscope. The red cotton bag that the set comes with is adorable and has plenty of room for the set and some extras should you need it. I’m going to get some gauze and strips of material to add to the set so that he can practice his bandaging.

I think that includes most, if not all of our Plan Toys collection, for now at least! Which Plan Toys items do you have? & do your children have a favourite?

Emma x


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4 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    Lovely post! Plan toys are a form favourite here – we love the bees and the tree house and fire station! Looking forward to this Christmas and expanding our plan world for small world play too!

  2. Hannah says:

    We love Plan Toys – favourites are the balancing cactus, bees and the portable kitchen, and there’s lots more on the wish list!

  3. Great post. We also love PlayToys and now have a need for a few more after reading this xx

  4. Rachel says:

    Love this!
    We have quite a lot of plan toys and LOVE the planworld range.
    We took the bees with us to a coffee shop yesterday and lots of people commented on them 🙂

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